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I got my remote a couple of days ago, I've had a play with it and I've hit an issue... I can't get the remote to control my Samsung TV (the Samsung soundbar and roku work fine). It only toggles the power about once in every 10 - 20 times and none of the other buttons work at all (i.e arrows, guide, etc), I suspect the remote code is wrong, but I've tried all the samsung TV options. I have double checked and it's definitely an IR remote.

Any tips / suggestions?

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Yeah I have the original remote, it's model bn59-01268d if that helps at all.

I am not sure I understand what you mean, I use the power on button to turn on the TV and soundbar (the sound bar turns on fine). 

With activity A I have it turn on the soundbar and TV and set the input to antenna (this only powers on the sound bar). If I manually turn on the TV none of the buttons that should control the TV work. With Activity B it turns on the soundbar and TV and should set the input to HDMI1, again this doesn't turn on the TV. If I power the TV on manually the remote controls my roku fine. 

So I think it's an issue with the Samsung TV control, with none of the mappings working I suspect there is a missing control set somewhere?

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If you click the Power button on the remote in the Skip app, it will show you a list of all the commands it sends to the TV. I think Jason is asking for that list. See this video for an explanation. https://www.youtube.com/clip/Ugkx_0KGN0cjdz2_DfUkIz5hIxXPcjCsMwY0

The question is whether any Samsung TV buttons have actually been assigned to your remote, and what those buttons are.  

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