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  1. Unfortunately this does not work for me. The remote is just dead with no lights, and not detected on any PC. The device is warm to the touch when I plug into the PC with batteries inside. I've been trying to obtain support since Day 1 for a non functional remote, and my request for a RMA has gone silent. Please understand that there are equally frustrated buyers who have been more than patient to get this working. Appreciate a definitive response please.
  2. Unfortunately it's my turn to experience this. Haven't been using the device - plugged the remote in hoping for a new firmware. Remote is completely unresponsive with no LED lights. Tried with multiple cables, on both Mac and PC, with fresh batteries and without batteries. No device seen in Device Manager. Firmware uploader software does not see device. The remote now gets warm to touch with batteries in. Looks like a hardware failure - @jason are you able to assist?
  3. I don’t think our issues have anything to do with the battery contacts. In my case, the batteries are consistently flat with low voltage. If it was a contact issue the batteries would have been at full charge. The only thing we can do is wait for a fix, hardware or software. However, your problem seems to be with the remote crashing, so it might be different.
  4. Oddly, my previous post disappeared so I’m reposting this. I’ve not used this since Day 1 as I’m waiting out for the bugs to be resolved. For warranty purposes, I received the remote only in March, so it’s less than 10 months. If you see my posts, I’ve reported battery life issues as early as June. Will wait for the .22 release. If that doesn’t work would like to request for a replacement please.
  5. @jason would like to request a replacement too. Flashed to the latest .21 firmware that you posted, and batteries drained in less around a week, against a fresh set of rechargeable. Remote was not even used, LED brightness set at 20%. Was a kickstarter backer, happy to take it via PM.
  6. I am experiencing the same problem even with LED brightness at 20%. In the second battery swap, the remote was completely untouched with zero use. So there is a notable battery drain on standby.
  7. Sorry to hear that. You might want to try taking out the batteries, and replug it into another USB port. Restart the computer and run the firmware updater without running the main Skip App. There was a "new hardware" chime when I plugged the bricked device, so my device was likely in "bootloader" mode. I realise all prior software versions have been removed, leaving all users stranded. There are 2 workarounds - either updating the firmware manually to 4.12.18, or ignore the firmware update. My remote is now extremely buggy regardless of firmware version. The remote simply refuses to light up after I unplug it from a sync. EDIT: Attributed this to dead batteries - the stock batteries were completely drained despite not using the remote. @jason @Nathan - please pull the software release and fix this hot mess. Manual firmware update 1) Locate the 4.12.18 firmware in your Program Files > WindowsApp folder. For me it was located in "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SkipApp_0.9.80.6008_x64__sddpyax1dmvqm\Assets". Firmware file is "skip.1s.a06.bin" 2) Extract that file and manually flash the device using the standalone updater. 3) Once firmware is successfully flashed, run Skip app. Everything should be back to normal. Cancel firmware update The app button shows "UPDATE" by default. Click on it, and click the "x" button on top. You should be able to sync. The UI/UX is misleading - the software should never encourage a firmware update just to use the app.
  8. Same issue here. There is an issue with the latest beta software (0.98.980) and its built in firmware updater. So downgrade the software. You can flashback the last firmware using the dedicated firmware uploader (see link below). Download the last firmware file and flash it manually. Frankly, a big disappointment with Flirc. Have given the company benefit of the doubt for releasing half baked software at launch, but to push broken software that bricks devices takes the cake. The s/w development issues need to be resolved if Flirc wants to maintain its credibility.
  9. Came here to +1 on this request. Been using the remote more extensively and would be great if every physical button can be configured. In my case I'm struggling with the insufficient physical buttons as dedicated activity macros.
  10. Hi, Would like to echo this request. A better solution would be to create a "Device Management" tab where you can store default layout profiles of specific devices (i.e. TVs, streaming boxes, receivers etc). And to select from this preset list when creating activities. After all, it's going to be a fixed device pool. Also, would be good if there can be a full display of remote functionality codes when selecting the device group. For now its against generic naming conventions (Group 1, 2) so some guesswork is needed on which code profile suits best. Although I understand the remote database will include specific model convention going forward?
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