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  1. Can you post your log? If you restart the app, does it help? Try uninstalling all the previous versions if that doesn't help.
  2. Although Mac apps are in app containers, they are still permitted to have system settings. You can do this with an installer, like clean my mac. Or you can go to remote manager, and press esc then space then esc then space ... (repeat) until you see the app cleans all it's settings. A little shortcut we made to help us out.
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the for the feedback. Let me see if I can spot what’s going wrong
  4. Just try closing and reopening the app? What OS?
  5. I got a better idea... I'm going to message you. Scratch that. Can you check on amazon for one that looks right, I'll buy the one you recommend.
  6. You're right, I've dropped the ball. Is this the right one: https://www.amazon.com/U435CV-UMR-E246BD-SMQK-C550CV-UMR-X438BV-FSR-X322BV-SRR/dp/B08K8WX26H/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sceptre+remote+control+for+tv&qid=1680111073&sr=8-3 I'll buy it and see if I can find out why it's not working. Really sorry about that.
  7. New version released, locking.
  8. This new version supports changing all the LED preferences in the GUI if you have the correct firmware version. You can download that through the forums. Often times we will ask for help with logs. Here is how to find them on each platform: Windows Log Location: Copy the config.json to the following location %localappdata%\Packages\SkipApp_sddpyax1dmvqm\LocalState\ Mac Log Location: Enable Admin mode, fire up a terminal and copy and paste the following: echo -e "{\n \"showAdminPanel\": true\n}" > ~/.config/SkipApp/config.json SkipApp v0.9.71 Changelog FIXED - Bugs and Stability NEW - Button List Filter View NEW - Logging Improvements NEW - ScreenSize Changing asks for Confirmation with Timeout NEW - Remote Manager LED timing and brightness support with firmware >= v4.12.12 NEW - Updating Drop Down selection design throughout wizard DATABASE - Adding Community requested Codes: AIWA - NSX-350M, FeinTech VAX04101A HDMI eARC Pass Switch 4x1, FiveHome - AV Switch, Gigabyte - Aorus FO48U, Haier - LDF40V280S, JVC - TH-S331B, NAD - C542, NuPrime - Dac9, Onkyo TX-NR7100, Philips - Play HDMI Sync Box, Sky - Glass, Sony - BDP-S6500, T+A DAC8, Topping - DX3Pro, Yamaha-RXV1000-AVupdated What's Planned Firmware Release and Update USB Architecture overhaul for above Learning IR Firmware Ongoing Performance Work config.json
  9. If you installed their special drivers, there is nothing we can do. Infact, removing steam doesn't remove the problem. I think there is a registry setting it changes the modifies all USB permissions. We have to figure out which it is.
  10. Let me get a hold of Felix and get better support in Remote Buddy for the Skip 1s.
  11. I just pushed this into the latest version. So no need to do anything with it. Just let us know if the codes work.
  12. Did that work on the original remote? I'm just copying and pasting the code from their software.
  13. Can you share with me your json you are using?
  14. As long as you add the appletv device in the database, it should just work. Please let me know.
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