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  1. Pretty much all or most Skips set for February shipping have gotten delayed due to the pause. We're rushing to get the next round built and shipped. We should have an update when we're ready to send more out again.
  2. This ability is actually built into the Skip and is part of the planned upcoming updates, just not ready for prime time yet. You can actually also capture using a Flirc USB with IR Debugging turned on. It's awkward to use though and not everyone has a Flirc USB, so it's not always something we push. Thanks for the suggestions! The team is quite tiny at the moment, so we don't really have a standardized development and release cycle built up yet, but as we grow, I think your suggestions are absolutely a great way to go.
  3. I believe this is a bug in the firmware. Someone else has noticed it as well and reported it in another forum post. It should indeed remember your powered on state. I notified Jason and we should be able to look into it soon.
  4. @userdude Ok. With regard to the Flirc USB, you should actually be able to File -> Clear Configuration, and that will solve a lot of problems. The Flirc is built already knowing some codes. If you clear the configuration on the Flirc, and then program the Skip 1s in the Skip App to work with Flirc - NVIDIA Shield, the Flirc USB should just work, no programming in the flirc app needed. Regarding the other two devices, if you have a Flirc USB and the original remotes, we can record those remotes and create profiles for them. To do so, open the Flirc app, then File - Device Log. Then enable IR Debugging. Then go through and record each button and save the output as a text file with each button press labeled. Each button press will look something like: +9051 -4416 +605 -511 +601 -1625 +606 -1626 +605 -1621 +605 -511 +605 -1625 +605 -1622 +609 -1621 +605 -1626 +605 -1626 +605 -1621 +606 -510 +605 -519 +597 -510 +606 -510 +605 -1622 +605 -511 +605 -1625 +605 -511 +605 -1622 +605 -510 +606 -510 +605 -513 +603 -510 +605 -507 +605 -511 +605 -1626 +606 -510 +601 -1626 +605 -511 +605 -1622 +605 -511 +554 -41 +9055 -2182 +554 We can turn that into pronto codes and get you a fully working remote. Eventually, this will all be automated and part of the Skip App, but we're not there yet.
  5. This should not be the case. @jason seems we have a firmware issue
  6. @Matt Winn are you using the power button and the record button on the Skip to try to turn on power?
  7. Excellent idea on the first part. We're going through designs right now on how to better handle existing configurations. Will suggest mocking up something like that to the designers. Regarding part two, I believe the eventual plan is to turn the Testing option in the wizard into the ability to scroll the entire button list and test every button. This should get you what you're looking for, code-wise. Further, our ultimate goal is to make most of this incredibly simple with just remote lookup, so you don't have to do any guessing at all.
  8. You've mentioned the USB port a few times. Is the Shield being controlled with a Flirc USB?
  9. It shouldn't forget. Is the TV going to sleep in power saving mode or something to get it out of sync?
  10. Ah, OK. Yeah, the Skip needs line of sight. There are IR repeaters out there that could help with this.
  11. Delay is after the action occurs. So Action 1, delay, Action 2, delay, Action 3. After the final action, there should be no need for a delay, because there's nothing else the remote is sending on that button.
  12. If you have an old Flirc USB, we can record the missing button. Open the Flirc app. Hit File > Device Log. Tick the "Enable IR Debugging." Then point the old remote at it and hit the button. Save that to a txt file and attach it here. I'm really looking forward to when we add learning support, so this isn't so cumbersome. :)
  13. Please post your device in the Supported Devices subforum. https://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/101-supported-devices-databases/ You can learn how to add the support file in the first pinned post there.
  14. Nathan


    This is unfortunately a tricky question to answer right now. Back in January and early Feb, we had to put a pause on building remotes until we cleared up the Windows connection bug, because we weren't sure if it was a Windows error or a Skip error. We eventually figured out it was a Windows problem and were able to resume shipping and building, but that pause pushed back new builds at the factory. Since we don't have complete control over how quickly Skips get built at the factory (and we're not a massive company like Apple who can force them to hurry), we can't be exactly sure how quickly the next round will get to us. When we do get the next round for shipping, we will likely post an announcement.
  15. Can you try replacing the Enter button with the Cursor Enter button? I also have a Vizio and I had to do that. (Or if it's set to Cursor Enter, switch it to Enter.) There's a chance that a beta update changed the default enter button.
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