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Battery does not last for more than a day


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Happy Easter.

Embedded is v4.12.26 which should has this fixed. The GUI is unstable. We have core libraries updated with a lot of fixes involved. Unfortunately, this was a necessary step, as we were falling behind with react native desktops public stable release. 

There are things that could be broken, icons, crashes. Etc. But the firmware update should work, and you can revert back to the previous if it's giving you problems. But initial testing seems fine. We just not have tested everything yet.

Linux Download
Mac Download
Windows Download

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With all the activity and the new firmware, I decided to give it an update and leave batteries in it.

This may be just anecdotally, but it's been fine for the last week as I've pressed the volume button every night and it responded. Until last night, when I pressed the volume button, then pressed the "A" button to remind myself what device it is on.

This morning, it is failing to respond... so I tried to follow the instructions under,

However, this fails at the 2nd step - connecting the USB cable gives a message from Windows "USB device not recognised"...

I had to remove the batteries to get it to respond to USB.... I tested the batteries, and they still measured Okay - put the same batteries in, and it came back to life.

Current firmware is 4.12.26-0-gf661a78 - I've attached an export of my remote configuration and the log I got from it once it came back responding to the app.

"proc" returned {"USB":243090}
"butt" returned {"Vol Up":{"Released":280149}}

(I guess it lost the error logs as I had to remove the batteries??)

Is there any trick to get it to reset to respond to USB if it's showing Device not recognised??

flirc-remote-control20240417.log Lounge Remote.skip

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