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  1. So repeated the test just loaded the app, checked where the logs where, and then did the export. Get this from the new crash system (same I think as before). System.InvalidCastException: No such interface supported at System.Runtime.InteropServices.McgMarshal.ThrowOnExternalCallFailed(Int32, RuntimeTypeHandle) + 0x21 at __Interop.ComCallHelpers.Call(__ComObject, RuntimeTypeHandle, Int32, Void*) + 0xbe at __Interop.ForwardComStubs.Stub_6[TThis, TArg0](__ComObject, TArg0, Int32) + 0x5a at Windows.Storage.CachedFileManager.DeferUpdates(IStorageFile) + 0x33 at SkipApp.FilePicker.<>c__DisplayClass10_0.<<Save>b__0>d.MoveNext() + 0x4e4 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() + 0x21 at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncMethodBuilderCore.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__7_0(Object) + 0x1e at System.Action`1.Invoke(T) + 0x28 at System.Threading.WinRTSynchronizationContext.Invoker.InvokeCore() + 0x33 --------- and attached is today's logs. If I do this to any other directory (not in the sync) or even another drive its fine. flirc20230824.log Tried this again, but watching the log file, the specific error line to check is: 09:19:18 <4> #ExceptionHandler C:\buildkite-agent\builds\Flirc-Windows-2\flirc-inc\remote-application\desktop\windows\SkipApp\App.xaml.cs:233 Exception caught: No such interface supported Hope that helps
  2. I've mentioned this one before, where if you export a remote settings, to a OneDrive directory (Microsoft cloud service, that sync's a directory to the cloud and makes it available across any device that you are logged in with), it closes the app. With the new error checking in this version (nice) and it throws an error below. I hope that is as useful as it capturing it. I have tried this on a very early version on a Mac (well when the app worked on that mac), and didn't have any issues. On the windows machine the directory is located in I think the stock location for windows under c:\users\name\OneDrive (where name = logged in users name). In all attempts, a zero length file is written (or overwritten if it already exists after a prompt to confirm). I'll do some more testing and post with any further findings, now we have a way to get errors to see if its the same. Saving to a regular non cloud sync'd (by OneDrive) works fine. System.InvalidCastException: No such interface supported at System.Runtime.InteropServices.McgMarshal.ThrowOnExternalCallFailed(Int32, RuntimeTypeHandle) + 0x21 at __Interop.ComCallHelpers.Call(__ComObject, RuntimeTypeHandle, Int32, Void*) + 0xbe at __Interop.ForwardComStubs.Stub_6[TThis, TArg0](__ComObject, TArg0, Int32) + 0x5a at Windows.Storage.CachedFileManager.DeferUpdates(IStorageFile) + 0x33 at SkipApp.FilePicker.<>c__DisplayClass10_0.<<Save>b__0>d.MoveNext() + 0x4e4 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() + 0x21 at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncMethodBuilderCore.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__7_0(Object) + 0x1e at System.Action`1.Invoke(T) + 0x28 at System.Threading.WinRTSynchronizationContext.Invoker.InvokeCore() + 0x33
  3. @Nathan @jason Thanks for the email update, just wanted to feedback that it worked and recieved. Much appreciated.
  4. @Nathan Thanks for the reply. When starting out will mailing lists, it's hard to get the first ones right, that fit with you and your customers (takes a few goes). One thought that might make life easier, just give a brief summary in the email and then link to the respective posts for the details, then MailChimp will give you stats on what links people open from the email, not just if they got the message (and maybe opened if they allow loading of external content). I've mentioned this before I'm a fan of regular updates (even just monthly). As then it's expected and Vs not knowing if you an email got lost or what it just nothing happened. I hope that helps and do look forward to seeing what comes out. Good luck
  5. @Nathan @jason Guys just wondering if this email list is being used at all (I've had zip via it). And can't find anything here about updates and what they might have fixed. I really do understand and appreciate the size of your team, and what you are doing, but even one update a month would be helpful. Nothing long, just a very quick summary of what's changed, fixed, or even broken, and maybe even a vague what might be happening next month. Just something to know things are still occurring and it's not a dead product.
  6. Ok I'm glad it wasn't me, and sorry to cause some head scratching. I hope this style of feedback is useful. I am sure it might appear frustrated at times, ultimately it's an attempt to help, and hopefully offering different "1 mile high" view of things. It's certainly shared with the goal to help and improve things. For sure this is a complex beastie to create, an all singing and dancing remote, with a UI to match (and you have set the bar high due to the quality of the physical product). This then all then needs to work for everyone, no matter previous experience. I know UI design is hard, as we see with the first gen of Harmony's (which I used). That UI was horrible, and had weird places to make changes, and if you don't use it for a while you spend ages trying to remember where a tweak was, but they had some good ideas in there. Their activities system was at the time, different to the rest, and for some of us it makes more sense separating the powering devices from switching between devices. The management of the databases, flirc supplied files, and user files will come together I'm sure, certainly need to either work out some logic to state which files will override which - or maybe it's just easier to list them all, but have an indicator/icon next to the name when you are selecting a remote to show where its from (db, flirc, user). Sorry to add another thing to the list and thanks for all you are trying to do.
  7. Thanks for confirming that. I will say it's confusing. Opens up all the questions about version control, which is used and appears in the system, as in this case I got two, one that seem to combine the class and was not working, and the one I wanted to use. Maybe if you can't delete them, the option should be to 'disable', with a different icon, and ideally sticks between sessions. At least then there is a clear indication which are user created Vs ones that are supplied. I know this is in the debug side of things, but it's a ultra useful feature that with learning coming at some point, which I'd assume and hope saves to these separate files (to aid removal of it doesn't work and sharing with the community when it works). Anyways thanks for clarifying.
  8. Adding that file, I see that the entry changes in the Brands list (and if deleted the old audio one returns). Clearing & creating the activity (as before), I now see that under TV (as per the file) there are two entries, under TV. Applied this the second one (see below for). Checked in FLIRC app, and it now sends out an IR code. Then checked it with the TV and that works. So excellent news that file is working fine. So I double checked the process as I saw that oddity and wanted to reproduce it. So I removed the file, restart the app, the old audio device re-appears in the brands list, but interestingly now I tried to add it again it did not want to import the file initially, tried this a couple of times (restarting the app etc) and finally it imported again and when I look at the model list, I have two entries under tv for the remote. One listed as "Audio, TV, Misc" and the second one just as "TV, Misc". I assigned each to a different activity, the one listed as Audio, TV, Misc the Enter key failed. But the one listed TV, Misc, worked as ok (which I think is the one from the file, and guessing the app is getting confused with the original Audio device and some how adding/combining the remotes?) So from the point of view of having a working set of codes the download in your last post - works - many thanks we got there. The process to get it in, and the oddities that appear after is strange. Happy to do any further testing if you want a scripted set of tests done. to reproduce this oddity.
  9. And that is how I was doing it, I even deleted the activity, and created it fresh that doesn't work. So I have now, deleted all activities on the remote (sync'd). Reset the remote settings, then sync'd. Then deleted the remote totally from the app. The restarted the app, with the remote connected. Named it. Then created an activity, added the device, under TV brands, there is No remote, So selected Audio where its available. Clicked continue (repeat) and finally sync. Checked the cursor enter was assigned. Closed the Skip app, dIsconnected the remote, turned on your flirc app, with the debug turned on, pressed the button and nothing. Checking other keys they all send IR codes this one doesn't work. I have re-installed the app, to get the previous release, and the code in the brands section is the same, as in this latest version, and as I have said before and asked to be changed, its still listed in the Audio section and not as a TV. So it all feels like the update has not included the changes you have made and I guess is working for you. As a side note. and beyond the need to make this update of IR codes, easier to do - the delete process within Brands doesn't work. You can delete one or all of them, restart the app and they are there again.
  10. Confused, so how can I, even with a blank remote get the new codes? And you saying the brands list is wrong, needs to be deleted otherwise I wont get the one in the database?
  11. Same problem as before with the Ok(Cursor Enter) button. Its assigned but nothing is sent by the remote. The remote is also still listed as an audio device and not a TV, so perhaps the wrong version of the file was included in the update. Edit: I tried re-downloading the 0.9.92 version from the web, and compared the codes as I rolled this from that version to the nightly, and I don't see the code changing so looks like by accident the update never got into the update.
  12. Thanks for the responses and feedback @jason 1) So when I stated switching between the versions of the app installed, I ment using the option within the application itself that lets you pick Release, Beta or Nightly. Once you have selected say Beta, you cannot revert back to the Release version via the menu within the application - nothing happens. If I then go to Nightly I get the install prompt again (and now I can't go back to either Beta or Release version). I suspect you comment about the flushing the DNS is more to do with downloading from the website (as certainly doesn't help in this case). 2) Thanks for clarifying the situation with the button names. I get the need for internal names for auto assignments, I don't know how often you have to rename, but maybe there is an option to have an optional "friendly" name, and when present that's what we see, while the internal name is used to assign the key. This is a very minor issue (now its known), and so its a quality of life update, that certain can wait and should be on the bottom of the to do list. Please note that its listed as an audio device still and not as a TV in the the nightly version which I'm assuming is the version you refer to coming out on Friday night. I tried removing the remote and re-creating the activity and its still an audio device and still not working. 3) Great to hear the next update will address the naming and database management as that was getting confusing with more and more remotes added (I assume that if a file was present, with the same name as one in the database that could be clearly indicated in the selection screen, so we know if we are using a supplied code or a "extra" code. This will be useful when learning codes becomes a thing, as I suspect you'll want to add those in via the brands files, vs appending the database. 4) Manual Sync. So I went over the setup again, and found the specific case, where your checksum isn't working. This being the delay function, when you have a series of codes on a single button, and you want to add adjust the delay. Changing this does not seem to change the checksum and so you can't Sync the change. Adding a repeat does cause a change and does offer the sync (reverting that to what it was naturally removes the sync). The other main use case for having a manual sync (and maybe it called something else), is when the software and especially the database is updated and the codes change for a remote within the database that's being used. How is that being handled? If the nightly has the new code for the "OK" button as suggested, I didn't get prompted. I had to replace the whole activity to try it out. Currently trying with 4.12.18-0-g69245a9 firmware (please can we make that information selectable in the app, just so we simplify reporting of issues!) but that every sync I have tried produces no visual indication at all zip, nothing. The ring light just stays blue, before, during and after. Is there a firmware I am missing? 5) Glad to hear you are working on the options for the combined keys, hopefully allowing the activity keys to be able to run a series of commands is right next to that - doesn't need to have two modes, like the power button, so maybe it's easier. With regards the mailing list, I was the one that mentioned it to @Nathan that the mailing list doesn't send out an email about about your registration, and I think to date I have tried to register 3 times and so far beyond the 2 emails stating I was registered (on 29th June and again to be sure on the 28th July) I've had nothing (and yes checked spam filters etc). So nice idea, just nothing is coming out via that route for me. (I've used mailchimp before and I know its able to handle duplicates and discard them if they appear). So currently the only emails I get are via this site and its digests and alerts systems (and none of them have ever mentioned an update). As a side note, what I actually was suggesting with mailchimp is you can set it to send out an authorisation email (not a confirmation as now) which asks for the owner of the email address to confirm and authorise the use of their email address, which then completes the sign up process - this prevents bots signing up hundreds of accounts to it, thus filling up your free 500 contacts list, and making you pay each time something is sent out. So in summary thanks for coming back to me, the remote is still not working and there are still a few issues over the update process of the app and the remote. The mailing list still doesn't do anything (for me).
  13. So still waiting @jason for any response on well any of this. Without any information to say there was any updates I tried this again. Please can we get updates via the email list which I had assumed was what @Nathan ment when he created the mailing list. It just needs to tell us there is an update and a really brief summary of changes - which could just be fixes to X, or added remote x,y,z). Once you get the hang of them, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to write, and however you keep track of changes internally, it could just be a cut/paste of your change log, and would help everyone so much. So after removing all of the extra brands to be sure I had nothing left over I tried the beta (0.9.92), (and without #3 having any feedback, was the only way I could be sure). First, and mentioned this before, the Toshiba CT-903265 is a TV remote, it is got nothing to do with audio! There is still no Key listed as "OK". But I did see something new called "Cursor Enter". So tried this......but it doesn't act as the Ok button on the TV and when I tried running the LIRC in debug mode, it seems the remote isn't even sending any codes out when this is used! To help move this along this is the same key pressed slowly 3 times with a 1-2 second gap to ensure a solid signal. I hope this helps get a good code from the unit. -------------- Operating System: Windows -7112000 +8979 -4480 +572 -499 +569 -500 +572 -498 +570 -499 +517 -552 +572 -497 +572 -1631 +572 -498 +577 -1625 +574 -1630 +574 -1629 +573 -1631 +580 -1623 +574 -1629 +518 -551 +575 -1629 +574 -1629 +573 -497 +574 -495 +575 -495 +574 -495 +576 -1627 +575 -495 +574 -494 +576 -495 +557 -1645 +575 -1628 +576 -1627 +576 -1628 +571 -498 +576 -1627 +576 -1627 +576 -40000 +8979 -2213 +576 -1642000 +8981 -4482 +519 -551 +518 -552 +518 -551 +519 -551 +518 -552 +518 -552 +572 -1631 +568 -502 +568 -1636 +568 -1636 +569 -1634 +571 -1632 +569 -1635 +571 -1632 +570 -500 +570 -1633 +571 -1632 +576 -494 +572 -498 +571 -498 +572 -498 +572 -1631 +573 -497 +573 -497 +572 -497 +574 -1630 +573 -1630 +574 -1630 +573 -1629 +575 -495 +573 -1630 +574 -1629 +574 -40000 +8980 -2214 +518 -1148000 +9006 -4456 +571 -500 +569 -500 +570 -500 +570 -500 +570 -499 +571 -499 +572 -1631 +572 -499 +571 -1632 +572 -1632 +572 -1631 +573 -1631 +572 -1631 +572 -1631 +573 -497 +574 -1630 +573 -1631 +573 -497 +573 -496 +574 -496 +574 -496 +517 -1686 +575 -495 +574 -527 +543 -496 +574 -1629 +575 -1630 +575 -1629 +574 -1630 +574 -495 +574 -1629 +575 -1629 +573 -40000 +8979 -2213 +575 ---------- Considering the problems with it, Perhaps just post back a file with just this code in, so I can test it, confirm its working before adding into another update. All of the other things continue to hold, the smart sync button is frustrating, and beyond it changing, there is no way to know if anything happened. Would be nice for the remote to flash or something to say it's been updated. The issues are still present around the play/pause button the hopeful changes to how activities works, so we don't have to power off things just to switch activities. And will add a new oddity in the 0.9.92 beta, now when you view the Brands page, if you click on say the Westinghouse Fan remote, instead of showing that file, it shows me the details from the RX V-1000 at the end of the list! So for example, to get the westinghouse on screen, I actually have to select Topping -PRE90 to list the westinghouse codes out. I'm sorry I am a broken record on this, but I saw this as a great potential product that could fill a gap in the market, and my remotes are still sitting in their boxes apart from when I try to test them with a new update which I have no idea what is actually changed in or if it would even help. Until the power/activity issue and the single play/pause button to support seperate play/pause keys are addressed (and the toshiba button), and currently I don't have a clue if that will ever change.
  14. Hi @jason any chance of an update on this. 1) how to switch between app versions without deleting everything and starting from again as can't downgrade from nightly to beta or to release! 2) was this remote actual included with the missing OK button into the database or as an extra brand file? Searching the file I couldn't see any labelled OK. 3) how does the system/update process manage a clash between brand files (existing Vs new)? Which is used? 4) we need a manual sync button, the app is being dumb by trying to be smart by only letting us sync if it things there is a change. (If item 3 is that it over writes, then there is no easy way to update the remote with the new codes) 5) while we are here is there any updates on improving activities, adding something to make the single play/pause work when a device has two separate keys, and have you been able to reproduced/fix the issues I have exporting to live drive in Windows? Or even the email about what's changed in the new release (or even if there is a new release!)? Sorry to keep asking, it's just I keep getting static, or told it's on the list for the future and still the remotes are in their boxes. And currently I don't see that changing.
  15. Thanks for that, I'm confused now (and hopefully this will make sense) So see 0.9.90 has been released (i didn't see any update or email to say this, just tried the app randomly). I initially thought this remote wasn't included as I check the previous imported files and remote I had was still the missing Ok key so I deleted that and there is now no remote at all. So I tried going to the nightly (from beta) and I think the file came back (but still looks like the version you first posted here that is missing the key). Also then wanted to go back to Beta from Nightly (and tried this to release), the app says it's up to date, and doesn't prompt to update to the version selected. So think I'm now stuck on Nightly builds until I guess Beta or Release gets an update? If not please clarify how I can downgrade from Nightly to Beta again as the only option I see now, is to delete the app totally and install everything (and both apps) from fresh again? Can you confirm if the remote (with the Ok key added) was in the database or just being offered as a file in the brands section. And how does this manage files, where there is already a file/remote present and it clashes with one in the update? I think either way the remote is still missing its OK (maybe as I'm really confused at this point). Oh so this also brought up the issue I have mentioned elsewhere, after an app update, (and let's assume the remotes had codes updated), when I plug in the remote it didn't offer the option to sync the remote. So if the remote had codes changed in the background the only way to resync the device with the updates would be to either makes changes, (if we knew what they were) or delete the activity and start again. (again so important on updates, that what's changed is sent out, even github style changes of the updates would be good). So can I again state that we need someway to manually update a remote, even when the app thinks there is no change needed so we can avoid having to do the "change/sync/change back/sync again" just to ensure the remote is current. Whether its a Sync Button that doesn't disable itself or somewhere "manual sync" option (similar to one that's seems to be needed for the app itself it would appear).
  16. Out of interest when is this next version appearing?
  17. Ok, sanity has returned. So the issue I thought I had removed the old remote I had created as I couldn't see it in the brand list, imported yours and then selected the tv remote again, but as the file you kindly created was assigned to the audio group not tv....so I ended up selecting mine repeatedly (I had tried twice to create a remote file, and had actually only deleted one of them!! more later) So now using the right code from the audio list, all of the ones assigned codes seem to work, but I did find one key missing totally - "OK". It was in the transcript I sent over, but as we have discussed before its so easy to miss one when you are cut/pasting codes. It is there the old file but I have copied below if that makes life easier for you. "OK" 0000 006D 0022 0000 015B 00AD 0015 0016 0015 0015 0016 0015 0015 0016 0015 0015 0015 0015 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0016 0014 0016 0016 0015 0015 0015 0016 0041 0015 0016 0015 0016 0014 0016 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0016 0041 0016 0015 0016 0041 0016 0040 0016 06C3 So if that could be added, and perhaps changed to a TV that would be great and happy to try again - as looks like we almost have it sorted - thank you. The other bit of feedback, the list of brands that have been imported is a little odd, and you can't see the last one, if the list is longer than the page - which by default it is, I deleted a few that I don't use, and now I can see the end of the list, with white space below, I'm able to see the last remote added and can delete it. Hope that helps, sorry for the confusion over which remote file I was trying, but maybe in a future update, that brands list could be looked at, and the list scrolling down, include a few blank lines, just to push up that last entry. Thanks again, its is much appreciated.
  18. Ah One sec.. I think I found a problem with my testing.....
  19. I have a slightly older RX-V671, and using the AV list and "RXA/RXV Series Main Zone 2011 to Present (Receiver/Preamp)" This does include the hdmi inputs that does seem to work ok with my amp. So its odd they are not appearing in the list for you. Just make sure you select the plug icon in the menu on the left to ensure you have the yamaha selected, and it should be there. Yes there are still issues, but its early days, the hardware feels good, and now the kickstarter is out of the way, hopefully they will have more time on the issues and requests now.
  20. Thanks for that's. It was nice to get something to work correctly and makes me appreciate the efforts you and the team have to go through in getting working codes. I don't know the memory constraints within the remote, how many possible codes it can store, or if you store the whole remote or just the assigned codes and how it deals with duplicate uses of the codes. Etc. But any way to add extra keys using the colour wheel (maybe just those keys around the wheel and the digits is enough) and of course as mentioned elsewhere, adding codes to the ABC to help changing between inputs (instead of the power button) plus the press & hold or macro feature to the play/pause key (for device's like the Manhattan that has two keys) all helps with the enrichment of the remote. I know that's alot to ask for and will take time if it's all possible. But we have to ask otherwise you won't know if we/some of us want a feature.
  21. Hi Jason, Sorry been distracted this week, I'll try and get something started today or tomorrow.
  22. Hi Jason, That was weird but in a different way to the versions I had created. Some keys work fine, but most just don't. I'll double check everything, what is working. and then see how that matches for the codes I sent, and work out why it only captured some correctly. Hopefully something obvious will jump out at me, and we can try again. I'll also try to capture what is sent out, and see how that compares to my captures and the file you created. Hopefully its something obvious. Be in touch soon,
  23. Thanks I will get that tested and get back to you on Monday with the results.
  24. Lol yes you would have hoped so. If I remember there is a validation setting as well, so we have to click a link to confirm the email, which stops bots missing your mailing list and typos getting into the system. Maybe an option to check on as well. Thanks for looking into it.
  25. So I checked my email, and not seen anything back to say welcome the the list, this is how to unsubscribe etc as is normal (and in some countries a necessary to comply to they various data protection laws etc) So I'm assuming the list server isn't running yet?
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