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  1. Linux Improvements and New Tooltips Hello to all of you who subscribed to our Skip updates and features newsletter! The second update brings you only a single changelog, but there are a few nice little quality-of-life improvements. You can find the full changelog below. Here are the highlights: Linux support continues to improve. The highlight effect on buttons in compact mode has been fixed Mouseover Tooltip on Device Sometimes, it's the little things. Now, when you hover over a device on the Activity and Buttons Panel, you'll see both the manufacturer and model information. This change provides you with helpful data at a glance. What’s Next As always, we have multiple upcoming goals. In the near term, we expect to have Linux auto-updates to match Windows and Mac updates. In the longer term, we are fully delving into remote control learning that takes full advantage of the advances we have made in library database management. If you missed it, check out our library update blogpost! Changelogs [0.9.95] - August 25 2023 New - Mouseover Tooltip on Device New - Linux Improvements Fixed - Highlight effect on remote buttons in compact version Database - Denon - AVR-X6400H Database - Denon - DHT-S517 Database - Emotiva - XMC-2 Database - LG - OLED48C25LB Database - Roku 4 (Additional Channels) Database - Sony - STR-DA5500ES Database - Yamaha - RX-V4ABL
  2. Are you still experiencing this with most recent updates? It certainly should not be happening, but the most recent beta has greatly improved USB communication which might fix sync issues.
  3. All the buttons change when you switch activities. So if you have a macro on red in Activity A, and switch to Activity B, there will be nothing on red.
  4. I don't think so. The HUB doesn't have any kind of IR input, does it?
  5. Happy to work through the rest, but I wanted to start here. I have an Apple TV 4K as well, and the Skip is working fine controlling it. Just to rule things out, have you made sure the controls you want are on the remote in the Skip app? So up is on the up button, etc?
  6. https://mailchi.mp/19b87292b505/skip-app-v0994-90-updates-a-better-database-linux-support-and-button-sorting?e=[UNIQID] Skip App Updates and Linux support Hello to all of you who subscribed to our Skip updates and features newsletter! Ever since we started shipping the Skip app and Skip 1s remote, we’ve been hard at work. New updates, fixes and features, and support for specifically requested devices have been at the top of our list. You can find the full changelog below of our most recent updates. I wanted to take a second to highlight the most exciting changes. Linux is now supported. Please download and try it out. You can post feedback in our forums. Massive performance improvements in Windows Complete device communication architecture re-write Drag and drop colors and glows cleaned up Problems with text disappearing in dark mode on the Mac have been resolved Add/Replace/Merge Custom Devices - A massive improvement to our Device Library. See the Flirc blog for a full rundown on this update Button Filtering and Sorting With this update, it is possible to both filter and sort buttons by assignment. Know at a glance which buttons you’ve assigned and which still need to be dragged and dropped! [0.9.94] - August 18 2023 Improved - Action manager animation Improved - Wizard animation New - Segfault and Error Catching New - Error trigger on Admin Page for testing Fixed - Do not set led ring color on Admin page Fixed - Activity Manager compact mode styles Linux - Always center app window Linux - UI Improvements [0.9.93] - August 1st 2023 Improved - brand import can merge/replace/add now Fixed - Apple TV automapping Fixed - Apple TV, adding unpair code Fixed - Automapper overrides Fixed - Brand import blank window bug Fixed - Brand import bugs Fixed - Panel visual bug in remote manager Fixed - Vizio Cursor Enter automapping Fixed - Windows firmware upgrade issues Database fixes and additions below Database - Apple TV Code cleanup Database - BenQ-EW3280U Database - Dyson-HP01 Database - Dyson-HP04 Database - Gigabyte - Aorus FO48U Database - Harman Kardon - AVR 154 Database - Humax-PT1000ES Database - IFI - NEO DSD Database - JBL - Cinema SB350 Database - Logitech - Squeezebox Database - miniDSP - SHD Database - Marantz - SR5015 Database - Onkyo - TX-RZ620 Database - Primaluna - EVO300 (repeated entry removed) Database - Samsung - E235 Database - Sceptre - U550CV (repeated entry removed) Database - Sony - BDP-S350 Database - Sony - XBR-65X900F (repeated entry removed) Database - Toshiba - CT-90326 Database - Velodyne - CHT-Series Database - Velodyne - CHT Database - Yamaha - TSR-7850 [0.9.92] - July 19th 2023 Significant performance improvements Add Activity highlight bug fix Linux - Initial release with device communication Linux - Prompt user to install usb udev rules Windows - USB stability improvements Improved close action list by clicking empty areas Improved cursor button in color mode Fixed double circle when dragging Fixed colors button glow Database - BenQ - EW3280U Database - Humax - PT1000ES Database - Pioneer - VSAAX10 Database - Tangent - BTII Database - Topping - PRE90 Database - Yamaha - TSR-7850 [0.9.90] - June 30th 2023 Fixed: Certain text fields in the wizard on mac in dark mode were unreadable Fixed: Importing a configuration would not honor the brightness settings of imported config file Fixed: Crash when issuing invalid JSON in administration panel Fixed: Setting compact mode was not persistent across sessions Fixed: Wizard Search bar was too long Fixed: Windows About popup missing version number Fixed: Macro testing will now honor delays Fixed: Brand and models suggestions after clear the text input Fixed: Deleting current activity restores main window tab switch Fixed: Device brand and model selectors had incorrect width Fixed: Compact mode duplicate scroll bar in activity manager removed Fixed: Importing user created config correctly shows up in user list again Fixed: Spelling Improved: Performance of unnecessary config comparisons Improved: Importing user configs automatically corrects case Improved: Adds action list sort options Improved: Manual importing prompts user to replace existing config on device New: The pull request number is included in the About window New: Integration of Linux work Database Updates - Elgato EyeTV Remote Database Updates - Harmon Kardon - AVR154 Database Updates - IOTAVX - SA3 Database Updates - JBL - Cinema SB350 Database Updates - Kanto - SYD & YU4 Database Updates - Logitech - Squeezebox Database Updates - Manhattan T3-R Database Updates - NAD - C542 Fixes Database Updates - Onkyo - RZ620 Database Updates - Primaluna - EVO300 Database Updates - Sceptre - U55CV-U Database Updates - Sceptre - X435BV-F Database Updates - Sony - STR-DN840 Database Updates - Sony - XBR-65X900F Database Updates - Toshiba - CT-90326 Database Updates - Westinghouse - ID6 Light Fan
  7. Presumably you're using a Flirc USB with NUC, right? Add something completely unrelated to the Shield like a home automation device or something, doesn't matter what, as long as it has a bunch of buttons. Then train your Flirc off those buttons using the Flirc app with the Kodi controller. What you're experiencing really probably shouldn't be happening, but this would definitely prevent it.
  8. We actually have an email written and ready to send, but stopped because we realized the most recent update 0.9.93 probably needed a full blogpost to explain what was going on. Plan is to publish both at the same time. When the email goes out, it'll include .93, .92, and .90 changelogs. Excepting 93, it's mostly just adding devices and performance improvements, so not super exciting, but we should hopefully get it finally sent out in the next little while. After that, I think they should start going out more regularly.
  9. You can do it that way as well, you'd just add the same devices for B and C
  10. Hi @DaveNJ, it might be this should all be under a single activity (or possibly two). Are Netflix and Prime being run off your TV or your cable box? I'm guessing it'd be your TV. If so, I'd say make activity A your cable box/HDMI, and activity B your TV. Then assign some unused buttons to switching between Netflix and Prime, perhaps this would be a good use of the color wheel.
  11. Ahh, so just a category issue. We can add it over to audio and that should fix it then.
  12. Unfortunately, I'm not finding an example of this particular device. May need to learn it from the original remote.
  13. Just doublechecking, is the IOTAVX something other than an Onkyo receiver? If so, I will create a new thread for it so we can be sure not to miss it and get it into the app
  14. I'm afraid I'm not sure what's happening here. Jason and the team are currently in the process of shipping about a thousand remotes to people, so he may take a sec to respond. In the meantime, could you grab the log for your remote and the app? Instructions below. My only other suggestion would be to try downgrading your remote's firmware back to whatever it was and checking again. You can find a list of firmwares and software to downgrade here: The safer move, though, would be to just post your log and see if Jason can figure out anything after shipping is done.
  15. I'm not experiencing this myself on 4.12.18. Can you confirm that all the commands are still assigned to the power button, like in the screenshot below?
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