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  2. Thanks... Does "flirc_util.exe delete" delete ALL mappings? Or can you delete individual ones? Here is what I got in my mappings... Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 F83CB14D suspend 1 5DB5494D F8 2 8F64E9D8 left_cmd+right_alt 0 3 72830799 vol_up 4 728306B2 vol_down 5 889C594E left_ctrl+left_alt Q 6 7E5F114E ' 7 F2A2A293 ' 8 434EC67D backspace 9 778821F1 backspace 10 BAA8F8A5 backspace 11 DF8AC2EE backspace 12 30D15701 8 13 37E22EBB left_ctrl V 14 86870438 left_ctrl+left_alt V 15 4C95354E suspend So there appears to be no reference to what "controller" the mappings have been set up on? Or does this not matter? I don't know why have multiple listings for both "suspend & "backspace"
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  4. Hi, i have Flirc USB for very long time and its works very well. But few days ago i did update to Flirc v3.22.4 & Firmware v4.6.3. After this update my Flirc doesn't works correctly. For example - i have teached arrows (arrow Up = Arrow Up). When i press Up button first time, its works. When i press Up button again, typically nothing works. Sometimes second button press = random arrow is simulated in PC. All buttons erased & re-recorded manytimes, but without success :( I'm running @ Windows7 64bit, remote: MS Xbox One Media remote. Thanks for every help.
  5. I am using the FLIRC with a Fire TV gen 2 and a Harmony 550. Unfortunately, the select (enter) key button does not map to the Harmony. How do I resolve this? Thanks
  6. Last week
  7. I have the new Flirc with the IR transmitter and I have been looking for instruction on how to program the IR to control power and volume for my TV, haven’t been able to find anything. Can someone please send me or direct me to a set of instructions I could use? Thx
  8. It's on flirc, you need to repair nothing. It should just work with your previously paired remote.
  9. ive attached a log where you can see the play button on the remote and the enter button are both triggering different IR codes but in flirc software its interpreting both as the same button and once one is recorded it always errors saying button already exists. Is there anyway to fix this so they record separate events? my_flirc_log.txt
  10. You can see the mapping by executing this "flirc_util.exe keys" You can delete the mapping by executing "flirc_util.exe delete"
  11. version 3.22.4 [3.22.4] Firmware Detected Version: v4.6.3v4.6.3 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Branch: master Config: release Hash: 0x93A109D3 I have two FLIRC's, I am recording on one and transmitting on the other. When I send this command, flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw 0,9012,4424,592,491,588,491,592,1607,588,491,592,486,592,491,587,491,592,487,592,1607,588,1608,591,491,588,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592,1607,592,1607,591,487,591,1608,587,491,592,490,588,491,587,491,592,486,592,490,588,1607,592,491,587,1607,592,1607,592,1603,592,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592 Nothing shows up on the Record FLIRC. I even tried looking at the IR Debug Logs, there is absolutely nothing. We are evaluating the devices for a substantial order, Could anyone look into this? Thanks!
  12. thank you jason for answere. دیجیتال مارکتینگ
  13. I have just changed from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and would like to be able to check what some of my commands are mapped to. I had quite a few custom ones that I used a dummy device on my Logitech remote to make work, but I didn't note down what I used at the time! I can't seem to find a way to delete a mapping either. I looked at the saved cfg file and saw it only contains about 20 characters?! Surely this doesn't contain all my numerous saved mappings? My problem is I want to remove the mapping to the wake/suspend key, as I have an issue where there is no video output after the PC wakes from sleep (driving me mad!). Easiest fix for now is not allow it to sleep at all. I can't remember if I mapped it to the sleep/wake key on the "Media Keys" remote or the "Full Keyboard" remote wake key. I thought I'll just clear mappings for both these keys but doesn't seem to be possible? Instead I remapped them both to something different, but a sleep signal is still being sent for some reason.
  14. Yes, shoot me a PM, let's connect over skype or gchat or whats app and lets get this worked out.
  15. I configured the up button on my remote by executing "sudo flirc_util record up" and then pressing the up button. Now the up button on the remote triggers an up key press on the computer. But the down button on the remote also triggers an up key press on the computer, and so do a few other buttons on my remote. What does cause this problem and how to solve it? Recorded Keys: Index hash IK ID key ----- -------- --- -- --- 0 87DD0EF9 023 01 up I'm using XBian (based on Debian) Linux, Flirc 2.0 [dori], firmware 4.4.2 0xD60074C5.
  16. Earlier
  17. I'm trying to get my flirc v2 working with a remote that was included with my TV card (DVBSky T9580 V3). I've recorded 6 keys on my Windows 10 desktop and then plugged it in to my HTPC running Arch Linux and Kodi 18. Unfortunately a lot of double or no presses occur. I'm sending a device log where I pressed 5-6 different keys for 1-2s which I hope you can take a look at? Otherwise I'll need to return the flirc as it is unusable in this state. Thanks! my_flirc_log.txt settings_output.txt
  18. I'm using one of the older clear FLIRCs with a Nexus Asus Player, controlling with an MX-980 (RF through an MRF-350). Pretty much everything seems to be working just fine apart from one thing. I can't get hold-to-repeat to work for the direction or select button. Hold-to-repeat works on the remote with other devices (TiVo) not through FLIRC. The standard RF remote hold-to-repeat works just fine on the Nexus. Plugging a keyboard into the Nexus through USB, hold to repeat works just fine. The FLIRC is on firmware 3.9. The software on my Mac is fully updated. I've tried interkey delays of 0 and 5, as well as remote-controlled repeats of 1 and 3, all with no luck. Press-and-hold results in a single keypress action in the Nexus. If anyone has thoughts that might help, it would be much appreciated.
  19. I'm just curious. Did you solve it?
  20. is Flirc gen2 connected to a USB-hub or directly to an USB port?
  21. Hi guys, Do we have anyone on Windows 10 who has Flirc gen2 working when connected to a USB-hub ? because I can't get it to work. Flirc gen1 no problemo.
  22. Hi, I would like to buy a USB FLIRC to obtain the IR code of a remote control. My goal is just to know the code to transmit it with another device. Is it possible to do this with the FLIRC software?
  23. Hello, I have bought a flirc infrared usb dongle last year and it has been working flawlessly on windows 10 but it suddenly stopped working. When i start Flirc software v3.22.4, it doesn't say connected even though the dongle is connected. What should i do to make it connected again?
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  26. Just got around to setting this up myself, and yeah, it doesn't work properly. Why have PS4 preset if it doesn't even work right? C'mon FLIRC please fix this! Pause and Play on the Harmony remote does not work.
  27. I have downloaded an app from flirt.tv for Mac it went and downloaded ok and when you are about to launch the app it won't launch at all . My Mac OS version is El Capitan . Please if someone can help me to resolve my issue it would be great. Thanks, Rommel
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