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Batteries lasts less than a month with LEDs at 20%


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Remote is on firmware 4.12.18.  I have lowered the LEDs to 20% in the app (9.92 BETA).  Installed a fresh set of batteries and after about two weeks or so the remote is unresponsive upon the first button press.  It's like it goes into sleep mode after a few weeks.  At this point, I checked the batteries and they register as being at about 50% capacity.  If I change them and put in new batteries the remote works as intended upon the first press.  This has happened about three times since I received my remote.  I will try lowering the LEDs to 1% and see if that helps them last longer.  

UPDATE: After changing the LEDs to 1% the remote completely drained the batteries from about 50% to 0% overnight just sitting on an end table not being used. 

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I am also facing the same issue, I ending up using 1 battery in about a day ( remote gets used actively for 3-4 hours, and is left dormant the rest of the time )

Activity Led Timeout set to 0.5s, brightness 3% and the colored ring brightness set to 0, timeout 0.

Need a resolution for this ASAP else will have to ditch the remote, cannot pay for 1 pair of alkaline batteries a day.

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I too am suffering horrendous battery life. I put brand new batteries in 5 days ago and now drained. My remote is on the latest firmware as updated by the app. My usage is very light so I would expect them to last years, not hours, like every remote I've ever owned.

Please can @jason or @Nathan or someone else on staff please respond to the battery issue. Is it a fatal hardware design flaw that can't be fixed, or is it software based and could be fixed, in which case when?

As others have said in order to continue using it I'll have to buy a charger and batteries at additional cost, which I'd like to avoid if this issue can be resolved by an update.


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