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  1. Nathan's post in On/Off sequence not working was marked as the answer   
    I'm afraid I'm not sure what's happening here. Jason and the team are currently in the process of shipping about a thousand remotes to people, so he may take a sec to respond. In the meantime, could you grab the log for your remote and the app? Instructions below.
    My only other suggestion would be to try downgrading your remote's firmware back to whatever it was and checking again. You can find a list of firmwares and software to downgrade here: 
    The safer move, though, would be to just post your log and see if Jason can figure out anything after shipping is done.
  2. Nathan's post in Order Address Change was marked as the answer   
    Hi, could please PM me your order or ticket number? I can update, but not sure which ticket you are.
  3. Nathan's post in Keeps switching back to activity A was marked as the answer   
    Have you upgraded to the most recent firmware? This should have been fixed in that one. 
  4. Nathan's post in Package seems stuck at USPS was marked as the answer   
    Yep, we've figured out there was a batch from the 21st that got screwed up. You should see progress shortly (or we may need to update shipping, in which case also keep an eye on your email if we have to update shipping on pledge box). 
  5. Nathan's post in SVS Prime Wireless Pro and Chromecast support was marked as the answer   
    Couldn't even find the SVS Pro in the Harmony remote list. Not to worry though. If you are getting a Flirc USB, we'll be able to use that to generate the codes, if we haven't implemented learning in the remote yet. 
  6. Nathan's post in Sony STR-DN1080 (Home Theater / Preamp) was marked as the answer   
    Yep, it's definitely a bug we're able to reproduce. Will let you know when we've got a fix. @Nicolas M.
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