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  2. I think you are mis-understanding what the Flirc unit is and how it is designed to work. Yes, the Flirc is very compatible with Kodi. A perfect fit. Your Flirc "pretends" that your remote is a keyboard so that you can configure the Flirc to receive various signals from your remote and pass them along to Kodi (or anything else, for that matter) as key presses. Kodi is preconfigured to accept keyboard commands so you really don't have to "do" anything to make this work. Maybe aside from a couple "tweaks" based purely on personal preference, Kodi should not require any configuration to make use a Flirc unit, although there is a way to do that. If you familiarize yourself with the keyboard controls for Kodi, you'll see that everything you want to do is mapped to a key press. For example, you can push "c" for the "Context Menu", "p" for "Play", etc. You can change these settings, but it can get kind of messy fairly quickly and isn't really necessary to use a Flirc. The full list of keyboard commands is available here for your reference if you need it. What you do is plug your Flirc into a computer and run the Flirc configuration utility. I believe that there is an "out of the box" Kodi configuration/keyboard layout included in the Flirc utility, or you can use the "full keyboard" presets to set up your remote. The basic work-flow is to click a button in the Flirc utility's on-screen keyboard. and then push a button on the remote to synchronize the remote click to the "fake" key press. Once you've mapped all your remote buttons to desired key presses, you save the configuration to the Flirc device and then it's ready to use to control Kodi. It's super easy. Here are more detailed instructions with pictures, etc. You might have better luck with a "more simple" remote. I find that those Harmony remotes are generally more complex than you'll want for Kodi, but they can be made to work. YMMV, etc. The remotes that I've found to work the best are the multi-device ones with arrow keys and a few additional buttons. Your existing TV remote might be a good candidate if it can be used to control more than one device (and you're not using it for more than one device) or an old VCR remote can be a good candidate too.
  3. I'm long time user of MS eHome receiver with Harmony One and Kodi but since MS receiver is big I recently tried to switch to Flirc. Unfortunately no matter what I do I'm not able to wake my HTPC with Flirc. It works like one in 10 button presses. I setup my Harmony One using Kodi profile available for Flirc in Logitech software plus teaching additional buttons using cheap universal remote and then assigning Harmony button to wake key in full keyboard GUI view. My hardware setup is correct because I'm always able to wake HTPC on first try when using eHome receiver. Is there anything I can try? I already made sure that HID device has "Allow this device to wake the computer" checked.
  4. Hello all so i have tried flashing this file but no luck. i don't understand what i'm doing wrong :( what device should i choose when flashing the configuration my infrared hub is next to the tv box but i get no response. i have another question. the new remote has a netflix button. how can we get the codes of the new buttons to make it functional too? thank you very much for your help. thank you again for any advice S
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  6. I had not at the time of my posts. I took your question to be a suggestion of something else to try and I have now replaced the default hidusb driver with a libusbk driver (had to search the forums a bit to see what use of the zadig driver utility implied, so hopefully my conclusion to use libusbk is correct). However, after the libusbk install through zadig, my FLIRC dongle was no longer detected by the FLIRC software. I am planning on reverting to hidusb as of the moment. update: After a few more days of wasting time trying to troubleshoot this, I'm giving up and just returning it. Disappointed overall.
  7. Did you by any chance use the zadig driver utility?
  8. Yes, it does say successfully recorded. I actually never had any issues with the FLIRC software detecting key presses when it showed FLIRC in the connected state. I tried text editors, multiple media applications, web browsers, etc. with the button and nothing was ever sent to any window. Also yes as to it providing the "already recorded" error upon attempts to assign a second time. I've also tried the up, down, left, right, enter, and backspace keys on a separate trial attempt. Same results -- nothing works.
  9. The windows virus thing is a problem, I don’t know why it says that. I wrote all the code. I didn’t write any viruses. Chrome/firefox upload the binary to a third party, and it passes 15 checks, and one fails. It’s stupid. I don’t know how to fix it. Everything looks like it’s working. When you hit ‘record a’ it says successfully recorded? It doesn’t always highlight on the virtual keyboard after you press it. It’s hit or miss. Fire up a text editor, and press the button you paired on your remote to see if it’s sent to the text editor as ‘a’. If you try to record the same button again on your remote, does it say, ‘error, already recorder?’ You haven’t done anything wrong.
  10. Just got my FLIRC today. Was very excited to try it. Now, three hours later, pretty upset with it. After ignoring a virus warning (via Windows 10 Defender) in both Firefox and Edge, I installed the FLIRC gui. I launched the gui, the device was found as connected. The gui asked me to upgrade the firmware from my shipped firmware to 4.9.3. I did so. I programmed several buttons (via the Harmony Hub remote app on iOS) to test functionality. Simple stuff, just red button types 'a' on the keyboard. Nothing works. The debug log shows that IR commands are being received but no commands are recognized by Windows. E.g., pressing the red button in the Harmony app (which should type 'a' on the keyboard via the FLIRC gui mapping I've permed) does nothing. Read through the forums and reddit for about two hours or so looking for a solution. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall software twice, including manual deletion of Program Files dir for FLIRC. Nothing works. At one point, the FLIRC gui shows the FLIRC dongle as disconnected. After another reinstall, this was fixed. Create a forum account to download firmware 4.9.1. Install 4.9.1 firmware. Remap keys (e.g., 'a' to red button again). Still nothing. Any suggestions? The fact I can't even get the FLIRC to do something as basic as push 'a' or the 'enter' key on command (despite IR logs in the app responding to those keypresses) is just about enough for me to be convinced my FLIRC is broken. Log from FLIRC gui: ------------------- Wed Sep 9 2020 17:43:08 Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3 Operating System: Windows *** Device Disconnected *** *** Device Connected *** Firmware Version: v4.9.1 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Git Hash: 0x24052832 :e:17441 0,4947,4793,909,1577,903,1583,899,1587,899,743,929,1557,903,1584,903,1583,904,4370,899,748,899,743,903,743,899,743,930,1557,903,744,899,743,1744,1583,904,743,899,743,878 :e:24 0,4950,4792,899,1587,924,1562,899,1587,898,744,903,1583,898,1588,898,1588,899,4370,903,743,899,748,898,743,903,744,898,1588,898,743,903,743,1743,1583,899,747,899,747,899 :e:24 0,4949,4792,903,1583,903,1583,899,1639,847,748,898,1588,898,1588,899,1587,899,4370,899,747,899,747,899,747,895,747,899,1587,899,747,899,769,1712,1592,894,748,898,769,877 ------------------- flirc_log.zip
  11. Hello, I bought a FLIRC case a while back and ended up losing my thermal pad and bottom 4 screws before I installed it. I would like to buy the pad and screws again, but am not sure where I can do so. Thank you.
  12. I have an Asus Chromebox with dual-boot but I almost exclusively boot into Kodi. I own a Harmony 665. I don’t have much experience exploring compatibility of plug-in peripherals in Kodi except for memory expansion (external hard drives). Is the Flirc IR receiver compatible for Kodi ? If it is, how does one configure Kodi functionality from within Kodi ? Thank you for your time.
  13. Is it possible to launch a command line ? My first guest was to try to replace your keyboard strokes mentioned , by Windows + R (only Windows will not allow to be recorded), then switch to macro record, 's', 'h", etc. For type shutdown -t 300 -s Are you able to proceed on your side ? There is a better option in GUI ?
  14. When I boot up Windows 10, I'm hitting the up and down arrows on my Harmony 650, but it doesn't scroll through the apps on the desktop. I need to grab a keyboard, highlight one of the apps, and then I can scroll through them with my Harmony. How can I get it so I don't need to use a keyboard at all?
  15. I am unable to reproduce this so-called bug. I even cleared all settings for both gen1and 2 devices and programmed only the arrow keys. Is it possible there was some upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to 20.04.1? that's responsibe or maybe I forgot some upgrade to the firmware I downloaded? The problem was so irritating that I stopped using the gen2 altogether until recently. Whatever the case, there's nowhere for this to go. My apologies.
  16. I see you emailed me too, can you also post a dmesg when the device stops working?
  17. Hi, I have a HTPC setup where the HTPC powers on via WoL and runs Plex Media Player in full screen mode say like 2AM each day. Then around 8AM i'll use my Harmony One to power up all of the devices and set the correct input (samsung tv and pioneer receiver). I'm greeted with the Plex screen saver bouncing around. Using my remote to control plex it doesn't respond to the first ~20 presses of OK, Back, Play,etc. but after so many (quantity varies) the remote/flirc "wakes up" and operates like a champ all day. even after powering off the tv/receiver and letting the system go idle for hours upon hours. My system is not allowed to "sleep". this behavior only occurs during each morning power-on.. Note: i'm not trying to boot my hptc with the flirc/remote nor put it to sleep/wake it up with the flirc/remote combo. I just want it to be "alive" when I power it on. In Win7 dev mgr i've disabled all USB power control allowances. Bios seems to be correctly configured but maybe there's something about the USB not getting power until it recognizes a device? it's an odd duck. Firmware is 4.9.3 thanks for any advice
  18. glad to see you've fixed it. i am trying too figure out something as well but the community here is dead. i wanted to know if the xbox one series 2 controller can be seen by flirc as a xbmc media remote...have you tried to do this before?
  19. Hello, When I press the > key four or so times to jump forward, the Gen2 device stops responding, and I have to unplug it and reseat it to get it working again. This behavior is unlike with the Gen1 version, where I could press the key as many times as needed. Tell me if you need me to post anything to help you resolve this. nne
  20. So it took me forever to figure out how to wake and suspend Kodi using Flirc Usb and Logitech Harmony Hub and Alexa. These are not step by step instructions but you can google how to do it. 1. In Kodi, install the keymapper addon and use it to map the f12 or any key you would like to hibernate or suspend Kodi. Once setup, when you hit the f12 key while in Kodi your pc should suspend. 2. Install a new device in harmony hub app using manufacturer Flirc, Model Kodi. Once created, Edit the device, select power settings, and select turn off when not in use, use a single button to power on and off, and select the power off button as the button that will turn it on and off. 3. Once the device is created in the harmony hub app, Open the device and you will see a power button. Leave this open 4. Open the flirc GUI, select full keyboard as remote and select the f12 key in the flirc software to program it, it will turn green. When it asks to press a button on the remote, press the power button you just created In the harmony app that you left open above. This will send an ir signal from the harmony hub that will program the flirc usb 5. Now when in Kodi, if you hit the f12 button it will suspend. When you hit the power button in the Flirc device it will also make Kodi suspend. In addition, if you go into device manager and go to the properties tab of the flirc usb (listed as hid keyboard) And click power Management. Make sure That only “allow this device to wake the computer” is checked. If this is Setup properly and your motherboard allows wake from suspend, when you press the power button it will also wake your hibernated pc! If you have two hid keyboards, remove the flirc usb and the one you want will disappear. If you have a keyboard also attached, and it wakes your computer when you press a key, you can deactivate this same way by entering power management for your keyboard and uncheck “allow this device to wake computer”. 6. Now once this is all working you can create an activity in the harmony approach turn on pc. 7. Once the harmony activity is working in the harmony app, if you add the alexa skill harmony By Logitech and link your harmony account to Alexa, it will create a scene in Alexa. When you say turn on PC, or whatever you named the device in Harmony, it will wake your pc.when you say Alexa turn off pc it will suspend. hope this helps!
  21. hello, i want to turn on and off my pc using the xbox one elite 2 controller and i am wondering if flirc will help to perform this task? i was told that the xbox one controller has IR built in so there has to be a way. and if it can be programmable, can it be programmed to only turn on pc but not off? or is it automatically programmed to do both?
  22. hello, i want to turn on and off my pc using the xbox one elite 2 controller and i am wondering if flirc will help to perform this task? i was told that the xbox one controller has IR built in so there has to be a way to do this...
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  24. Hi, thanks for the quick reply, I did some reading on this forum and cleared the configuration and started from scratch, this seems to have solved the problem.
  25. https://github.com/flirc/sdk/blob/master/libs/flirc/flirc.h * fl_transmit_raw() sends a raw packet. Only supported on flirc gen2 hardware * * @param buf data to transmit, please be responsible, numbers are in * micro seconds * @param len length of buffer, don't send more than 100 bits, must be * even number of bits (edges). * @param ik delay to use inbetween packets. Required. * Defaults to 40ms if to low. * @param repeat repeat count, generally should be 3, 0 is infinit until * stopped, currently not supported. * * @return EOK * @return -1 error */ int _DLL fl_transmit_raw(uint16_t *buf, uint16_t len, uint16_t ik, uint8_t repeat);
  26. Send over your config. Probably accidentally recorded noise, we can delete it.
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