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  1. Now that's communicating. Also, it's how you've earned back the trust and confidence of this customer.
  2. Yeah. Opacity always works. (p.s., your strategy might be ok (who knows), but your strategy of obfuscation sucks.
  3. OK, I appreciate your your reflective candor. But I guess we have different definitions with "communicate." Because you haven't communicated anything. For example: How many units have been delivered? How many have been "pre-ordered" (see, I don't even know what that is supposed to mean, or a damn thing about your Kickstarted campaign)? How many are on order? How many are expected for delivery? When? I didn't SHOUT those questions because I've been party to bootstrapped operations myself. But with a post-graduate degree in "communications," I know something about the word and you guys should probably look it up in a dictionary. To communicate, when somebody asks "when," you provide a date or an estimated date. All you are doing is "communicating" to your customers that you don't have a clue. For example: "the next update" has no meaning to mean since the word "next" suggests I've gotten an update already. And if you are referring to your comments above, those are not reflective of the word "update" any more than they are "communicating." But to reiterate comments above, I love Jason's stuff. Big fan. Flirc USB changed my life way back. But you are screwing this up because you are NOT communicating.
  4. Ordered two in January, and haven't been told ANYTHING. Attempts to communicate with Nathan and Jason have resulted in the same talking points for months. If I didn't already have one working Skip 1s, I would assume this was a scam and report Flirc to Amazon for taking my money (4 mos. ago, without any personal communication? Seriously? Hire somebody to just do THAT, or watch it go down in flames.) I love your remote, tolerate your beta software (with a smile), but this lack of communication is unacceptable. I'll give you another couple of weeks.
  5. After lining up two or more devices, click on any but the last of them.
  6. Crashing constantly here, too. Threw the config.json into the mix, and it briefly worked, then crashed. It crashes whenever the Skip1 is connected. In the logs, it cycles through the following about a dozen times beforehand: INFO Searched|for|available|devices,|found|4|available|devices|to|connect. Microsoft|Windows|NT|10.0.19045.0|x64 #hidapi
  7. I also prefer it the way it is. Activities is an arbitrary assignation for those buttons anyway.
  8. Same here on Windows, but I kept my older Kodi settings which still work. Looking at Flirc Plex/Kodi in 0.9.6, they're pulling up the wrong device settings noted above.
  9. I also replaced the batteries to make sure it wasn't related to that.
  10. I experience this regularly, too. However, I've found if I wait from 5-10 seconds, it works normally again.
  11. Try adding an A/V device ... Sony/STR models are there I think.
  12. The download page lists a new 0.9.6 beta, but the Windows version requires a login ... and it doesn't like my Windows login. The Mac version downloads without any login. EDIT: I was able to make it work by replacing the DMG download link (https://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/beta/0.9.6/SkipApp-0.9.6-Beta-x64.dmg?token=skipAppUpdate) with the MSIX name (https://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/beta/0.9.6/SkipApp-0.9.6-Beta-x64.msix?token=skipAppUpdate). EDIT2: Perhaps that's because I'm hooked into Nightly update channel?
  13. I've got long-presses working via input mapping in the Plex HTPC app. I'll refrain from posting until I can figure out where the proper place is.
  14. Firmware 4.12.9 is working well here. Regarding the color wheel, I've been using it for extensively (many, many, many times each day)... the new firmware effectively steals the center button to display the remote's identifying color, but it's a reasonable tradeoff. The brightness settings work . I've only encountered one "reset" event (while messing with the color button). I'm wondering @jasonand @Nathan about a couple of things: 1) I've seen long-presses referred to in other posts, and in the advanced settings for Flirc USB. Are they something that can or will possibly be applied to Skip 1s buttons other than the center button (which I've somehow accomplished with Plex HTPC key mappings)? 2) Currently, the color button appears to mask out all the buttons except the color wheel (i.e., they are the only ones functioning while the colors are lit). Will it be possible to open up other buttons in the future, effectively turning the color button into a shift key? I've been messing with remotes for more than a decade. I've got a drawer full of WMC, Apple & 3rd-party BS. Ended up with Harmonies (3) ... but until Flirc USB came along, it was all the equivalent of banging my head against a wall. Ordered the first Skip last summer ... can't wait for the next two to arrive. :)
  15. Did you manually assign each remote button to individual keyboard keystrokes? Getting rid of the profiles will require you to send the keystrokes your Kodi player is mapped to receive. I use Plex, which is similar (e.g., the play button is assigned to the Spacebar, the center button to the Enter key, the directionals to the cursor keys, etc.) And, I also cleared the Flirc USB configuration from the File menu, to make sure there weren't any pairings still hanging around. Initially, my Harmony remote button pairings were still inside the Flirc USB (both remotes sort of worked concurrently), but the Harmony is now on a shelf now that its buttons have been cleared from the USB receiver.
  16. You could try removing the Flirc's built-in profile(s), and mapping the remote buttons individually using the Flirc's full keyboard layout...
  17. I found that the built-in profiles on the Flirc USB were causing conflicts when I attempted to customize some of the output from the Skip's buttons. Specifically, when I attempted to reassign the Skip's buttons using Flirc USB's full keyboard layout, my Plex program was still receiving the profile's built-in commands. That resulted in some of the behaviors reported above (i.e., sluggish response and odd behavior). After clearing everything out on both the Skip and the Flirc USB, I mapped the Kodi buttons to the Skip, unchecked all of the built-in USB profiles and individually assigned the Skip's buttons to keyboard keystrokes. Everything works smoothly now. p.s. I ran into a similar situation with my Harmony remote years ago.
  18. Unfortunately, when I see a faulty trend I avoid doing that again. I will save logs the next time I see the app crashing ... hasn't happened since I stopped (what I perceived to be) the problematic activity. And, the VPN and Harmony crashes happened with 0.9.1-2, and the configuration-saving crashes happened with 0.9.2-3. So far, 0.9.4 is not crashing, but I'm not trying to crash it :) Edit: I will keep an eye out, and save logs going forward.
  19. Windows 10 user here. The SkipApp seems to crash if 1) I am running my VPN client, or 2) I have things running in USB ports, and, certainly if 3) I have my Harmony remote jacked into USB and connected to the logitech site. Outside of that, it also seems to choke at times and kick out an error when saving changes (any attempt to keep using it after that requires starting over from the beginning of the wizard), but if I close the app and restart it, my config is still there. I'm also having some issues replicating the functionality and responsiveness of the Harmony. So, I ordered another Skip 1s! Keep up the good work Jason and Nathan!
  20. I was looking at it backwards. The Flirc receiver interprets the remote buttons into the keystrokes I desired. Sorry about this public display of confusion.
  21. Apologies, but I'm unable to find any reference to assigning simple keystrokes (such as the letter "A" or "W") to the buttons on the remote. Is this not possible, or am I missing something?
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