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  1. Just wanted to follow up on this in case someone else has the same issue. My remote was bricked from using the SkipUpdate app so Jason has sent out a new one to me. I also had another remote which would have been the same revision as the one that is bricked. I was able to update it's firmware by following these steps : Remove the batteries. Stop the GUI. Unplug any cable. While holding the center and return key down, plug the USB C cable into the remote If successful, you should see the ring blink 3 times if you press any button on the remote Start the skipApp. You should be prompted to upgrade the firmware. If it has the initial problem, the app wont see it, however, the remote will return to normal if you power cycle it.
  2. I was running the latest SkipApp on MacOS which did not ask me to update the firmware after several days of using it. I was running a very old firmware 4.12.12 from Feb of 23. I re-downloaded the SkipUpdate app and downloaded skip.1s.a06.release-4.12.21.bin. The firmware update failed and now my remote is probably stuck in DFU mode. The center light blinks red 3 times when you push a button. I have tried removing batteries but it is not detected by SkipApp or SkipUpdate. I have tried an older version of SkipApp also but no luck. I also tried this on a Windows machine with no luck. Does anyone know how to reset it? @jason Any ideas?
  3. Just wanted to give a very positive update and thank Jason and the team for their work on this. Running the 4.2.11 firmware and latest app both my remotes are highly functional now. The Power Up and Power Down macros are working and my set of devices are all able to be controlled. I can see lots of cool features being added in the future and making it more like the Harmony remotes possible in the future with more updates. Right now, I think the important base pieces are getting there. The only issue I still have is both the remotes going unresponsive. I know I posted in another thread a while back about it and there are other threads where this is mentioned. I can't figure out a pattern to it but you will just go to use it and hit any button, no LEDs light up but around 10 seconds or so it is back to normal. This may be happening a lot but you don't notice it because sometimes you don't need the remote. I am not sure if it is triggered by a button push or it is just happening on a timed basis. I have had it happen back to back in pretty shortly timed basis but this is not common. Any ideas to help isolate it and then maybe give you logs or is this already being worked on?
  4. drBunhead, I believe it is the same issue I have been experiencing, too. Did you happen to try the Test Actions option in the pancake menu on the right side of the Actions modal where you add your Power Up actions? If the remote is connected that allows you to test running your Power Up and that seems to work for me but when I unplug and push the button it doesn't.
  5. Same as RemotelyInteresting. I used both of my remotes quite a bit this past weekend and I couldn't find a pattern but they will stop responding and then about 10 seconds later start working again. I have not needed to remove batteries yet. I had it happen nearly back to back with just a minute or so of non-usage a few times. It might be happening more often than I am aware because I am watching a show and don't need to use the remote.
  6. @jasonJust wanted to point out that the Power Down sequence for the Basement is working which also contains some timed actions. My projector for as solid as it has been does not have discrete Power On and Power Off which is ridiculous. With that latest config I gave you I can get the remote to send the Power Toggle code 2 times with a 2 second delay and that is working along with Power Off on my Denon receiver. It sounds like c.dennis and I both have the not responding issue. I haven't been able to identify a pattern with it but I am not switching acitivities or running Power Down/Up sequences when it happens. I am just scrolliing through apps/menus on the FireTV when it occurs. I have Flircs in use for both remotes due to using FireTVs.
  7. @jasonHere are my configurations for 2 remotes. They are both having the same issue. Power Up actions are not working but as soon as I plug them in and run Test Actions they work. The other thing I noticed since updating is my Basement remote will go through periods of not being available and not responding to keypresses then just start working again. I haven't tested my Living Room one enough to know if it is having the periods of unavailability. Basement.skip Living Room.skip
  8. @jasonI just updated one of my remotes to firmware 4.12.10 using the Mac SkipUpdate app. My Paradigm Soundbar IR codes that you added are now working which they previously did not(probably the timing related bug I think I read somewhere). I am having a weird issue though. In Skip App, if I open my Power Up sequence for Activity A and run Test Actions it works perfectly.(Love that feature, btw) I have 5 actions including powering on each device then switching HDMI ports so 5 total actions. The Power Down sequence also works perfectly each time. If I unplug from my laptop and then try to do the Power On it does not work, my TV has an LED which indicates something happens because it blinks but nothing powers on and the remote Activity A light is only on 1 second tops. On the original firmware(this is the first time I have updated firmware) when the remote was not connected my TV was at least powering on in the Power Up sequence but the Soundbar was not. Any ideas?
  9. I don't think this is limited to multiple activities. I only have Activity A on my 2 remotes. After some amount of time after Powering On if I hit the Power button it does not send the Power Off. It seems to send the Power On again because my video inputs are resent which is only specified in the Power On sequence. If I immediately hit the Power button again the Power Off sequence is sent. Maybe there is a reboot/reset happening.
  10. I think the 2nd sheet in the spreadsheet is the Pronto hex codes but let me know if that isn't what it is. Luckily, Paradigm has that downloadable from their website not sure how else to find them unless we learn the codes from the Paradigm remote. BTW, I had a Phillips Pronto remote back in the day what a piece of technology at the time. I even replaced the screen in it myself after a buddy slammed his beer bottle on top of it but it could only last so long. I like the build quality of the Skip1s and the combination of using it with the Flirc. I have been able to replace my Harmony Hubs in the house with the combination. Looking forward to getting this soundbar in one room under Skip control.
  11. Here is my log isolating just what you saw in the video and just connecting my remote for a brief period of time. flirc20230118.log
  12. I am using MacOS latest beta. The serial number is showing up now but the date just isn't showing up correctly. I am having trouble switching remotes on the screen manually when nothing is plugged in and sometimes when one is plugged in the manual option doesn't work right. When a remote is plugged in it has been picking the right profile, showing it is connected and is able to be synced. I can't delete a remote profile but that can be fixed later. Screen Recording 2023-01-17 at 23.12.02.mov
  13. Both of my remotes also show up like this not sure if it is having any kind of negative impact or not though.
  14. I get it. Really like the remote and app so far but I know it is a lot of work to get it polished. Thanks.
  15. Setting up one of my new remotes and it needs to control a Paradigm PW Soundbar which is not in the database. There are some other Paradigm soundbars but they didn't have discrete codes for HDMI inputs so it would only get me so far if some of the codes did work. I have an Excel spreadsheet with the IR hex codes from Paradigm would you be able to put that into the database? pw-soundbar-soundplay-remote-commands.xlsx
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