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  2. Do you have steam installed?
  3. My 1S remote arrived in the mail today. Unfortunately, nothing I do gets the app to see the remote is connected. Windows 11. I waited to connect the remote until after the software was installed and it asked me to connect the remote. I connect the remote, the computer dings (and I can see that the 1S remote has been added to the USB devices). But the software never sees the remote. It sat on the "click continue" screen for an hour. Eventually, I told it to skip this step and I did get into the software and setup the remote activities and devices. I've tried rebooting. I've manually updated the firmware to the latest version (successfully). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software. Nothing works. When I press the colored button, the ring lights up as expected. Just nothing I do let's the software see the remote. Any ideas on how to fix this? Or do I have a paper weight at this time? Thanks!
  4. I have exactly this problem and am hoping for a solution. The tv commands control kodi and flirc even when I am in a program that does not include flirc/kodi (equivalent of your program C).
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  7. I think you are right. The issue seems to be with the Flirc. I'll close this thread and start looking in the Flirc posts.
  8. Sorry to resurrect this old post, but I have a newer Roku remote that has a "1" and a "2" button, in which you can assign those keys as shortcut keys to apps installed on the TV. I have "1" assigned to start the plex app. Is there a way to capture that and assign that to a button?
  9. Thank you very much ytsejam1138! You were correct, it was not only the default pop-up blocker, but some of the domains/urls being called were getting caught in the pi-hole. Once I had those identified and whitelisted, and enabled pop-ups for the site, only then could I download them. Thank you very much for taking the time to point me in the right direction ^.^
  10. All links work for me. Maybe you have a pop-up blocker installed. After you click download, a window pops up that you have to click to accept terms and conditions, then the download link becomes active.
  11. I just ordered the remote and received it today. On the website it has a download button for the AppImage. None of the download buttons work. Can someone give me a link to use?
  12. For the toggle commands (Power, Mute) the manual "Edge A & Edge NQ Serial Control Protocol v1.1 " says: Power/Mute/Volume/Source changes in the Edge unit. When the power state, mute state, volume level or source is changed in the Edge unit by any means, for example from an IR remote control button press, a Reply message will be sent indicating the new changed state without the external control equipment needing to poll the unit for the current state. Volume change messages are not sent for every volume step, only when the volume has stabilised at a new level. Is this helpfull?
  13. And with correct spelling ;-) Cambridge Audio - EDGE A New.json
  14. Did some recording today: works great. Thank you! Little problem with the mapping of the custom button: There is no cursor shown in the editable name of it. A bit difficult to insert / clear characters
  15. Hi Jason There are so many comments on the toggle function (on / off or play / pause). How does the Skip 1s handle this? Please explain actual situation and your plans about this topic. Thank you!
  16. Great!! I recorded the input channels of the EDGE A from my old Harmony remote: It has A1 - A3, D1 - D5 and Bluetooth. Unfortunately the D3 Input does not exist on my Harmony remote. Maybe you have another remote with inputs from Cambridge Audio, so I could test, if any command works with Input D3. Or you can reproduce the logic from this list of the channels All other Inputs are tested and work, so you can add these commands to the existing EDGE A.json. Thank you Cambridge Audio - EDGE A New 2.json
  17. I just renamed the buttons correctly Cambridge Audio - EDGE A New.json
  18. Hi Jason Great job for making it possible to record commands :-) I recorded the following commands with the original remote from Cambridge Audio - see attached file: NEXT INPUT (RIGHT): works, please replace it in the existing .json for the EDGE A PREVIOUS INPUT (LEFT): works, please replace it in the existing .json for the EDGE A POWER TOGGLE: Would work, if you press another button in between pressing it for the next time (Power ON - press any button - Power OFF works). I don't know if a work around for this issue could be to add a delayed code with no effect after powering on / off to make the toggle function work?? MUTE TOGGLE: Would work, if you press another button in between pressing it for the next time (Mute ON - press any button - Mute OFF works). I don't know if a work around for this issue could be to add a delayed code with no effect after muting on / off to make the toggle function work?? Thank you for having a look at it. I'm looking forward to your feedback Cambridge Audio - EDGE A New.json
  19. @jason Thanks a lot Jason! Finally I found the IR codes of the Peachtree under the A/V Category. it is working perfectly now.
  20. Thanks for all the hard work! I'm looking forward to the switching to free up my color buttons for other functions! One other thing I really like about the Skip 1s remote is that the plastic is brushed and not reflective. In my family room, the overhead lights will reflect off reflective remotes, or the screen of the X1, into the corner of my eye, which is distracting. That does not happen with the Skip 1s. Also makes it look more premium in my opinion.
  21. Thank you for the update. Learning is just about done and I’ll post a release candidate today or tomorrow. However, what I have posted is very stable. I’m going to work on smart activity switching the second it’s released. Thank you again
  22. I have had my Skip 1s for about a week and I got a Sofabaton X1 yesterday and set it up last night. I have to say that I'm underwhelmed by the X1. The Skip 1s feels good in the hand. The buttons work well. It seems to have the right number of buttons. I like that it has a number pad. But it's not crowded and not overly minimal. Seems to have that aspect just right. The quality feels very good. The software to set things up is reasonably easy to use. There are some things missing, but it sounds like those things will be added in the future. I am using the current beta version of the app and now that learning has been added, I was able to get my Nextgen TV remote learned. That gives me what I need. I have a fairly simple set up. Three activities: watch TV with the Nextgen tuner, watch Apple TV, or play a Blu-Ray disc (which I rarely even do any more). So the supported three activities are enough for me. I look forward to being able to update the learned keys or add additional learned buttons and especially to be able to switch activities without needing to turn everything off then switch and then turn everything on. I did create some macros to allow me to switch, but it requires three steps (macro to turn off current box and switch input, press the new activity button, macro to turn on the new box, leaving the TV on). It would be nice if I could access commands from any of my devices from any activity and if there was a command to set the current activity. Then I could do one macro to manage switching activities, at least for my simple set up. The Sofabaton X1 build quality did not impress me as much. It's good. But at times, I press a button and it does the command twice. Press volume down and it goes down two steps. Press OK and it does OK twice. I find I have to be very careful when pressing buttons to get it to work correctly. I am not a fan of the hub. I would prefer to have that functionality in the remote itself. And when switching to my Apple TV, it often does not get the Apple TV turned on, perhaps because it takes too long to get connected via bluetooth. Maybe a delay would help. I don't know. The software is also somewhat annoying. Every time I change a button mapping, there is a long delay while it syncs to the remote or hub. Syncing should be done after I make all my changes, not after every change. I also sent a customer service request to Sofabaton with a question and have not heard back at all. It's like their customer service does not exist. I have had several email exchanges with Flirc and always got a response by the next day, including pointing me to the beta app so I could learn my Nextgen TV remote. It's nice to know I can get help if I need it. So just I put the X1 back in the box. I will stick with the Skip 1s. It's more enjoyable to use and does not get in my way. Thanks for a good product and I look forward to the improvements in the software to make it even better.
  23. Currently, you have to name the remote, then if you skip the add activity then you should be able to import. It worked to the point of having the activities all present... just with the device not connecting I can't confirm if it would push to the remote, but everything looks and suggests it should. But I guess that's my point, it would be nice to be able to plug in a remote, and the app, checks if its factory fresh or has been used. If used then offers and extra options for a fresh install or import a configuration file (it would be amazingly useful if it could download from the remote the config as well, but experience with esp's would suggest that could be much harder that it sounds).
  24. Isn't it even possible to import a config directly from the remote on a fresh app install?
  25. So I updated to the current beta on my Windows 11 pro machine, and tried to connect a remote, and just never connected. Long story short, looks like I have hit the same bug with SkipDeviceRestrictionBroker.exe and steam reported elsewhere. Which is odd as steam has always been around, and was fine the last time programmed them, so confused. I always tried to backup the remotes, so it was the 0.9.954 versions as that was the first time the livedrive issue was resolved (and it sill fixed). So I will look over the not detected post, and see if any of that helps me or I can add any additional info. Now having done some re-installs on Windows 11 to get to this point, a couple of minor observations. Firstly it would be useful if on initial setup, the app, could check if the remote is blank or has a config (or just asks). So you get a choice if you want to import an exported config or to start a fresh. Also when you import remote settings. Two oddities here. 1) on a fresh install, it defaults to pictures not documents. 2) when you import a remote, all good it appears, but if you have multiple remotes, you cannot import the second one, without connecting it to the pc. Would be good if when you import a configuration that it asks if you want to add it to this remote, or create a new remote. These remotes only come out for testing updates (as still not family friendly for me), on the off chance some of the features in the pending list have been applied, like how activity switching is done, and additional code space in the colour/dial menu and the most important now is the play/pause where its a different key with some devices.
  26. I am on the latest alpha and the learning function has been very responsive and I am not seeing any hitching or lagging in the app. It seems to be pretty responsive. Few things that could be worked on: It would be nice to have a resizable custom button option to accommodate larger remotes. There is a power on and a power off button, but a power toggle would be a fantastic addition to the button option for remote design. When updating one of the installed devices, it seems to trash prior button combo configs and it would be nice to have them persist. I know the function is still in alpha, it would be nice to have a way to submit learned remotes for db review directly in app. Over all I am quite happy with the functionality and am quite excited to see the future updates. Also, I have attached the json files from the the remotes I had the Skip learn. Ultimea - Poseidon D60.json Vizio - XRT140L (2020).json
  27. @Chris B You aren't the only one who feels like this. My Skip has been sitting in its box on my desk since the day after it arrived for exactly the same reason - no ability to switch activities cleanly. Never even bothered showing my wife as I know it would be a waste of time.
  28. I know this is an old thread, but I'm encountering the same issue. What did you mean "light paper mask"? can you post a pic?
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