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Add Paradigm PW Soundbar to the database?

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Setting up one of my new remotes and it needs to control a Paradigm PW Soundbar which is not in the database.  There are some other Paradigm soundbars but they didn't have discrete codes for HDMI inputs so it would only get me so far if some of the codes did work.  I have an Excel spreadsheet with the IR hex codes from Paradigm would you be able to put that into the database?


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clarification of what was in spreadsheet
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On 1/11/2023 at 12:35 PM, virtualshock said:

I get it.  Really like the remote and app so far but I know it is a lot of work to get it polished.  Thanks.

Definitely needs polishing. You should see our Jira...

But that's why we have the software in beta. The remote is solid though. I should have a firmware update soon. Thank you for the feedback. 

Any chance you can get the codes in pronto format? I'll be documenting how users can easily add their own at run time.

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I think the 2nd sheet in the spreadsheet is the Pronto hex codes but let me know if that isn't what it is.  Luckily, Paradigm has that downloadable from their website not sure how else to find them unless we learn the codes from the Paradigm remote.  BTW, I had a Phillips Pronto remote back in the day what a piece of technology at the time.  I even replaced the screen in it myself after a buddy slammed his beer bottle on top of it but it could only last so long.  I like the build quality of the Skip1s and the combination of using it with the Flirc.  I have been able to replace my Harmony Hubs in the house with the combination.  Looking forward to getting this soundbar in one room under Skip control.

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