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  1. Supported Devices / Databases

    A place to discuss devices in our database. If you are having trouble finding the device, think the device is mislabeled, or have codes you want to add, here is the place.

    A general note and tip. Often times there are code groups for various devices. A company like samsung will re-use codes across devices. They usually group devices into a code group. Sometimes there will be overlap, and sometimes a device is in one code group but will respond to codes from another code group. 

    Your feedback will help us when you find something strange.

    We are also improving the software's wizard so you can chose various buttons to test easily. We will have a release schedule as soon as we work out first customer shipment issues that come up.

  2. Beta Feedback

    Post Version Specific feedback here.

  3. General Questions

    Need help getting setup, here is the place to get help.

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