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  1. I understand you are frustrated. I have an idea that will be easier to implement but not as elegant. Basically, I'll make this a two step process. I'll add the ability to export the binary config that gets downloaded to the remote. This will export into a file. Step two will be to launch another program that will be able to upgrade the remote, as well as load this file. That is all. This will evolve into an app that SkipApp talks to. Basically, it will launch alongside SkipApp and handle the device communication when this situation happens. It will take a bit longer to implement this, and iterate on this elegantly. But will be our goal. Please be patient, it's just me and one other developer at the moment. I'll try and have something for you this week. I'm really sorry for this frustrating inconvenience.
  2. I’m at a loss. Windows forces us to use a framework and then permits other developers to lock us out of our own device. we issued a fix and it asks you for permission and a password and it is supposed to reverse their registry modification. That has seemed to work for 75% of people. Were you prompted for a password? You can try right clicking the app and running as administrator. now that it doesn’t work for you I don’t know what the hell to do. The fact that our other software works proves the point that windows fucks us because they force us to use their dumb sandbox. so I have to write a client that our app talks to which talks to the remote. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on this dumb problem.
  3. Thank you. I’ll have a solution this week.
  4. Can you tell me if this works: Ringtune are you able to connect to the remote and change the led color?
  5. Oh you are right. Are you on the updated firmware?
  6. my mistake, my build script got stuck. Should be posted.
  7. I posted an update 4.10.5, should fix it.
  8. You said you had 0.9.957.7232, so it's not the right one. You have to re-install the one from the forum and don't let it update when it prompts you.
  9. Use this version in the forums and don’t upgrade.
  10. Sorry for the delay, you can try the attached. If this doesn't work, open up the button, and set the button to repeat to 3, let me know if this works. Sony STR-ZA1100ES.json
  11. Happy Easter. Embedded is v4.12.26 which should has this fixed. The GUI is unstable. We have core libraries updated with a lot of fixes involved. Unfortunately, this was a necessary step, as we were falling behind with react native desktops public stable release. There are things that could be broken, icons, crashes. Etc. But the firmware update should work, and you can revert back to the previous if it's giving you problems. But initial testing seems fine. We just not have tested everything yet. Linux Download Mac Download Windows Download
  12. Listen, I've got very little time, and I'm not posting binary images all over the forum for users to brick their devices because they don't know what they are doing or don't understand their are multiple hardware sku's. The flirc config stores hashes. I know nothing about what it's receiving with those. In order for me to fix anything, I need to reproduce it.
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