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  1. It's smooth. I'd guess calm strips on the back would be the way to go.
  2. Please feel free to ask your questions here. We'll try to keep a running list of answers. What is Flirc's range? Like all infrared (IR) devices, Flirc works best when it's placed in the line of site of the remote control. What Operating Systems are supported Windows 10/11, MacOS with support for native Apple Silicon and x86. Linux support is planned. Does the Skip 1s support Bluetooth? No, the Skip 1s only supports IR (infra-red) remotes. How many buttons can I store? TBD How many devices are in the Skip database? 50k What happens if I can't find my device in the Skip database? Please provide us feedback. It is possible you are looking in the wrong area, but for uncommon devices we are happy to add a profile via support. In the future, it will be possible to map unknown devices directly in the setup software. Can I map more than one remote button to the same Skip button? Yes, each button supports multiple devices and buttons at once. When will new software features get released? Skip setup software and firmware will be released quite frequently as we continue to update. Auto-update functions have been built into the software, so you should always be up to date. Does Skip work with the smart devices that have no IR input? Two workarounds exist for these devices. Most support HDMI-CEC, which means you can control them using your TV remote buttons on the Skip 1s. Many also support USB in, including the Fire TV Stick, Raspberry Pis, and any other HTPC. For those, we suggest pairing your Skip with a Flirc USB for ultimate control. Does Skip 1s use a hub? No What sort of batteries does it take? 2x AAA batteries What is the battery life? Easily 6 months, but will be closer to a year once final design changes are complete. Are the keys backlit? No, we decided against this, it is hard on the battery. The profile Keys light up, and there are RGB leds in each segment of the cursor. All LEDS are designed into the plastic, no weird bumps, or separate pieces. All continuous pieces of beautiful plastic. See attached. How do macros work? Any button can be anything. Further, any button can be a macro. Each button is a list, where the user can adjust the timing of the button. Is the Apple TV Gen4 supported? Yes, definitely. The AppleTV has built in IR support. What devices are supported? Everything, we have one of the largest and well kept IR databases in the world. Further, the remote has our extremely sensitive IR receiver we use in our flirc product. We are adding support to learn any device that isn't supported. We will also publish a web tool to browse and search for devices. Is there a hard activity limit? Right now, we have 3 profile buttons for activities. This is not a hard limit. We could possibly use the 'color wheel' button as a shift key and create more profiles, but currently, our initial soft limit is 3.
  3. Not sure what's happening then. I've just gone through the process again to make sure. Show in finder. Right Click. Select Open from the top of the list. Then select Open again. Did the app fail to pop up after that second open, or did you run into a problem before that? Do you have admin access on your Mac?
  4. Click "Show in Finder." Right click the app. Click Open. And then you should get a prompt that says "Open Anyway" or something like that.
  5. I believe this is gen2 only, but if you have the gen 1 still, it's worth checking out. Be sure to set recording mode to Long Press in advanced.
  6. I've noticed with my xbox remote that each button will send 2 different codes. To fix it, you have to record a button, then record it again. I don't know that this will fix your problem, which sounds a bit different, but at least worth trying. For whatever reason Xbox remotes are a bit odd.
  7. What version of the Flirc app are you running? I'm on v3.25.3 and having zero problems running on an M1 MacBook Air. Only Security/Privacy settings I've enabled is giving Flirc access to the Documents and Desktop folders. Also, are you using a v2 or v1 flirc?
  8. If they're already mapped, why not just leave them unmapped on the Flirc?
  9. Out of curiosity, have you tried doing a clean wipe of your Flirc and programming again? The flirc should ignore any IR that it isn't taught, so I'm wondering if the TV is somehow sending actual old signals.
  10. From the description: Uses Bluetooth wireless Technology to manage media playback of PS4 streaming and live apps Sounds like it mostly doesn't do IR. There is some limited support for volume, input, and power for TVs, but that's it.
  11. As he said, the fn button doesn't actually do anything, it just changes what command your keyboard sends. So if you can tell us what command fn+f4 on your keyboard sends, we may be able to help
  12. Pretty cool guide. Gonna give it a try. Before I do, if either of you are still around, is this a windows 10 guide, or is it for one of the Linux-based HTPCs?
  13. Sorry, let me understand a bit more. The FLIRC is an IR receiver that translates IR into various computer and keyboard commands. What exactly is it you want to do with it?
  14. Yep, the older remote uses IR signals and should work great for your purposes. Just a quick note, the newer remote with the touchpad will not work, because only the volume buttons are IR.
  15. I'm getting an OTG cable, so will be able to help more then. In the meantime, have you tried testing on a second computer or other device? At minimum the navigation buttons (up, down, left, right) should work no matter what you plug it into.
  16. Hi, it sounds like you are, indeed, using the wrong kind of remote. Flirc works on IR or infrared light. It sounds like you are trying to use a remote that uses RF or radio frequencies. That RF requirement is the reason your remote came with a little USB dongle, so that it could interact with devices. If you have a TV remote or other remote handy, you could try using it with that to see if it works.
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