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  3. Thanks. If I can help with some experiment you want me to do or send data dump, just say so. In the meanwhile I tried with a newer Hauppauge (). That one works fine. But this one was never used before and laying around in storage a long time for a reason. The color buttons (heavily used in vdr) are far away from the arrow buttons, very uncomfortable to reach. Thats why I don't like it, But at least I can operate my new vdr by remote now :-) (old one broke some days ago) So I still would be very interested in a solution for the other model. And: thanks for Flirc! Much easier than soldering and configuring the Lirc stuff I used before.
  4. ok so my flicr just arrived in the mail i want to connected to my tvs remote(that is not compatible with the built in hdmi motes from pi) standard ir i went to the flicr website and downladed the rasbian files but i dont know what to do with them where do i put them and how to run them from the kodi interface? thanks -j
  5. I'll buy this remote and try and figure out what's going on
  6. Hello, I tried to program a Flirc (v1, firmware 3.8) with a older Hauppauge Remote. (looking like this: ) At first everything looked fine (after I discovered I need to teach every button twice). But a small number of buttons misbehave :-( After a while of debugging I can reproduce the following: - clear everything - teach "up" two times - teach "0" two times. Second time it says "Button already exist".Testing 0 now alternates between "0" and "up" response. Same happens with yellow. These three buttons seem to be connected somehow. I tried around with the advanced settings also, but could not find a solution. So it looks I need to get another remote (a pitty, I got used to this one) Has anybody else seen this behaviour? Any idea how to fix it?
  7. Hello Jason Sorry I have not been contributing to this discussion lately. I updated to the latest version yesterday and it has been working perfectly since. I will continue to test over the coming week and will try to post another update next week. Thanks for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated. Kevin
  8. I will back from holiday on Monday so I will test on Monday and get back to you. thank you for the effort and support.
  9. Indeed. I have the poor-man's Harmony it looks like. Thanks for the research though!
  10. thx nice job jason, works a lot better now, i will do some test over the we
  11. I have the 650. your software looks different than mine. Perhaps you don't have the latest version? I have on a Windows PC. if you haven't already perhaps uninstall and install the latest version. If that's not the problem. Then unfortunately I don't think I'd be able to help. good luck. :) I just checked on the logitech site for release notes on updates. 2014 Oct 27. and MyHarmony Desktop Software Harmony 600, 650, and 700 users will now be able to customize Activity buttons Glow Time Tilt Sensor I searched for 350, but while the updates apply to your model, these added functions may not have been implemented for your remote. At which point I think you might be out of luck sadly.
  12. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are getting closer.
  13. Last week
  14. You made it! After many attempts it works like a charm. Nice job @jason, thanks for support. Live long and prosper \\// :) Ciao
  15. I'm confident this was the issue. After seeing it, finding the problem, understanding it, I have extremely high confidence. This problem only exists for a small portion of users, and it follows windows as well. Blatant disregard to violate the USB spec. I owe you guys a second unit for your patience and help.
  16. So far 5 wake ups from 5 attempts. Usually it failed after about 3.. so far so good! :) Will continue to test this weekend.
  17. Thanks for the patience guys. We've got a beta image working, but it stops working ofter some time. There is likely a security check that happens periodically. We'll figure it out and I'll keep you guys posted.
  18. I owe you guys the thank you. And endless amount of gratitude for your patience and support.
  19. Like @Pascal I've run a few tests and it seems to wake up just fine. Will test more thoroughly over the weekend, but so far it's looking good Thank you!
  20. Awesome work @jason After upgrading the software and the firmware, waking up the PC using Flirc works for me now :) Thank you for fixing this rapidly!
  21. Okay guys, I think I figured it out. I pushed an update, GUI version v2.3.8 which has new firmware in it. So confident, I made it public, however, this may in fact just fix @Montas system. But I'm fairly confident. Seems to be a windows only thing, they send a set remote wake up feature request down to the device, in which case I would send a stall/nack. Windows said, 'oh yeah, fuck you' and then disconnected me. I'm now returning OK. This is not a required feature, apparently windows 10 says it is. Please don't leave me hanging if it works, please report back here and let me know. This was both brutal in finding, repeating, and solving.
  22. Press to hold repeat works for me but only if the entire waveform is completely repeated. Some press and hold transmits only send a partial keep-alive style repeat command that doesn't fully distinguish it from a single press. I have the whole waveform captured and can tell I am transmitting the entire code however flirc only recognizes the first transmit if the preamble isn't set to be 100% of the code.
  23. I just announced the new one at maker faire, it's in mass production now. The one on amazon is the original.
  24. There's only one FLIRC RPi case (well, there're two if you count the Kodi edition with Kodi logo on top). It's now called RPi3 case but it has not changed since B+. You can read about RPi 3 compatibility issues in the FAQ.
  25. Is the FLIRC Raspberry PI case that's being sold on Amazon the old version or the updated PI 3 version? The user reviews make it sound like its the old version.
  26. It's a very good news that you have reproduced the problem ;) Now i'm sure you can do that. Good work :)
  27. ok great, thanks @jason
  28. I've got the other system up and running @Montas suggested and I've reproduced it. I'm furiously trying to find a remedy and won't stop until I do.
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