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Number of times a button can be assgined?


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I suspect this is an easy one, currently you can assign a remote code, to only 3 buttons?  Can this be more?  Why a limit?

It's rare I agree, but if you were wanting to reset an activity start and finish with "Menu home" of a device, but that's also used in two places elsewhere on the remote you cant (The example of this is the roku, by default the wizard assigns home to the Home and List buttons on the skip).

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If its purely an app UI design issue, then would be really worth thinking about this, as more options is useful especially with macros.

And this will move away from the question, a little, while the UI does looks great, and its nice and clean.  I would say there is a lot of white space that pads out the app especially around the remote.

I'd love it that the overall window was resizable or could be maximised (a different topic).

The tool tips for me, would be the place to look for space.  Perhaps that needs to be reworked, maybe have its own menu option, optional or even as a separate pop up window vs on screen all the time when you are editing. It has reducing benefits to being on screen the longer you use the app, so optional in some form, would be good.

So perhaps move the remote over a bit and have a smaller right side menu and maybe make it consistent in all modes on screen (e.g. the cog wheel tools option, the whole panel goes away, a tool tip here would still be useful, under settings its different again).

I'm not a UI expert, but the flows between the screens doesn't flow as naturally to me, as it could.  For me at least (and I may well be the minority here), having a consistent app, with less animation and a "common" frame work used in all screens would be nice.  I like the idea of a single menu bar across the top (move the about tab up to the top right for example), leaving the connection status and sync on the button on the bottom makes sense.

Of course this all might just be limits with the software this is all coded in, but could always look at Google or Apple's designs, they spent millions on trying to get his right (well as right as they feel they are!!!).  And as people are use to their designs (rightly or wrongly) for mass appeal its worth a look to see what can be borrowed. 

I know its a small team and changes could take a while if at all, so I'm just throwing in ideas and see if anything sticks.  I do hope it helps.


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+1 this as well, though it doesn't appear to be a UI issue. At least not in how it's displayed.


I was able to get around the 3 limit by simply editing the config file (since it's beautiful editable text), and the UI did show more the 4+ buttons I assigned to that action. It also synced and worked fine.


So for anyone who needs this functionality now, Notepad seems to do the trick and in my experience doesn't cause any issues.

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