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  2. Hello, You can import the config file and plug back the flirc to the sunrise UHD box. The file work for the Logitech Harmony HUB by simulating the old Sunrise TV Box that have the IR remote.
  3. Hi, Ctrl and Win keys are modifiers. You can add them to any non-modifier key. Open Flirc GUI and go to Full Keyboard controller. In the app, click on the Ctrl key, then click on the Win key and then click on either left or right arrow key. Key sequences (or macros) are coming sometime in the future for 2nd gen Flirc and will allow sequencing multiple keys (for example it will allow writing a predefined word with a single button press).
  4. Hi, i just bought a flirc usb and trying to set it up. the setup is very easy indeed, but i have one thing i just cant find any solution for. so i thought id ask here and see if you could help me. i want to bind one button on the remote to "ctrl + windows key + arrow right" and one button for(almost) the same, but arrow left instead of right. this is the keys used to switch between virtual desktops in windows 10. is there any way of doing this? either in the flirc software or with any third-party software? i saw something on the mainpage about marcos, but as i understand that is something "to come"?
  5. Hello, Thanks for the new file! I tried what you said but I think I made something wrong...
  6. Last week
  7. Hello, Here a new config file with the numbers : Flirc_18.09.17.fcfg You can add the numbers without a keyboard, just by selection the Full keyboard from the Controllers Menu :
  8. Is there a way to implement a "DirecTV Now" channel button for Fire TV controlled by a Harmony 600/650/700?
  9. How to emulate a numpad key ?

    Thanks for this - this is what I needed as well. But surely, a profile named 'Full Keyboard' ought to actually have the numpad keys presented for easier programming, right? Alternatively, this works for GNOME: Super+Shift+← Move the current window one monitor to the left. Super+Shift+→ Move the current window one monitor to the right.
  10. Thanks! It finally resolved itself and is working on all the ports now. I love these things!
  11. Disable Blue LED

    Hi, No, it's not possible to disable the LED as it's not controlled by the chip but it's connected directly to the USB power line. You can cover it with a piece of some tape. I think few layers of an electrical isolation tape should be able to block it effectively. I'm using that method on some other hardware which also has bright LEDs without the ability to disable them.
  12. Hi! I thank you very much for sharing your config file! As I don't have an HID keyboard, I cannot add number 0 to 9 in your config file. Could you add those command line functions? I thank you in advance!
  13. Disable Blue LED

    Hi, i would like to know if it's possible to disable the Blue LED on the Flirc Streacom Edition. It's very bright and shines through the Streacom Case onto the Wall behind it. Thanks isp
  14. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    There are two issues. One is a new feature on amazon's firetv. They added a feature for long press to get up another menu. I've tried to get in touch with Amazon for over a year, their team disbanded, and I'm trying to make a new contact. I got in touch with someone from another department last week, and they are trying to put me in touch with someone. I don't have a timeline for that because I don't know what the issue is. I need Amazon's assistance. The second issue is a new firmware feature long presses. Which will allow you to assign another button to an existing signal. Press the button quickly, get one command, long press it, get another. That's a firmware feature that will come on the new hardware and a release will most likely be ready before the end of the year. I've done a lot this year, and I've had regular blog updates that talk about my accomplishments. I even have a new status board page to create transparency: https://flirc.tv/status_board If I miss something, take @hamptonhills approach, be nice about it. But I work 7 days a week, and can't afford to hire someone. I do the best I can, being an asshole about it doesn't help anyone.
  15. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Jason, Your response speaks VOLUMES. No status update on the progress (or lack there of), no ETA for long key presses. If I remember correctly you were waiting on info from Amazon, update? When you check this blog at least once a week for many many months and there is nothing but crickets, one may get a little frustrated. I specifically purchased a FireTV box for Playstation VUE and specifically purchased your Flirc so I could use a Harmony One remote so only one remote is required. I understand you may be busy, no problem, then just provide REGULAR status updates. I believe that there are a lot of people interested in this feature. Maybe ask your customers what new feature, fix, etc. is most important to them so you can prioritize your limited time to satisfy to largest number of your customers. FYI, I like Flirc, but long key presses would make me LOVE it.
  16. To fully analyse the signal you need non-demodulating IR receiver so the analysing software is able to also detect carrier frequency and duty cycle of the signal. I'm not sure if RPi is able to do that given that the Linux running on it is not a real time operating system. Look at the AGirs project. It's a firmware for Atmel's Atmega microprocessors which supports both demodulating and non-demodulating IR sensors and is compatible with IrScrutinizer. I think it's the cheapest way of getting a receiver for signal analysis.
  17. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Im sure his frustrations stems from this issue being around for over a year and the last update on it from you was back on 02/26/2017 at 2:01 PM. Even though myself and others have asked multiple times for updates since then without response. You may be one guy but updates every once in awhile (more often than 1/2 a year).
  18. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Yeah, shield runs android tv, so sleep will work on it. Should also wake it up. I'm not sure how you would do voice with bravia, does the remote have a microphone? It would need to relay that info back to your shield, not sure it can. Or did I miss something?
  19. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    I've made like 30 releases this year, who said it wasn't coming? I'm one guy, it's coming.
  20. ok, thanks. looks like it will have to be a Rasp Pi to do this...
  21. Flirc doesn't keep original IR data. It calculates a hash value from an IR signal and stores it. The hash value is not reversible. You could use IR debug if you have newer Flirc (the metal one, 2nd generation). In Flirc GUI there's a log window where you can enable IR debug. It will print out signal timings as a series of comma separated numbers. Each number is a time in microseconds and it's high and low signals interleaved (first 0 is low, then high, low, high, etc). You would still need to find some tool to detect and decode protocol used. You could try using IrScruntinizer but it doesn't accept format IR debug uses so you'd need to somehow convert the IR debug format into one accepted by the software.
  22. Hi guys, I have a remote here that I would like to re-create in any of the free available Android IR apps. I do have the IR codes form the manufacturer, but not the IR protocol (so I cannot re-create the remote in an Android app yet). This is a remote for a niche product, so the remote codes are not in any database. Is it possible to extract the IR codes and IR protocol via Flirc ? If so, what would be the workflow ? (plug into Windows, use software etc) Thanks ! Pete
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  24. ideas

    Flirc doesn't use neither pronto nor any other standard IR codes. It calculates a hash value from a signal using a proprietary algorithm, which is optimised for receiving and quickly recognising the signal, in opposition to pronto hex (or possibly other) which are primarily for generating and sending one.
  25. ideas

    It would be nice to be able to drop HEX codes on individual function right in the programming menu, instead of firing the ir codes from a remote. This would be very helpful for integrators, as we all use centralized processors to fire IR codes to IR bugs...this way we could just choose the proper IR codes in the software program them to the remote (crestron/rti/urc) and apply the proper hex code to the flirc buttons.
  26. "Invalid Device SKU" when updating Firmware

    I also tried on Linux now, and this is the output of the GUI during attempted firmware upgrade: fabian@gauss ~ $ Flirc Can't load 'test.ini' [DEVICE] Uploading [D] lib/libflirc/bootloader/bl_3.3.c fl_ver_upload_fw(387): invalid image, incorrect sku [D] lib/libflirc/bootloader/bl_3.3.c fl_ver_upload_fw(388): File Device [D] lib/libflirc/bootloader/bl_3.3.c fl_ver_upload_fw(389): ---- ------ [D] lib/libflirc/bootloader/bl_3.3.c fl_ver_upload_fw(390): Flirc 2.0 [dori] Flirc 2.0 [dorir [D] lib/libtransport/transport.c _dev_send_cmd(243): Command error: 128 [D] lib/libflirc/bootloader/bl_3.3.c bootloader_enter_app(197): Image CRC mismatched [D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_upgrade_fw_ext(1087): upload firmware failed [D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_major_version(391): something bad happened [D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_minor_version(381): something bad happened [D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_patch_version(401): something bad happened [D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_major_version(391): something bad happened [D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_minor_version(381): something bad happened [D] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_patch_version(401): something bad happened It appears, that somehow the Device responds with "Flirc 2.0 [dorir" instead of the expected "Flirc 2.0 [dori]". Strange... fabian@gauss ~ $ flirc_util sku product sku: Flirc 2.0 [dorir
  27. "Invalid Device SKU" when updating Firmware

    I just got a brand new FLIRC (the new with the metal case) and wanted to configure it (on Windows 10) I downloaded and installed the latest version 2.6.4. After successful installation the GUI detected the FLIRC and offered a firmware upgrade which I accepted. I suppose something went wrong here, cause it then showed "Invalid Device SKU". Everytime I now start the GUI it first shows "upgrading firmware" and then again "Invalid Device SKU". Any idea, what the problem is here? The Device Log shows nothing and the "Advanced" dialog is just gray. I also tried on Windows 7 and MacOS with exactly the same results. Please let me know, if you need more information or if I should try something else.
  28. And here is the log file (device log) if need to be look at. kodi_config_log.txt
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