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  3. Hi, I want to get a 2013 Magic Remote because the layout is perfect for what I want, but I'm aware that getting it to work is less than intuitive. If I'm just getting a Magic Remote and don't have an LG TV, will I still be able to use it with my Flirc and would anyone be willing to help me through it? I haven't bought the remote yet, I thought it would be sensible to do my due diligence first. Cheers
  4. So I just got my first remote and had trouble connecting and found this thread. I do have Steam installed. Windows 11. I found that I could connect the remote if I restarted my computer with the remote connected and started the app immediately after logging into Windows. Its annoying, but a workaround that I have tested multiple times. I see logs are asked for so I will throw mine in though i cut down the one since it was a million plus lines of the same messages. flirc_devicebroker-9_26_2023.log flirc20230926part1.log
  5. So I discovered that, when CEC is turned on in my Vizio TV, then my Tivo Stream 4 will respond to my old Vizio TV remote and or to my Harmony 650 set to send Vizio codes and this works without any Flirc at all! So, I just turned CEC off in the Fire TV Cube and use a single Flic to control the Fire TV. Thanks for your input.
  6. It's easy to get Fire TV to respond but not the Tivo 4k. When I disabled CEC in the TV then 4k no longer responded to my old Vizio TV remote. To test, I used Harmony to put left/ right codes for a Panasonic TV into a Flirc and the 4K did not respond. I then tried the same thing for a Samsung TV and the 4k did not respond to that either. 4k also does not respond to the Flirc Media Player of the Harmony but Fire TV does. I don't know what to try that might work for the Tivo Streamer 4k. Apparently the 4k was responding to the the CEC and since turning that off nothing else worked. "All devices have built in harmony codes, meaning you don't have to do any pairing. So naturally, if you setup your harmony and flirc - firetv on one, the other will respond. To remedy this, open up my software, go to file->advanced and disable the built in profile on the one you don't want to respond." You're saying to set up one Flirc with built in Firetv and another flirc with a different built in profile? And disable another built in profle which I woud teach by hand? I don't understand.
  7. This is because you have CEC enabled. It's a way for your TV to talk with a connected device over HDMI. You can disable this in your TV Settings. All devices have built in harmony codes, meaning you don't have to do any pairing. So naturally, if you setup your harmony and flirc - firetv on one, the other will respond. To remedy this, open up my software, go to file->advanced and disable the built in profile on the one you don't want to respond. Don't believe it, I think your harmony is configured as noted above.
  8. wow, interesting, maybe the spring was stuck. Can you shoot us a picture?
  9. Shortly after posting this I fixed the issue. I added a piece of aluminum underneath the negative connection of the batteries so it could have a greater range of contact and it seems to have worked.
  10. I have the exact same issue. Changed the batteries multiple times, tried manually moving the spring right underneath the negative terminal of the battery and nothing. USB-C connection recognizes the device on my computer so I know it can still work. Pretty frustrating. I love this freakin remote.
  11. Yes, I have two flircs, one which I was using for the fire TV cube and one which I was trying to use For the Tivo stream 4K. When I programmed a flirc using my old Vizo TV remote and a Vizo TV being used in the Harmony 650 setup, then both Fire and the Tivo Stream responded to this. Currently, the fire TV Is working using the Flirc Media player in the Harmony setup. I don’t know what codes I can send from each of the two Flircs Harmony that will work for the Fire TV and the Tivo Stream that will not also trigger both streamers. I've tried a Samsung TV codes and another Panasonic TV but they either triggered both or else did not work.
  12. Chakra mandalas are intricate and visually captivating symbols that hold deep spiritual significance in various cultures and belief systems. These mandalas represent the seven main energy centers, or chakras, within the human body, each associated with different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In summary, chakra mandala is a profound symbols that encapsulate the essence of the seven main energy centers in the human body. Whether used for meditation, spiritual practice, or artistic expression, these mandalas serve as powerful reminders of the interconnectedness of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves, offering a path toward balance and harmony.
  13. Chakra mandalas, with their intricate designs and vibrant colors, have captured the imagination of many seeking spiritual balance and inner harmony. These captivating geometric patterns have found their way into the realm of photography, where they are not just subjects but also expressions of spiritual and emotional states. In this exploration, we delve into the world of photos featuring chakra mandalas and how they represent a visual journey towards balance and self-discovery.
  14. I tested it out, it works for me now. Thanks for the fix!
  15. Which remote profile are you using on your harmony to control those two devices? To confirm, you have a flirc in the Tivo Stream 4k, and a flirc in the firetv cube? What kind of TV do you have?
  16. Does support even exist for this product? Is there an email that I can contact? As it stands I will not be purchasing additional units for my other rooms.
  17. yeah, complete waist of your time and I'm really sorry. Assuming you are at the same address, I have a return label and new unit going to you. All tested, screened, and updated. Hopefully this is it, and you can toss that back in the mail at your convenience and I'll rip it open for confirmation.
  18. I've tried using Panasonic codes on one flirc and Samsung codes on another Flirc plus a few other combos. Everything I've tried that worked for Fire TV also sent signals to the Tivo Stream 4K. What device in the harmony database will talk to one but not the other of my devices (Fire Cube and Stream 4k)
  19. "It was always giving you this issue?" -> Yes "I’ll get a replacement and a return label so I can tear it apart. So sorry for this. " -> I am ok with this if this fixes the issue and the root cause is actually known, else it would turn in to another goose chase, sorry to be blunt but I do not have too much time to invest into configuring and then testing a remote, by this time I would have got a URC7880 to work with macro for enabling / disabling all devices which would not have consumed a box of AAA batteries for sure.
  20. @David_ Here's how to access the admin panel. https://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/11180-remotes-not-detected-by-any-computer/&do=findComment&comment=29394
  21. Call For Lufthansa Airlines to cancel my flight Online Call Lufthansa customer service faster with us. 1(855) 929-5019 OTA Dial + 1(855) 929-5019 OTA to avoid long hold times and get connected to a live person immediately The most convenient way to connect with the customer service is by dialing the Lufthansa airlines number +1(855) 929-5019 OTA from your mobile phone and speaking to the representative for your problem. Once you get in touch with someone, explain your problem, and they will guide you with the information. Can I call Lufthansa to cancel my flight? In the event that you cannot go further with a Lufthansa flight, consider revoking it. With the utilization of the Lufthansa cancellation policy, you get the option to do so. It secures the cost of your booking in possible situations through a refund. Otherwise, the policy compensates you, depending on certain terms. Lufthansa Cancellation Policies There are 4 essential flight cancellation rules to know. They can help fliers regardless of the travel class or fare. You need to revoke your booking before your flight departs. Cancellation charges may be applied or deducted from refunds. Various types of tickets can be reversed including refundable and non-refundable. However, benefits such as refunds and compensation are not assured in every case. What is Lufthansa 24 hour Cancellation Policy? This airline enables you to undo your bookings. You can do so on the same day as that of the reservation, that is, within 24 hours. On Lufthansa, when you cancel your ticket within 24 hours, you can ask for a refund too. Kindly submit your request online. The recent pandemic can be one of the reasons to not continue with air journeys. Likewise, medical and political crises can influence your decision. You may also reverse your bookings on Lufthansa due to these reasons: Numerous Cancellations in the travel plan. Death in the flier’s family Personal problems Natural calamities How to Cancel Lufthansa Tickets Online? To undo a booking on this airline, please use the website. To use your account on it, you will need your Booking Code and Last Name. This is provided that you are the customer willing to cancel the ticket. Know further through the steps added below: Open the page for “My Bookings”. This will take you to the login section. Access your account. Then view the summary of reservations. On this list, check whether your current booking mentions “Cancellation”. If yes, then hit this tab. You will have to confirm your decision. As soon as you confirm it, ensure that you get an email from Lufthansa. Offline Flight Reversals on Lufthansa You may not find a cancelled flight contact number for this airline. As of now, its centers may be experiencing a big number of calls. Hence, online reversals are suggested. 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The Lufthansa flight cancellation compensation is not provided in any extraordinary situation like: Bad weather. An unsafe condition for flying. A political problem. You were updated: 7-14 days in advance about the discontinuation and the departure is not beyond 2 hours of the planned time. Within 7 days from leaving and the departure isn’t more than 1 hour prior to the set schedule.
  22. Call United Airlines customer service faster with us 1(855) 929-5019 OTA. Dial + 1(855) 929-5019 OTA to avoid long hold times and get connected to a live person immediately The most convenient way to connect with the airline customer service is by dialing the United Airlines phone number OTA 1(855) 929-5019 OTA from your mobile phone and speaking to the representative for your problem. Once you get in touch with someone, explain your problem, and they will guide you with the information. Can I call United Airlines to change my flight? To speak with a representative about a new or existing reservation, call OTA 1(855) 929-5019 OTA If you are a Medallion® Member, check the Contact Us section in the Fly United Airlines mobile app for your dedicated phone line. What happens if United Airlines changes my flight time? United Airlines allows full refunds if the new itinerary doesn't arrive within 90 minutes of the originally scheduled time or if a non-stop trip now has a connection. Airlines often have rules regarding how big a time change has to be before they'll agree to make a change for free. How can I change my ticket flight? To request a flight change, call OTA 1(855) 929-5019 OTA. Make a note of your reservation number and travel dates. Explain to the customer support operator why you need to change your ticket and inquire about alternative flights that will better fit your needs. How do I talk to someone at United Airlines by Phone? United Airlines Contact Number for the United Airlines States- +1-(855) 929-5019(OTA) United Airlines Customer Service Contact Number for Spanish-855-923-2214(OTA) United Airlines International Contact Number- +1-(855) 929-5019(OTA) United Airlines Baggage Enquiry Contact Number-888-710-8147.(OTA) United Airlines 24/7 Refund Number- +1-(855) 929-5019(OTA) What is the United Airlines Flight Change Policy? Sometimes, passengers may wish to make changes in their reservations with the Airlines followed by any personal reason or travel plans change. With United Airlines, you need not worry about this situation, United Airlines believes in providing total flexibility to its customers/passengers for making any amendments or changes in their flight reservations. Before availing the flight change service of United Airlines, a passenger must have a thorough knowledge of the United Airlines flight change policy and its terms & conditions. How to Change United Airlines Flight? Find here the all in one solution for the question “How to change United Airlines flight?”. Below are all the different conditions, criteria, and steps for changing flight with United Airlines. How to Change United Airlines Flight for A Non-Refundable Ticket: If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket and want to change your flight reservation, then the fee charged for this service will vary from $200 to $500. The fee will depend on the destination mentioned on the reserved ticket and the fare difference between the old and new flights. How to Change United Airlines Flight for a Refundable Ticket: For refundable ticket holders, the change fee may be waived off if the seats are available and all the terms and conditions are met. But if the ticket price is higher than that of the original ticket, you will have to pay the difference amount in the fare. Steps: Visit the official website of United Airlines and log in using your credentials. Go to the option of “My Trips”. Make a selection for the flight you wish to change. Now choose the option of “Modify Flight”. And click on “Start Flight Change”. How to Change United Airlines Flight for an Award Ticket: Award ticket passengers are allowed to make changes and amendments in their flight reservation, but remember that the changes are only allowed at least before 72 hours of the scheduled departure. The change fee for this category is $150 and free for Diamond and Platinum Medallion members. Steps: Enter your credentials and log in through the official website of United Airlines. Find the option of “My Trips” and select the flights you wish to change. Click on the option of ”Modify Flight”. Now click on “start Flight Change”. Make a selection for a new flight. How to Change United Airlines Flight for Tickets through Third-Party: There may be some additional fee charged if you wish to make changes in a ticket that was not booked directly through United Airlines. The additional fee may be charged for bookings through an offline travel agency, online travel agency or some other airline (including codeshare partners and SkyTeam). How to Avoid the United Airlines Flight Change Fee? Want some tips and points regarding ”How to avoid United Airlines flight change fee?”, read the below-mentioned points to avoid any kind of United Airlines flight change fee and be prepared already. United Airlines Change Flight within 24 Hours: All United Airlines airline tickets come with a 24-hour change/cancellation window. Passengers can enjoy this service without any hassle, It states that you can change or cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking if the ticket is of at least 7 days ahead. Prefer Buying Flexible Or Refundable Tickets: Some passengers may not be sure about their travel plan, but still, they book tickets according to their rough idea of the plan. For this kind of passenger, refundable tickets are best. Refundable tickets will be expensive but the change fee charged on this one will be much less than the fare difference of the tickets. United Airlines Same Day Flight Change: Passengers can enjoy the United Airlines same day flight change services without any hassle. This policy states that a passenger is making changes within 24 hours of the originally scheduled departure. This policy is only applicable for passengers flying within Puerto Rico or the U.S Virgin Islands and the United Airlines States. The international tickets and Basic economy class tickets are not eligible for the United Airlines same day flight change service and all same-day changes depend on the flights and seat availability. United Airlines offers two options within the same day flight change service: Same-day confirmed changes: If there is a seat available in the passenger’s originally booked fare class, then the passenger is allowed to change his/her tickets for a confirmed seat on a new flight. This service is complimentary for the Gold Medallion, Platinum and Diamond members. Same-day standby: Passenger can choose to wait for a seat on an earlier flight if there is no option of same-day confirmed changes. The change fee will only be charged when the passenger gets a seat on the requested flight. Can I change my United Airlines flight? Yes. You can change your flight till the day of departure by paying United Airlines flight change fees based on your fare types. The airline may forgo the change fee if you make a United Airlines change flight change request due to the loss of an immediate family member or a medical emergency. The death certificate or medical certificate, on the other hand, must be included in the United Airlines change flight request submission procedure. Can I change my return flight on United Airlines? Yes. You can change your return flight by paying a significant amount as United Airlines flight change fees. Does United Airlines charge to change the flight time? Yes. The passenger needs to pay a change fee for changing the flight date and time. You can make changes till the same day of departure by paying the change fee according to the United Airlines flight change policy. What is the change fee for United Airlines? According to United Airlines flight change policy, passengers who make changes after the risk-free time must pay a change charge based on their price category. How to change the flight dates on United Airlines via call? To change the flight date on United Airlines via call, a passenger needs to implement the following steps: • Reach the United Airlines change flight officials at +18559295019(OTA). • Select the language and choose the reason for the call. English: +1-(855) 929-5019 Spanish: 844-512-2050 Hearing and speech impaired: 888-710-8147
  23. Hi Jason I know, you work hard. But my requests are unanswered for months now. Should I ask you every day the get answer?
  24. Hi Jason I know, you work hard. But my requests are unanswered for months now. Should I ask you every day the get answer?
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  26. 'The additional serial number (..)': that is the "key": "0/1/2/3/.." entries in the skip export file. On with the learning.
  27. (I think there is something suspicious about json. I think we are being taken over by json.) It works! I found your post 'Current Device List and Manual Importing', 'Manually Importing a device', including the (general) tip 'In the SkipApp, the Misc. Category contains everything.' https://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/10420-current-device-list-and-manual-importing/#comment-27492 Also I should probably post (a complete remote) in 'Supported Devices / Databases' On Linux, I couldn't see an Admin mode (after creating the folder and config.json file MAC/Linux style), and the 'Tools > Export Remote Configuration' .skip (.json) file is similar where I could replace the codes, (I used 'cat Skip.skip | python3 -m json.tool' to make it readable,) (can be done in Linux gedit,) I gave up Windows after Windows 8 (which I actually liked) (but they kept ignoring my preferences in a major way), and instead of going for .msix for Wine (on Linux) perhaps, I was happy to test the codes in the .skip (export) file, and import that back again. How does it work.. (it does). Changed "protocol" to "ir protocol" (for the 'Skip.skip' file) no problem. (The additional serial number is required to distinguish between the buttons.) (And I see a 'Repeat' = once option. Great! That probably answers my other question.) Other devices such as an Aten already worked, but this is so awesome. (And a battery blew up a while ago, somehow I decided to insert non-rechargeables first time ever.) (In a remote with a power USB cord. Blew up at a (of course not so) random moment without being connected, and maybe it doesn't recharge as I understood on this forum, and maybe it was a wrong brand battery I got somewhere included, it wasn't the batteries included with the Skip, I've used an old one first.) (I have so many batteries now I can't remember which ones came with the Skip, maybe the Duracell ones.) And you provided the file format (in the same post), so I will be using those guidelines to submit any remotes I have, that are not already included. Cheers!
  28. Thanks Jason, I updated the desktop app and the delays work and I can select all the delay values. prior to this update I could not select certain values. Works great now and I reduced my 16 second delay today to a much more sane value. One more question are there plans to add the ability to do a press and hold to send a different command? For example on my LG TV if you press back it goes back one screen, but if you press and hold it sends the exit command. So for the Skip one press should send the back command and a long press should send the exit command. Also can you enable the delete option for posts? There are some I posted that I want to delete :-)
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