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  1. @jason I tried to follow the steps you provided, however I hardly see any logs. See attachment. flirc-remote-control20231129.log
  2. Facing the same issue, keep replacing the batteries this way. Very annoying
  3. @jason, I checked under system information, but it does not show up under usb devices. also using powershell I cannot show the device:
  4. Thanks for the reply @borez, unfortunately does the dedicated firmware updater also not recognize the remote anymore. I remains in disconnected state.
  5. yes indeed, only three flashes with any button press. The steps as described by @DonMatteo dont work for me.
  6. ey, Seems my remote completely bricked during the latest firmware upgrade. I updated the remote after a prompt appeared in the skips app to update. During the update there was a 'update failed' pop-up. Since then I cannot connect my remote anymore using the skip app nor the updater app. When pushing buttons on the remote it only flashes a red light. I have tried to swap batteries, downgrade the skip app to the previous version, but no luck. Is there a way to factory reset the remote when not connected to a computer? regards
  7. Did you actually test the remote or used the 'Test device' button. Because the latter also did nothing for my NAD receiver but one of model settings did actually work.
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