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  1. I'm guessing the simplest way to deal with this issue is when we add long press functionality (or whatever we end up doing). Make a quick tap play and a long press of the same button pause. Or vice versa.
  2. Just to double check, can you unplug the remote, remove the batteries, and then plug it back in? If it still does the red light thing, PM me.
  3. Sorry this was missed the last go around. Will add a ticket so we catch it this time
  4. Looks to be a Windows bug. Should have a fix in place with the next release.
  5. This is really a Flirc issue, it sounds like. Simplest way to debug is to plug the flirc into a computer, open the app, go to File - Device Log, and then in the new window tick Enable IR Debugging. Ideally you'd do this with a laptop in the same environment as where it's sitting normally. Then you'll be able to see whether the codes are showing up in your Flirc as you send them.
  6. Have you tried relearning the buttons within the Flirc app? While there, you can switch to the Full Keyboard controller and add Pg Up and Pg Down to some pre-programmed dummy keys on the Skip
  7. Yep, that's the goal. Ultimately it'd be really nice if we had something like a wikipedia of remote codes. Or at the very least a way to make it where once a code has been recorded by a community member, it never needs to be recorded again. Lot of background work on how to make this happen. edit: It occurs to me I might have misunderstood what you were asking for. If you mean pre-built activities, probably not. Everyone's setup is unique. We try to make guesses about how people will use the Skip, but they're ultimately just guesses.
  8. Nope, should still be fine to use. Thermal pads (and Pi chipsets) are much more forgiving than Intel/AMD CPUs and compound paste. :)
  9. Nathan

    I wished ?????

    You kinda answered your own question with regard to learning. The learning function is alpha software, and it's gonna feel like alpha software. It'll continue to improve as we go along.
  10. The film should just be clear/transparent. You should be able to tell if it's on by touching it. If it's sticky, then the film is off. If it's slick, then the film is still on there.
  11. The short answer is probably yes. The longer answer is we want to create a way to make buttons do two different things with long press being one possible way. The other way is to use the color button as an alt that changes all buttons, not just the color buttons. I think that might be third on our current feature list behind learning (which we're working on now) and smart activity switching (which is planned next).
  12. That is definitely in the plans. I think for the most part we're just holding off until the Skip can handle remote learning and possibly smart activity switching. Smart learning is definitely the biggest blocker though. We don't expect all Amazon buyers to be as technically savvy as our forum users, so we need to make it as mistake proof as possible before going wide on Amazon.
  13. No worries. Given the somewhat unusual shape of the Pi5 heatsink, it's natural for long time users to be a little perplexed by the fairly different thermal pad. :)
  14. I'm fairly sure Plex HTPC uses the same controls as Kodi. Have you tried opening the Flirc software, changing the controller to Kodi, and programming using those keys?
  15. We should be able to send you replacements when we get some. We burned through the first round of builds very, very quickly, so we're waiting on more stock from the factory.
  16. It will stick to both if you've removed the plastic film as shown in the video. If you've stuck the pad to the Pi first, it will definitely stick there. Then just remember to remove the other film on the top of the pad.
  17. Why is the thermal pad so small? The PI 5 heat sink is a slightly different, rounded design compared to the Pi4 and previous iterations. The pad has been shaped to match up with the rounded bump out of the Pi 5, and thermal tests have been run with that shape in mind. With that said, please see the below video on the suggested method for installing the thermal pad, as proper alignment is required for best thermals. How do I setup the Pi 5 case? Because the Pi 5 case is a bit different than past cases, we've made a quick video on how to install the light pipe, button, and thermal pad. Most importantly, unlike past cases, it's important to install the thermal pad directly on the Pi 5 first, because that's the only way to be sure it is correctly centered where the two heat sinks meet. Does the case support the Raspberry Pi 5? Yes, designed, proven, and tested only for the Raspberry Pi 5 How does the new button work? The button is a standard software button as you find on most PCs. Can I see the Raspberry Pi's LEDs? Yes, you can. What does the case come with? The case comes partially assembled. All you need to do is put your thermal pad on the CPU, drop your Raspberry Pi inside the case, and screw the bottom of the case on with the included screws. Does the case come with a Raspberry Pi? The case does not come with a Raspberry Pi. Can I access the SD Card? Yes, the SD card is accessible through a slot on the front of the case. Does this case support the Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+, 3B, or 2? No, get the case appropriate for your board
  18. The thermal pad should match up closely with the rounded portion of the Pi 5 heat sink, which is what the case makes contact with. Anything beyond that would be pointless
  19. Hi, we've actually made a small video showing where the adapter goes.
  20. Hi all, just wanted to advise everyone that if you are based in the UK or Europe, there are now options for purchasing the Skip 1s that don't require shipping from the US and dealing with import fees. UK The Pi Hut - https://thepihut.com/products/flirc-skip-1s-universal-remote-control EU Raspberry Pi Shop dk - https://raspberrypi.dk/en/product/flirc-the-skip-1s-universal-remote-control/ As more options expand, we'll update this sticky.
  21. Linux Improvements and New Tooltips Hello to all of you who subscribed to our Skip updates and features newsletter! The second update brings you only a single changelog, but there are a few nice little quality-of-life improvements. You can find the full changelog below. Here are the highlights: Linux support continues to improve. The highlight effect on buttons in compact mode has been fixed Mouseover Tooltip on Device Sometimes, it's the little things. Now, when you hover over a device on the Activity and Buttons Panel, you'll see both the manufacturer and model information. This change provides you with helpful data at a glance. What’s Next As always, we have multiple upcoming goals. In the near term, we expect to have Linux auto-updates to match Windows and Mac updates. In the longer term, we are fully delving into remote control learning that takes full advantage of the advances we have made in library database management. If you missed it, check out our library update blogpost! Changelogs [0.9.95] - August 25 2023 New - Mouseover Tooltip on Device New - Linux Improvements Fixed - Highlight effect on remote buttons in compact version Database - Denon - AVR-X6400H Database - Denon - DHT-S517 Database - Emotiva - XMC-2 Database - LG - OLED48C25LB Database - Roku 4 (Additional Channels) Database - Sony - STR-DA5500ES Database - Yamaha - RX-V4ABL
  22. Are you still experiencing this with most recent updates? It certainly should not be happening, but the most recent beta has greatly improved USB communication which might fix sync issues.
  23. All the buttons change when you switch activities. So if you have a macro on red in Activity A, and switch to Activity B, there will be nothing on red.
  24. I don't think so. The HUB doesn't have any kind of IR input, does it?
  25. Happy to work through the rest, but I wanted to start here. I have an Apple TV 4K as well, and the Skip is working fine controlling it. Just to rule things out, have you made sure the controls you want are on the remote in the Skip app? So up is on the up button, etc?
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