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  2. قیمت ورق نمودار قیمت ورق گالوانیزه قیمت ورق اسید شویی ورق قلع اندود قیمت ورق سیاه ورق قلع اندود قیمت ورق سیاه قیمت ورق گرم قیمت ورق آجدار قیمت ورق گالوانیزه تاراز قیمت ورق رنگی ورق روغنی گالوانیزه گرم اصفهان ورق کاویان علت افزایش قیمت آهن آلات تاثیر دلار بر قیمت میلگرد تحلیل بازار فولاد تاثیر افزایش قیمت آهن بر مسکن نمودار قیمت آهن آلات
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  4. ورق استیل قیمت ورق استیل قیمت ورق ضد سایش قیمت ورق هاردوکس ورق آتش خوار ورق مخزنی قیمت ورق آتش خوار ورق فنری قیمت ورق اسیدشویی ورق CK45
  5. ظرف یکبار مصرف لیوان یکبار مصرف قیمت لیوان یکبار مصرف کاغذی قیمت لیوان یکبار مصرف pp قیمت لیوان یکبار مصرف 500 عددی خرید لیوان یکبار مصرف قهوه لیوان ps ظروف یکبار مصرف مجلسی فروش عمده ظروف یکبار مصرف لیست تولید کنندگان ظروف یکبار مصرف فروش اینترنتی ظروف یکبار مصرف ظروف یکبار مصرف آلومینیومی ظرف پلاستیکی درب دار قیمت ظرف یکبار مصرف فوم ظروف یکبار مصرف بسته بندی میوه ظروف یکبار مصرف کوشا فروش دودرنگی دستی ظروف پلاستیکی شیرینی لیوان فومی ظرف ژله یکبار مصرف دیس یکبار مصرف مجلسی لیوان گیاهی کاسه گیاهی ظروف بسته بندی مرغ ظرف بسته بندی
  6. I’ll need a volunteer to help pin this down. Not much time, but a good amount of interaction on trying various firmware images. Let me know who’s up for it. I’ll compensate with a refund and some additional products, some which will be released within the next few days and weeks.
  7. Is there a way to have a profile created that assigns Android Keycodes to remote buttons? I am using an Inteset remote and want to use the android keycodes in the link below to map each button. This will be for full funtionality on a Nvidia Shield TV. https://elementalx.org/button-mapper/android-key-codes/
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  9. قیمت لوله لوله فولادی قیمت لوله فولادی قیمت لوله آهنی لوله مانیسمان قیمت لوله مانیسمان فروش لوله مانیسمان قیمت لوله گالوانیزه لوله گالوانیزه قیمت لوله گاز لوله گاز قیمت روز میلگرد در بازار قیمت لوله آب ورق گالوانیزه قیمت لوله سیاه درزدار لوله صنعتی لوله مبلی
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  11. well i just downgrade flirc firmware to version 4.4.2 and it works after reboot, but i lost the option record toogle implement on version 4.6 and this is a no no for me, i need to have both worlds, flirc always conected, and option record toogle @jason how can we fix this problem? thanks.
  12. صنایع دستی اصفهان مس و پرداز خاتم کاری روی مس فیروزه کوبی اصفهان صادرات صنایع دستی صنایع دستی جام شراب قیمت ظروف خاتم کاری جام شراب خوری خاتم کاری اصفهان قیمت شکلات خوری فیروزه کوب
  13. please respond if you have this working to confirm others are doing this.
  14. found this old discussion thread. Just bought a Harmony 650 ($20 used on ebay) and see if I attach a FLIRC USB ($15) to my FIRETV (4k aka Gen2) via a OTG cable I likely can make the firetv work. That there is a profile for FLIRC/FIRETV, which is kind of cool. So guess I will invest in this. Thanks to all the originators of the profile and the tests.
  15. I've deleted Flirc device from the Device Manager, ticked the checkbox to delete its drivers. I've uninstalled Flirc software and checked that there's no Flirc folder in the Program Files remains. Then I've installed the latest Flirc app and it has started to work without the issue. So, it seems the issues comes from the app update.
  16. On what controller is Flirc connected? The DAEMON Tools Lite Virtual USB Bus or Renesas? if on any of these please do step 1-4 and connect Flirc on the Intel controller see if that works.
  17. Sorry to hear that. What can you take a screenshot of the device manager like the one you see in my picture. BTW, is flirc connected directly to an USB port or via a USB hub?
  18. I am also experiencing this issue with my Gen 1 flirc. I attempted to set it up tonight for the first time in awhile (years). Not getting any connection in flirc software at all. I've tried all of the instructions above, but I haven't seen any change. The flirc is visible in Device Manager. Unfortunately, I can't say when this problem began since this is the first time I've used the device in awhile. Logs attached. flirc_log.txt
  19. I'll try at the weekend. I can add that I've launched the latest Flirc app many times and all the time it shows disconnected status, but one time it became connected. I don't know how it happened and I can't reproduce it since then. There can be some sort of conflict or race condition.
  20. Yeah, I'm at a loss. I can't reproduce this. @arabesc Can you please let me know if this is happening with you and if W3CB suggestion work?
  21. I should notice that I don't have any issues with all of the other USB-devices, such as Bluetooth adapter, mouse/keyboard receiver or USB-CEC adapter. They all work as before. Why is Flirc so special?
  22. You mean another receiver with the Flirc software? if so, that's not possible =)
  23. Hi guys, If you can't connect to your Flirc (Generation 1) on Windows 10, this guide might help you.If you are uninterested about the possible cause of this problem go ahead and scroll down to "Try this"From the beginning I thought the issue was caused by the software/firmware, plain and simple. As it turns out, that's not it... I've tried versions from v.3.10.0 to latest 3.22.4.and all reported the same thing.After troubleshooting all day long I believe this particular issue has risen all of the sudden, in my case. After two major Windows updates.Everytime A feature update is installed all USB Devices are re-installed. But not always in the same place. If you ever used the Device Manager and checked "Show hidden devices" You've probably seen some grayed out devices. These are devices that aren't currently connected OR they've been installed in another location. So if Flirc was installed on location A prior to an feature update. Flirc might now be installed on location B. Where on location B some other device was previously installed and are now casing mayhem...that is my theory anyways after doing what I did which you now will read about. Try this1. Open the Device Manager by Right-Clicking the Windows Logo on the Taskbar.2. In Device Manager, select View and "Show Hidden Devices"3. Remove Flirc from the USB port and uninstall the software, then remove the Flirc folder.4. In Device Manager, uninstall (Delete, Enter) any grayed out devices in all the areas shown on the picture.5. Restart.6. Install latest Flirc.7. Connect the Flirc.8. If it doesn't work. Try using different driver for your USB controller* Then repeat 1-7.9. Let me know how it goes. * especially If you have an ASMedia controller. Uninstall and use Microsoft's version.
  24. Nevermind, it was caused by Active Edge in a Custom ROM. I patched it. :)
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