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  1. Dragging the POWER OFF command list from a device onto the remote device made added it to the remote device, but removed it from the command list, preventing the command from being assigned to multiple buttons OR the POWER UP/POWER ON. Not sure what the expected behavior is. The UI is so bad on this I fired a UX designer on my team out of spite.
  2. Apologies, I didn't realize I signed up to be a beta tester for this app. I'm returning to trying to get it to be useful for me after a few months break. Some things missing/absolutely broken: -Clone activity is greyed out, would be really useful after spending a weekend trying to get one activity to work as intended, to copy to a new activity -Swap activity letter is greyed out, would be useful if that worked -Lower right options button "Website" "Community" and "Manual" don't do anything -Leave feedback un-focuses after a few seconds -Some devices "power toggle" button assignments disappears after assigning it to a button -Device/Model lists go white after selection, annoying GUI issue Suggestions: -The GUI isn't useful or attractive enough to warrant the slow transitions of graphics for actions -The GUI doesn't show the entire length of text for some of the "device/model" entries -The hardware is nice, but the app is so bad I'd happily learn whatever new syntax I need to bypass the app and program the remote.
  3. I'm also having this problem. I spent an evening getting the app to install, then about half of my devices don't respond to their power toggle or on/offs. So I settled on kind of a half-solution with two remotes, but then I go to pick up the remote thinking it should be left in B, hit a button, and realize it's not doing fuck-all because it's in A.
  4. So glad I have to do all this nerd shit to get a app to work. I love apps and the people that make them.
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