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  2. OneForAll remote?

    Yes, that's the idea. I see that this model supports 4 devices. Just select one that is not being used for anything right now and enter some setup code. For example on my OneForAll Simple 4 (URC 6440) I'm using a TV setup code 2051, which is for a Samsung TV (I don't have a Samsung TV) and it works really good with Flirc. To use a TV setup code on non-TV device on OFA remote, you first need to remap that device. It's easy to do: http://www.hifi-remote.com/wiki/index.php?title=Manual_Programming_-_9xx_Commands#.28992.29_Mode_Map_-_Re-define_a_Device_Button (this page contains codes that may not work on your remote or work in a different way than described, you should be careful if you want to try some of them - but if they're used correctly, they can be really helpful) As you can see, the 992 code can be used to remap device button. From what I can see, your remote doesn't have physical device buttons, but just a MODE button which switches selected device (indicated by LED at the top). Also the Magic button on your remote is the same as SETUP in the instruction. When the linked instruction says: "TAP the "from" DEVICE, (ie, the one you are copying from)", you need to use MODE button to select the device and press magic. So for example, if you want to use TV code on SAT device: 1. Hold Magic until you see 2 blinks 2. Enter code 992 using digit keys - if code is accepted you should get another 2 blinks 3. Using MODE button, select TV, press Magic 4. Using MODE button, select SAT, press Magic - the remote should confirm with 2 blinks After that you can try programming 2051 on the SAT key. Hold the Magic until you get 2 blinks and enter 2051. You should get another 2 blinks as confirmation. If you get a single long blink, that means the remote didn't accept the command.
  3. OneForAll remote?

    So even though I don't own any more devices (other than my TV and PC) I should still be able to pair a random device as a dummy and send signals to flirc? I'll give it a try today. The model is Essense 4 URC 7140.
  4. OneForAll remote?

    OneForAll remotes are universal remotes. You should have a user manual with yours, which explain how to program multiple different devices on it. Just select a different device button on your remote, program it to some different device than your TV and use that device to program your Flirc. If you want more information then you need to provide more info yourself. At least what is the exact model of the remote?
  5. Updated to Flirc 3.8 from 1.3.6, now crashing @startup

    OK thanks, I know @jason's a busy guy but maybe he will eventually weigh in here. I'm just bummed that accepting a Flirc GUI update seems to have broken my system.
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  7. OneForAll remote?

    I just got one of these remotes and it's one of the best I've used in terms of button layout and feel. Works great with FLIRC and my TV. Does anyone know if there's a way to pair it with my FLIRC device seperately from my Sony TV? (to seperate the inputs) Thanks
  8. Hey, I'm using my default Sony remote for my Windows HTPC setup, works great but I'd love a function that could disable flirc for situations when I want to navigate around my TV without also sending key presses to the HTPC. (I accidently closed my media player while changing the TV picture options) Thanks
  9. LG magic remote slow response

    Unfortunately 1st gen Flirc (the plastic one) doesn't have any logging capabilities built-in so there's no way I can see what does your remote send actually to analyse it further. The new 2nd gen Flirc (metal) can show IR data in the log window. I don't know if buying new Flirc would fix your problems right away, but it would certainly give more insight into what's going on.
  10. LG magic remote slow response

    I guess there’s nothing else I can try? Would buying the new one help?
  11. LG magic remote slow response

    I’ve got the 2017 one LG AN MR650A doesn’t seem to matter which device I set up doesn’t seem to make a difference.
  12. LG magic remote slow response

    I don't know which remote model you have exactly, but I used to use LG MR400 with 1st gen Flirc and had no issues with it. I don't remember what exactly I've configured it to, but it was some LG audio equipment.
  13. LG magic remote slow response

    Hi thanks for the reply. I’ve tried that many times in device connector it only changes the amount of keys that can be programmed but it’s still slow response on the box
  14. LG magic remote slow response

    Please don't double post. I've deleted now your topic in General Forum. The LG Magic Remote has a universal remote feature which is configured directly on your TV for selected input (like HDMI1, HDMI2 etc). If you're already using that feature, then change the device model and type assigned to the input to something else.
  15. LG magic remote slow response

    i am trying to use my LG magic remote to control my andriod formuler z7+ Box As well as my TV And whilst I can get it to work it’s very slow. I’ve tried changing the inter delay and tried recording the button twice but when I do it keeps coming up with redo. Not sure what else to try. I have the original flirc.
  16. I can confirm that with the following line in sources.list: deb https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/ubuntu/ trusty main Apt correctly brings this in and offers to install flirc and one dependency, libqt5xmlpatterns5. This looks like it works. I have not installed and verified, as I've been burned by apt tantrums and broken packages before when using PPA or other not-quite-debian repos. Don't intend to go down this road myself, but it looks promising if anyone else has this problem and can't work around. Me, I've configured Flirc on my windows box instead, and once plugged into the debian HTPC it's all peachy.
  17. Any way to use my Sony TV remote?

    Download the latest GUI on the website, you should be prompted that there is an update. Macs are the only reliable machines at notifying of an available update. Let me know if that helps.
  18. Any way to use my Sony TV remote?

    Ok, I upgraded to 4.4 and all problems resolved. Thanks for support.
  19. Any way to use my Sony TV remote?

    I'm on firmware 4.1 but the GUI doesn't detect any update. Basically, when I bind a button to the Sony remote, it doesn't register and the signal seems to get eaten by the TV instead of sending it to the FLIRC device. The buttons I was hoping to use with flirc didn't really do any universal functions on the TV while in HDMI input mode so I had hopes it would work fine.
  20. Any way to use my Sony TV remote?

    Are you trying to use your original TV remote you're using to also control your TV, to also control your HTPC? Does this remote has any universal remote control capability? If not then both your TV and HTPC (through Flirc) will see the same signal and react to it - both devices may execute some actions upon pressing some buttons.
  21. Any way to use my Sony TV remote?

    Can you elaborate what this means: "It seems to be getting confused and not registering any keys properly... Other remotes that aren't connected to my TV work fine." Make sure you're on the latest firmware. We're on v4.4.2, and that has some fixes for sony remotes.
  22. Any way to use my Sony TV remote?

    I'm having issues trying to use flirc with my Sony TV's remote. I was hoping it could turn my tv on/off but then use flirc to send inputs over to my HTPC. It seems to be getting confused and not registering any keys properly... Other remotes that aren't connected to my TV work fine. Any workarounds for this? Thanks
  23. It seems there's some misconfiguration of the repo. I think you can safely replace the repos manually to use ubuntu/trusty instead of debian/stretch.
  24. Codec key is no longer working with LibreElec

    I might have programmed it and forgot I did it since I did have a Flirc codec item in harmony software with my 1st gen Flirc. I did the steps you suggested which fixed the issue. Thank you.
  25. Hi there, I have a HTPC running on Debian Stretch - current stable version. The installer script, which I ran per the packagecloud instructions finished correctly: curl -s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/Flirc/repo/script.deb.sh | sudo bash ....................................... user@system:~/flirc# curl -s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/Flirc/repo/script.deb.sh | sudo bash Detected operating system as debian/stretch. Checking for curl... Detected curl... Checking for gpg... Detected gpg... Running apt-get update... done. Installing debian-archive-keyring which is needed for installing apt-transport-https on many Debian systems. Installing apt-transport-https... done. Installing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Flirc_repo.list...done. Importing packagecloud gpg key... done. Running apt-get update... done. The repository is setup! You can now install packages. .................................................. But that's not true. Because apt-get update returns this at the end: Ign:9 https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/debian stretch InRelease Err:11 https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/debian stretch Release 404 Not Found Reading package lists... Done E: The repository 'https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/debian stretch Release' does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details. And apt install flirc returns: E: Unable to locate package flirc Looking at the packagecloud repo in a browser, I can only see Ubuntu packages and none of the .debs will install with dpkg. Is bare Debian actually supported by FLIRC? How can I install?
  26. LG smart remote programming issues

    Hello Adb is disabled on the Android box I can connect us keyboard and mouse without any issues When flirc is connected to PC in text editor the buttons seem to work at least the numbers. While in the flirc app in log mode I see character for all clicks even the directional buttons. That being said for some reason when flirc is connected to the Android box the LG remote only works on the tv and does not affect the box. The signals are not going through to the box. I programmed another remote I have with flirc and tested it. It seems to work with the box though. Only the LG remote doesn't affect the box
  27. I don't think there was ever a codec info key in the built-in Harmony profiles. I don't see it in either a 1st nor 2nd gen. Can you save a configuration from 1st gen and attach it here? Maybe you've recorded the codec info key yourself and you've forgotten about it. You can fix it yourself. Just plug your 2nd gen Flirc to your PC or Mac, fire up the Flirc GUI and select full keyboard controller in the controllers menu. Then press key O (as in Olive, not zero) on the virtual keyboard and when asked to press a button on the remote, press the button you on Harmony you use to invoke codec info.
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