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  1. Check out the download from that post. I think it should be showing up in that beta. edit: Checked. It looks like it's under TV/Projector
  2. All the Flirc stuff is currently under PC. Not sure if missing FireTV mapping is an oversight, or I just don't know where to look. So much is happening even I miss stuff! Will get a better answer in the morning.
  3. Could you try plugging it into another PC and seeing if it works there? In most cases the Flirc USB just emulates a keyboard, so it should act the same as plugging a keyboard into whatever PC you are trying to control.
  4. Message me your details and we can add you to the list
  5. Might try replacing power toggle with power on and power off. See attached video. 60815364_2023-01-2613-27-35.mp4
  6. If you have a flirc, can you open the Flirc app, open the Device Log, and enable IR Debugging. Then record your original remote. In particular, record the same button pressed a few times. Then paste the output in a txt file with a note saying which codes go with which button. Then upload here.
  7. I replied in another thread, but yep, this is something we're going to start working on.
  8. Not right now. At the moment we're working through a bunch of updates that are essentially "must haves" in order to move out of beta. It's likely a few of those you'd +1 are the same ones we would! :)
  9. We've actually slowed shipping to deal with a pretty big windows bug that's causing the remote to disconnect. I believe we're getting to a fix, and which point we'll start ramping up shipping again.
  10. Pretty much this. Almost every brand reuses codes over and over again. Because this picking of group codes is clearly uncomfortable for a lot of people, we're looking into solutions to match specifically with exact models.
  11. If you click the Power button on the remote in the Skip app, it will show you a list of all the commands it sends to the TV. I think Jason is asking for that list. See this video for an explanation. https://www.youtube.com/clip/Ugkx_0KGN0cjdz2_DfUkIz5hIxXPcjCsMwY0 The question is whether any Samsung TV buttons have actually been assigned to your remote, and what those buttons are.
  12. I'd probably use the Full Keyboard controller. Jriver has a full list of keyboard hotkey controls that allow controlling of pretty much every aspect of the application. https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/Keyboard_Hot-keys
  13. Flirc USB has some specific configurations already built in and shouldn't need the Flirc app to setup. That should include both Kodi and Google TV (via the NVIDIA Shield controller). Personally, I ignore that and still setup the Flirc USB because I like complete control over the process, but it's up to you. If you have setup the Skip app to send Kodi Flirc USB signals, make sure those Kodi buttons have been dragged onto your remote from the Buttons Panel in the Skip App. See attached image.
  14. The Skip 1s is only designed to control IR devices. I am presuming your Harmony is controlling Hues with Bluetooth, so it won't work with them. If it's controlling them another way, I may be wrong.
  15. Yep. Fun fact, the two QR codes provided with the remote go to the Skip App guide and the Skip App download link.
  16. Nathan

    Windows 7

    The Skip needs Windows 10 or 11. It is suggested to update Windows 7, as Microsoft has stopped providing security updates for it.
  17. PMed you tracking info.
  18. Not right now. Currently the only way to switch activity is by hitting the activity buttons. We do plan on eventually supporting state awareness and sending commands based on state (so if you turned on the TV and are on HDMI1 and just want to switch to HDMI 2 for activity B, we'd only send the HDMI input button), but that's not available yet. It'll also likely be done with the activity buttons, not others on the remote.
  19. Regarding guides, yes: https://skip-org.gitbook.io/skip-remote-guide/ It sounds as though not all the power up and power down buttons for your devices have been dragged onto the Skip Remote in the Skip App. If that's the case, see: https://skip-org.gitbook.io/skip-remote-guide/edit-your-activity-buttons Also a video on the subject: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx_0KGN0cjdz2_DfUkIz5hIxXPcjCsMwY0
  20. Definitely on the feature list
  21. This is almost certainly a Windows problem. Can you please post here:
  22. Have you assigned buttons to the color mode buttons?
  23. You are exactly right. Though you do have the option of making another unused button a second switcher. So for example on Activity B, you could use the number 2 on the numpad as a switch for hdmi 2
  24. So your goal for switching is to only switch the HDMI when switching from A to B? In that situation, you could use an unused button, perhaps something from the number pad, to be an additional hdmi switcher.
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