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  1. Only the four directional buttons are activated by pressing the color wheel button, the center button remains unchanged.
  2. @georgmi @borez .21 is the latest one as posted on page one of this thread. I believe @jason had a typo when he wrote .22 previously.
  3. @jason Well, today has been two weeks exactly since I started using my replacement. I'm happy to report my batteries are still showing 1.48v. Thank you @jason for taking care of this for me.
  4. @David_ Here's how to access the admin panel. https://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/11180-remotes-not-detected-by-any-computer/&do=findComment&comment=29394
  5. @jason Well, came home today and the remote batteries were completely dead. 9/15 Installed new batteries 9/17 Installed new .21 firmware 9/20 Batteries completely drained
  6. This is the first sign that the batteries are about to completely die. Check this thread for more information and a new firmware that will hopefully fix this from happening so quickly.
  7. Installing now, thanks Jason. I will post results after testing.
  8. After downgrading to firmware 4.8.12 from 4.8.18 on the 5th of September and replacing the batteries with new ones. The batteries died today on the 15th of September. At this point, I could have bought an additional remote with the amount of batteries I have gone through in the last 3 1/2 months.
  9. If you have to push the button twice to get it to work. I believe this is a result of the battery issue that is well documented in this forum. The first button press wakes the remote up and the second button press actually fires off the IR signal. This has been known to occur in as little as 24 hours after replacing the batteries. The remote batteries will drain completely not long after this starts happening. On average with my LEDs at 0% I'm getting anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks before the batteries are completely drained. Also, after testing the batteries, it seems that one drains faster than the other, but it still causes the remote to stop working.
  10. I decided to downgrade from 4.12.18 to 4.12.12 to see if this helps the battery drain. It would be nice if Jason or Nathan would respond to the multiple threads regarding this issue. Upon downgrading, I noticed my remote model went from A06 to A05. Anyone else notice this?
  11. When trying to update 0.9.93(BETA) from 0.9.92(BETA), I receive the following error: App installation failed with error message: error 0x800700EA: Failed to load the extension DLL due to the following error: More data is available. . (0x800700ea) UPDATE: This has been fixed with the release of 0.9.94 BETA
  12. Remote is on firmware 4.12.18. I have lowered the LEDs to 20% in the app (9.92 BETA). Installed a fresh set of batteries and after about two weeks or so the remote is unresponsive upon the first button press. It's like it goes into sleep mode after a few weeks. At this point, I checked the batteries and they register as being at about 50% capacity. If I change them and put in new batteries the remote works as intended upon the first press. This has happened about three times since I received my remote. I will try lowering the LEDs to 1% and see if that helps them last longer. UPDATE: After changing the LEDs to 1% the remote completely drained the batteries from about 50% to 0% overnight just sitting on an end table not being used.
  13. For the Google Chromecast you will need a OTG cable or USB Hub connected to it and then you would need a Flirc USB. I'm not sure if the Roku sticks support OTG cables/hubs.
  14. Not exactly, you need to plug it into a computer first and set the remote as a Shield remote. The software can be downloaded from here: https://flirc.tv/products/flirc-usb-receiver?variant=43513067569384#spec2
  15. You could also try adding a repeat or a delay to your power macros. I've attached a screenshot of where you can find those.
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