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Remote goes dead for a few seconds intermittently

Pete Zaparti

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I have this issue with my remote where every so often it just stops responding, for about 3-5 seconds. Every button I hit does nothing. Then suddenly it comes back and works again. It tends to happen a couple times over the course of a movie.

I attached my config. My firmware is version 4.12.10-0-ga6a774d. I'll check if there's a newer version available.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Family Room.skip

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I've seen something similar and it looks like it may be tied to how powerful the IR transmitter is (or rather its lack of power). If I go sit in front of my flirc USB receiver the remote seems to respond normally and quickly. A few feet back and it's once again sporadic. Harmony has, of course, absolutely no problem with being 6 feet from the IR receiver. I even bought a 90 degree USB adapter to raise the IR receiver above my Nvidia shield for better reception but no joy, remote still has those weird skips as if it sometimes can't reach the IR receiver.

So far it seems this remote is struggling with the basics.

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