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  2. Hi, I own a Shield TV Pro 2019 and noticed the sleep/suspend button works to put it in standby, but it doesn't wake it up. I have to send a random key like direction down to wake it. Besides that, I discovered that the "settings" button on the new remote matches the kay named "the menu key" or "the application key" on a windows oriented keyboard (bottom right, next to the Ctrl key). But I can't find it in the Full Keyboard layout of the Flirc app. Can you add it ? Thanks !
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  5. Hello, I use FLIRC on my HTPC with a Harmony Smart Control remote (and the FLIRC/KODI profile). It used to work perfectly, but ever since I updated the firmware to 3.9 today, FLIRC only receives 1 out of 2 IR blasts for most commands, which sucks. For these commands I have now to push twice on my remote to get 1 blast received by the HTPC. Can something be done about this? If not, can I revert back to a previous firmware easily? Sincerely, Antoine
  6. Firmware v4.8.2 Supports Wake up features with remote buddy Custom single command Multiple buttons ir_transmitter updates, ability to kill a running transmission Possible bug fixes in XMP protocol To update, make sure you have at least GUI version 3.25.0, release date November 19th, 2019 First, backup and save your configuration. Head over to File->Advanced. Check which SKU you have, it should be either dori, or nemo. Then do File->Upgrade and point to one of the images attached. Note - You do not have to quit the remote buddy application to update your firmware. This firmware is only required for sleep/wake functionality extended specifically through remote buddy. Flirc/Remote Buddy 2 support has been baked in and tested since v4.6.x, this update is not necessary to use Flirc with Remote Buddy. Please feel free to report any findings here. Bugs specific to this version of firmware. dori.release-4.8.2.bin nemo.release-4.8.2.bin
  7. To those who sent me a private message. Hang in there. I need to do a couple more firmware features and tests before sending. I should send them in the next couple days.
  8. I bought the Pi 4 complete starter kit and the kit with the touchscreen 4k display the case size one not the 7".Do you guys make custom cases like that with cutout for the display, and what kid of accessories and add ons can i buy to make it faster and smarter and it's gotta be sexy so it it stands out from the rest. And any other tips and tricks that you can share with me would be most appreciated.
  9. Flirc doesn’t support a mouse and keyboard as those are usually Bluetooth. Flirc is only IR. Let me know if I misunderstood that.
  10. Hi, I purchased my FLIRC a few weeks ago, and am just now able to figure out how to pair a Harmony remote to it by adding it as its own device. Now I'm wondering if I have my Harmony registered, does that become the ONLY device FLIRC can recognize? In other words, would it be possible for the one FLIRC to recognize my remote as well as a keyboard and a mouse? If possible, I'd like to be able to declutter some of my USB dongles, but from what I understand, FLIRC does not do this, correct? If it does, please let me know how.
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  12. Can you walk me through your setup? Or point me in the right direction on how to set this up? I've got a 1st Gen flirc (do I need 2nd gen? I have an old harmony one which uses the Logitech software to sync on my Mac. Do I set up the 2019 shield as a home theater PC or game console? What model do you put down? I've seen a couple of different methods in this thread to get it started but Everytime, I am having lag and the power toggle/sleep function doesn't work. Spent way more time on this than I would like but feel that the solution is close.
  13. Having issues w/1st Gen fpirc, Logitech harmony one and my 2019 shield.
  14. I would love to see an updated case that makes direct contact with the usb controller as well as the processor. the usb controller puts out quite a bit of heat as well. thank you
  15. I was able to use a USB 90 degree adapter. https://www.amazon.com/USB-Male-Female-Extension-Adapter/dp/B07QYS3FD8/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3TAGL45G1HQ0D&keywords=90+degree+usb+adapter&qid=1573676430&sprefix=90+degree+usb+adapter%2Caps%2C221&sr=8-3
  16. Hi, I recently nuked my Logitech Harmony settings by accident and cannot get my setup to work properly again... I particulary cannot retrieve the responsiveness of the commands I had. I use a FLIRC device made for STREACOM HTPC cases with a Harmony Smart Control remote (with the Hub). Details about what's not working: - It seems that EVERY other IR blast is ignored by the receiver! For each action I now must press TWICE, no matter how long between the two commands! - I cannot retrieve the fast browsing in menus when holding a key: when pressing an arrow for example, I would move quite quickly in this direction with my old profile. Now it moves only by 1 increment every second even when holding the arrow key. What profile would you recommend I use in the Logitech Harmony database as a device for my FLIRC-equipped HTPC? I saw a STREACOM / FLIRC profile there but it is completely empty, with no IR codes at all... Thanks in advance for your help! Sincerely, Antoine
  17. If you have my email as part of my info, please send me any info to make this happen. Thanks. Tom
  18. Heck Yeah ! I will be happy to act as a 'beta' or 'early adopter' or whatever and provide feedback. I'm not sure how to get you my address though.
  19. yes I would love to trial your test hardware. Currently have a FIRESTICK working with the older FLIRQ via USB and my logictec Harmony 650. email me ktjensen(at)gmail(dot)com
  20. Yes, you need a USB on the go adapter. However, I have an new product with one built in. Any chance you’d want one for free in exchange for some helpful feedback?
  21. I searched for Amazon Fire Cube and this was the closest thread I could find here. So: -Does flirc work with the Fire Cube Gen2 ?? -Besides a Flirc and Cube is all I should need is a micro usb > usb adapter ?? I have new Flirc and have the latest firmware. I have programmed the Flirc with my URC MX-900 to the Amazon Fire configuration and saved. Am I all set to go?? Just want to confirm that this will work with the Cube Gen2 before I go to BB and buy one .
  22. I got most of the functionality of the new Nvidia Shield Pro TV remote to work with Flirc and a Logitech Harmony 700 using the instructions for the older Nvidia Shield TV remote and from a lot of the information in this thread. However there are three things I have not been able to figure out: 1) The new Nvidia Shield Pro TV remote has a Settings button on it. From other posts I figured out that I can get this button to work with a long keypress of Esc. I captured the Esc key to my remote and when I hold that button down I did in fact confirm it works. However I would like to better emulate the behavior of the original remote where a quick press of the button instead of a long press of the button brings up the Settings. Is there any way to do this? 2) By connecting a keyboard to the Nvidia Shield Pro TV I discovered that F8 brings up a text (not voice) Search which is perfect. I recorded F8 to one of the buttons on my remote but it doesn't seem to work. I hit the button on the remote and nothing happens. All other buttons I have recorded work fine. I even erased the button and tried to rerecord it but it still doesn't work. Any idea what is going on? 3) One of the reasons I connected a keyboard to the Nvidia Shield Pro TV is to try and discover what maps to the Netflix button that is on the new remote. However I was not able to discover what the button is mapped to. Any idea what key the Netflix button is mapped to and/or how I can discover what key it is mapped to? BTW great product! I have three and am using them on the new Nvidia Shield Pro TV and two gen 1 Amazon Fire TV Cubes.
  23. I connected a keyboard to the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro to see if I could discover any new or unknown keyboard shortcuts for the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. I discovered that the PrtScn (PrintScreen) key takes a screenshot. I figured this may be useful to have on my remote at some point so I went to record it using the Flirc GUI. However I then discovered that the Flirc GUI full keyboard is missing the Print Screen key. However I then found the above post to try to get around this problem only to discover that the link to the reference is broken. I dug around a bit at the site and found the updated link for the reference: https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/documents/hut1_12v2.pdf From there I assume that I can record the Print Screen button using the following command: flirc_util.exe record_api 0 70 I will give this a try later on to see if it works.
  24. I'm trying to get my Harmony 650 to remote for Plex on my Win10 laptop, but am at a standstill, can't seem to find any relevant instructions forr a noob like me that actually work. Any suggestions?
  25. Yes, it would be nice to get the Setting button to work. Granted, I don't see a need to have a dedicated button just to go to Settings. However, the Shield allows you to change what the Settings button does, so if you use it to do something else, the Settings button would be good to have. It would also be nice if the Shield allowed a way to redefine the Netflix button (and the Flirc had a way of sending the "Netflix" command). Don't know why Netflix needs its own button as opposed to just calling it something generic and letting the user define what it does.
  26. So what's the point in posting a legitimate question on this forum if you can get even one reply. Does anybody even read these threads?
  27. I have just purchased FLIRC, and trying to set it up with little success. I tried to access the documentation on flirc.gitbooks.io but the browser reports the server IP address could not be found. Is there another link?
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