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  1. I'm adding this to a ticket so Jason can make sure he doesn't lose it. In the meantime, I'd suggest, since Mute and Un-Mute are different commands, to put them on different buttons, if you happen to have a free button near the bottom of the remote.
  2. Thanks for the feedback @Chris Jr. Most of your points we either also have in our list or broadly agree with. Could you elaborate on the power toggle assignments disappearing? Not sure I follow, or possibly I haven't seen that issue.
  3. bj reached out a few different ways at the same time, and I responded to him elsewhere, but it occurs to me people will want an answer here too, sooooo... My comment above is still pretty much the answer. Only update is the factory is now building Skip 1s remotes, and I think we're going to have a ship date for the next batch soon, which I believe should cover all remaining kickstarter and pre-orders, at least as of counting a few weeks ago. Just can't make any official announcement until we are informed they're actually shipped and how many are shipped.
  4. I'm a little surprised by this. Jason and I are communicating with people pretty much every day including weekends, and we put out a Kickstarter update about once a month, which seems pretty standard for most kickstarter projects, or at least the projects I've backed myself. Perhaps the communicating isn't broad enough? Or alternately the answers we're giving aren't very satisfying as they tend to be some variation of "yeah, waiting is frustrating. We know, since we're waiting too." I think the next update should be much more positive news.
  5. Honestly, I'm not sure how we'd do personal communications with every pre-order. Shopify has a lot of anti-spam rules that mean we can't message people about an order without an opt-in unless it's about a change to the order, like an updated shipping status. Believe me, few people are more frustrated with this delay than I am. I imagine, if we were a bigger company with a few billions of dollars behind us, we could force the factory to deliver faster, and also we could just buy the factory, but lacking that we're just kind of stuck waiting as much as you guys are. I'm really looking forward to finally getting all pre-orders filled, switching the Skip to just a regular in-stock item, and devoting most of my time to the fun stuff of making the remote and the skip app better each day.
  6. Normally with personal and financial issues, we try to handle things personally and privately. So a request like this would generally be moved to direct messaging or email. If you are worried that you made a request and it is being ignored, feel free to message me directly. We're a small group, so it's very possible for something to get lost in the daily shuffle.
  7. Not yet. We are still working through pre-orders. The Windows bug discovered back in January/Feb really threw us off our schedule.
  8. This is currently being worked on. I'm not the engineer, so apologies if I get this mangled, but it appears to be an issue with the LEDs occasionally drawing more current than expected, or something like that. For some reason, it causes the remote to do a hard reset and momentarily lose settings. Effort now is to eliminate or reduce the reset and preserve the settings. I think by the end of all this, Jason could probably get a PHD in optimizing energy flow on devices with low battery.
  9. 1. I don't think so. Not sure if I complete follow 2. Sort of? What the button does can change, but not based on time, but rather what activity you are in. So hit Activity A, and the power button will do one thing. Switch to Activity B, and the power button will do another. But we don't have the ability to hit the power button once to go to Netflix, then again to go to cable. 3. yes
  10. Should not need to reinstall the app. We're working on firmware update bugs in windows literally as I type this. With remote unplugged, remove batteries then replace batteries and plug it in. Then launch Skip App. You should get the option to update firmware. If not, see if you can update the skip app from the menu in the bottom right. If still not, I imagine we'll be pushing out and update specifically for this kind of thing that should help soon.
  11. That download should prompt you to update to the latest.
  12. It'll depend a little on how many we can get in the first shipment, but I think there's a good chance we'll be able to get all the remaining kickstarters and pre-orders in one go this time around. We'll see soon enough.
  13. I wonder if this is a first generation Flirc thing. I'm currently using a modern flirc with a skip remote on my computer, and there's zero of the lag you're showing. Though if it is, I don't know why the other remote wouldn't lag. Might need Jason or a dev to take a look and see if they can replicate on a 1st gen flirc.
  14. If this is really this case, you are experiencing a bug. You should fire up the app, make changes with the remote disconnected, connect the remote, and have the option to then sync. If you don't have that option, there's something wrong. You might make sure, when firing up the app, that the name of the remote you are editing with the remote unplugged is the same as the name when plugged in.
  15. This is almost certainly because you come from a Harmony world. With virtually all remotes that aren't Harmony, the only way to turn a device on or off is with the power button. Harmony changed that with their activity button, and Harmony users got used to it, but if you aren't a Harmony user, the idea that hitting a button to change what the remote does also changes what your TV is doing isn't necessarily obvious. With that said, we do plan on adding support for this style for past Harmony users who prefer it.
  16. It is always an option to use built in screen capture. Both Windows and Mac support this.
  17. I need to merge and pin these threads. In January we had to halt the shipping and building of pre-orders for a while due to a bug in Windows caused by Steam that was causing many remotes to fail to connect for setup, and we were uncertain whether the bug was in Windows or in the remote. While we've cleared up that issue and resumed shipping, this has pushed back pre-order fulfillment, as we had to reserve a new build time in the factory and are at the mercy of our supplier. As of this morning, we haven't heard from the factory when the next build will be sent out. When we receive the newly built shipment, we'll definitely post an update on our forum.
  18. Problem there is likely just that USB-C is a messed up spec. There are USB-C charging cables, USB-C Thunderbolt cables, and then standard USB-C data cables, and they all use the same port with different wires and internals. I kinda wish the spec required labeling the cable as what it actually did.
  19. What hardware are you running Kodi on?
  20. Hi, I think I may have actually just replied to your support email, but yes, you're exactly right regarding mercy of others at the moment. Hopefully we can get good news sooner than later.
  21. Hi, could please PM me your order or ticket number? I can update, but not sure which ticket you are.
  22. This is actually the right place. Jason is working on a user friendly tool to convert raw IR code to pronto code, which is the format we need to import. If you are technically savvy, since you have a Flirc you can give a try at IrScrutinizer. Open your Flirc app, File - Device Log, enable IR debugging. From there you can grab the code for each button and convert in IrScrutinizer. It's not the easiest program to work with though, so if you can wait, learning in the Skip app is at the very top of our feature list.
  23. We're actually working on something very like this, but by making most buttons capable of doing another key with a long press.
  24. The remote doesn't sync until you manually hit sync. Not sure if I understand the request exactly.
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