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eHome Infrared Receiver not registering repeated button presses

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I have an HP eHome IR Receiver (model OVU400103/00, hardware ID USB\VID_0471&PID_0815&REV_0000) that is not working correctly with the Skip 1s.  It detects the correct button presses, but does not detect repeated presses.  For instance, pressing the Down navigation button 3 times will only register one Down event, regardless of the length of time between presses.  Pressing any other button after the first button will allow the first button to be recognized again.  For instance, pressing Down, then Stop, then Down will register a total of 2 Down events.  The type of button does not seem to matter - it shows the same behavior with the navigation, media, and numeric buttons.  The LED on the eHome receiver does light up on repeated button presses, so an IR signal is being sent, but not recognized.  I have tried it with both of the MCE options under the Microsoft device category with the same results.  Neither of the XBOX options work at all.

Repeated button presses do work properly with the original HP remote and a Harmony 550 using the default Microsoft Windows Media Center profile.

Skip App 0.9.6
Firmware 4.12.6

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This may need a look. MCE /eHome use a different command for the second command, and if that second different command isn't registered, it might not respond. It was an issue back in the day with Flirc USB.  I'm going to move this to the supported devices forum for more feedback.

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