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  1. I'm really sorry, this is just as frustrating for me. I have a workaround but am only 50% there and wont be finished for another couple of weeks. If you have another computer without steam, you can try it there. Or I believe windows allows you to create app sandboxes. This whole thing is complete bullshit. Windows requires us to use their framework for USB, and then Steam installs a driver that hijacks all USB devices on a system and doesn't allow our own app to connect to it. We have modified our app to launch an escalated second process to undo it, however, it's not working on your machine. And this workaround we created violates windows own terms of App creation which would prevent us from being in their own app store. It's absolutely insane. Fuck windows and fuck steam. After uninstalling steam, they leave this bullshit on the PC and it still is broken.
  2. Skip can do macro's. You can't do those directly in the SkipApp GUI. This is planned, but way down the line.
  3. We're able to reproduce this. Trying to get another update out tomorrow.
  4. What GUI version do you have? Do you get any log? Try the commandline. It's in the directory of the GUI: flirc_util.exe upgrade flirc_gen2_v4.10.2.bin etc.. flirc_gen2_v4.10.2.bin
  5. Oh good to know. What device do you have? Can you send me your configuration?
  6. Yes any button which has more than one button is a macro and will take some time to execute.
  7. Oh how funny. Is it stuck? If you restart the gui, does it get fixed?
  8. Extremely frustrating which is why we focused on the learning portion of the device so you can learn from existing devices. I’m sorry for your initial frustration. But don’t worry. Try this: If that doesn’t work for some reason I’ll help get it fixed asap.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I'm so confident in this that I may do a wider release and have already started pre-loading on new shipments. I don't know why I never thought of stress testing the remote and just rubbing my hands up and down buttons for ten minutes and seeing the result at the end. This effectively reproduced a ridiculous timing situation that was very rare. But multiply each person using the remote every day by the number of remotes, ended up being pretty frequent and frustrating. Thanks again.
  10. Can you try what mluna99 has done. Leave the remote plugged into the computer. Restart the computer. Don't disconnect the remote, and immediately launch the software? Make sure it's not on a hub, but directly attached to the PC. Do you have steam installed?
  11. sorry, script moved them during PR cleanup. Updated.
  12. Was probably a mislabel, I'll check it out. I believe it was 4.12.22
  13. Thanks for the feedback and testing. Almost there on linux. I was hoping to have this done for the next release but we're stuck on one last problem. New update released. The biggest part of the next update is the firmware. locking. ** Edit ** https://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/13729-skipapp-09955-with-ir-learning-alpha-3/
  14. I'm sorry for the delay. This was actually a problem in existing firmware. I think I got it. In new beta.
  15. Newer Version Here Critical - Learning requires both remotes to be facing each other and about 1 inch apart. Further detail here along in previous releases. Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Here is how it works: CleanShot 2023-12-15 at 22.54.49.mp4 You need to be using the included firmware in order to do any recording. The version embedded is v4.13.2 Release Notes Fixed - User can not continue unless custom buttons are renamed Fixed - Custom button names not showing up Fixed - Missing record wizard icons Fixed - Bugs and Stability Firmware - Unresponsive Remote Fixed (existed on stable release Firmware - Battery Life Improvements Firmware - New API commands for debug Updated - Place 'My Device Tab' first in record wizard Updated - Record Wizard has new buttons. Play, Pause, Play/Pause Windows Download Mac Download Linux - We understand the issue, and have one more bug to solve. We're working on it. Firmware Update If you are not presented with update dialog, please follow the directions outlined here.
  16. I think I got it. I can not figure out how this happened to everyone so often. It must be strictly timing, because I essentially played the remote like a 2 year old playing a piano until I was able to reproduce it. I analyzed the logs until I was able to understand what was going on. We'll do some internal testing, but I'd really be appreciative for some feedback to make sure I got it. Essentially, the remote appeared dead. If you took the batteries out and put them back in, it would reset it and fix it. Essentially, it was stuck in a state blocking presses. However, if stuck in this state long enough, it could drain the battery. Mac Download Windows Download You should be prompted for a firmware update. Update it, and you wont need to do anything else. If you are not prompted, do the following: Close the software Unplug the USB-C cable Remove the batteries. Press and hold the return and center key while you insert the USB-C cable (image attached) Start the software If the above doesn't work, PM me. Thanks for the patience, this was a bitch.
  17. We're going to improve the way it fails, this was not okay. But I found the codes you are using and updated the server libs. If you fire up the same version again it should work. Let me know.
  18. We see why Linux is not working and should have an update on the next release. Hopefully in the next 2-3 days.
  19. It's firmware. Working on a version to log to help me figure out why.
  20. Go to the new learning tab in the advanced tab, press and hold the mute button. Do it again. Copy the results and share them here. Thank you, really appreciate it. It was a technical marathon. Yes, I connected with the creator, and I'm working on direct integration. Is the GUI in compact mode? Press the three dots in the bottom right, go to settings. Display. Change regular screen resolution to compact. It should auto detect this, but maybe it's not working. This is a known issue. If you go to settings, accessibility, there is an option: Recording: IR Trouble shooting mode. This forces it to only use one frame. But we are going to improve this and make it automatic in the next or next next update.
  21. I found your logs and see the issue. I'll post a server side update tomorrow.
  22. Run the one on the public website of the downloads page with sudo. I'm not sure about this linux crash.
  23. Ah good catch. I’ll get that fixed. Glad it’s working. Thanks for the feedback. We can do config sharing once I fix that custom name issue.
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