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  2. @bm16ton So so so sorry. Yes, PM me your address, going to replace it with A05 that has this addressed.
  3. Hi all, I am studying in matric and after secondary education, I want to learn to program practically. Please suggest to me the best way of online learning for me and where to start as well.
  4. I whipped up a very crude implementation of this. It's online if it'll help somebody else get it working for them. https://github.com/vincebusam/flirc_retransmit
  5. I've hacked together a (very) crude implementation of this: https://github.com/vincebusam/flirc_retransmit/tree/main
  6. I'm sorry, there isn't unfortunately. But if you buy a license to remote buddy, I'm practically giving them away. You should have gotten a discount code. Please let me know.
  7. I'm sorry, I got sick. will return to this tomorrow.
  8. Earlier
  9. Remote Buddy 2 does not seem to support Flirc Gen 1. I already have the Gen 1 Flirc USB, and so was hoping to avoid having to buy the Gen 2 device. Any chance of getting the Flirc Gen 1 to work with Remote Buddy 2? Thank you.
  10. So if the board was working correctly how would it get the 3.3v? i assume the unpopulated r15 is not how it is supposed to get it? and maybe the schematic is for a different version board? is power to that pin supposed to be switchable via the software controlled dut? if i solder jump r15 does that run the risk of damaging anything? Altho personally i dont have a super amount of use for the software controlled power output,but i like them a lot and think they are super cool. Thanks in advance
  11. I am also intreasted to know how i can do this.
  12. You can visit Technoblade Merch store to buy these types of merchandise.
  13. For these occasions, you can use lil peep merchandise. Everyone likes it and wears it to seem fashionable and great.
  14. holly you realy are just a super nice guy! Uhm im kinda flumexed for a second my dealings with tech companies hasnt always been the greatest. Very refreshing i appreciate it. Grabbing my board now. Ok hrm not sure i see a vversion number. On bottom right hand side i see A04 or P.04 damn these old eyes. "jeff probe" in upper right and FLIRC on the otherside. Im probly just missing it. Again thank you for just being awesome. I needed it.
  15. As long as they are common ground, you don't need to, I think I had a bug on the first version, which this may be. What version shows on the board? I'll swap it out if it's an old one.
  16. So compiling the firmware went ok as ling as i iised arm-none-eabi versions below 10, and removed werror from makefile. But and unfortunatly did not check before flashing, the uart vcc pin has no voltage even after enabling tpower. The schematic shows that the vcc is connected thru a 0ohm (r15) resistor to 3.3v , but r15 is unpopulated,and one side has 3.3v the other side goes to the uart vcc pin and the two sided are not connected. i at first figured the resistor fell off but the pics of jeff probe on-line also have it unpopulated...How exactly am i supposed to enable the 3.3v on the uart vcc pin? Is it working for other people? If a digital switch is involved then schematics should be updated, if not how would it get power from an unpopulated r15...what the hell is going on? Does a manual exist to explain this? Also how is the 1.8v to 5v stuff set? Only automatically based on adc readings?
  17. Echo? (echo, echo, echo...)
  18. I have read and read and read and I am getting frustrated now. I am new to linux, so please bear that in mind, but I have followed one thread after another trying to install this damn thing and it's one roadblock after another. First and foremost, the repo DOES NOT EXIST! http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/x64 is not there. Yet ALL of the instuctionals I can find tell you to get your stuff from there. The i386 version is there, but I can't use that one. Won't let me. I have also tried to go to a folder which IS there, under http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/x86_64/ however, there is no binary folder. I downloaded the tar.gz file and tried to do it locally but all i get are errors there as well. I am running zorinOS (ubuntu based distro) and all other debian things I have had to do have worked. My issue is that this repo that everyone likes to point to doesn't exist. At all. There were some different (finally) instructions on the flirc page that I just found this morning. So I thhought, aha! I got you now! .... Yeah, no. More roadblocks! I am met with the following, on the instructions page... Needed Dependencies: libhidapi-hidraw0 libqt5core5a libqt5network5 libqt5xml5 libqt5xmlpatterns5 libhid qt5-qtbase qt5-qtsvg hidapi cp the 99-flirc.rules rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ optionally copy flirc_util and flirc to /usr/local/bin/ So it says to copy the 99-flirc.rules to the rules.d directory. Notice it doesn't tell you where to get them... It also mentions that I need to get all these dependencies. Again... Notice it doesn't tell you where to get them. There are countless other threads I have seen in my search with people having the same problem as me and there is just never a solution! I get that we need to learn things, which I am most happy to do. But for pity sake, can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong here and help me get this damn thing working??
  19. RPi in idle mode does not draw any power. If it was the only load in your house it wouldn't move your meter.
  20. I fought my problem for a long time, years, erratic response to key presses. I thought distance was the culprit, although 12 ft shouldn't be a problem. I used a USB extension to connect Flirc to mitigate this issue. Until I finally found the source of problem - an 8-port network switch. Both the Kodi frontend and the switch are mounted to the wall, about 2 ft apart. Flashing LED-s of switch were the source of "noise" which obviously interfered and saturated my Flirc adapter. After I turned the switch 90 degrees so the LED-s no longer shine into my Kodi frontend the problem was completely gone.
  21. I don't think it is possible without CEC. You may want to get one of those external CEC modules from Pulse Eight.
  22. I am interested to get in touch with a developer for site creation. Actually, I am working with a structural company on a partnership and want to promote my business about omega services.
  23. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'm curious if the Karl Jacobs merchandise shop is acceptable for night gatherings. We're looking for some trendy costume ideas.
  24. I installed Windows 11 on my pc but it is not working well. Due to it, my study about IELTS is disturbed. Please tell me what is the reason for that issue and how I can resolve it.
  25. Thank you for providing this useful programme. It has proven to be really useful in managing my several tasks.
  26. Please tell me where I can acquire costumes for the Ranboo merch store in the United Kingdom. Please suggest the most suitable internet platform for me.
  27. I have a Fire Tv Cube that I mostly use to turn on my TV and Receiver and switch them to the correct inputs. I mostly use my HTPC for everything. My plan is: 1. Plug the Flirc into my HTPC 2. Program the Flirc to understand Fire Tv Remote's button presses (e.g. HTCP controls, left, right, up, down, enter, back, etc...) Use case is: Use Fire Tv remote to turn on TV and switch inputs (this is using Fire Tv Cube's functions), then use Fire Tv remote to interface with my HTPC. Is that possible?
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