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  1. Yeah sorry, it looks like it got sent with a debug version which has logging enabled by default. Let me confirm, make some changes, and push another update. It should work the way you proposed, but I just added irtools in from another project directory, so I might have missed this. Hang on.
  2. The LEDs have to turn off completely. The LEDs are on to note that it is still turning on/off devices in your macro. The minimum time between each button in the macro is 1 second. so four buttons will take up to four seconds. In the next update I’ll significantly decrease the minimum time.
  3. @Jilas671 Can you try the attached? Toshiba - CT-90326.json
  4. The last time it took 4 days, but I haven't seen much movement on this tracking. Crossing fingers for early next week.
  5. As soon as I get them, they'll go out in the order they received. So once I get them, within a week.
  6. Every single order.
  7. This should be helpful as my help command is not great, will fix that: ⚡ irtools decode --raw="+8900 -4547 +484 -588 +456 -618 +495 -599 +484 -560 +456 -641 +458 -560 +510 -1721 +484 -587 +483 -1724 +456 -1776 +432 -1747 +511 -1722 +484 -1696 +510 -1695 +512 -562 +483 -1721 +485 -639 +405 -1748 +506 -591 +482 -564 +482 -615 +455 -1725 +478 -618 +430 -641 +57 -1723 +483 -588 +481 -1749 +433 -1801 +428 -1727 +477 -644 +430 -1722 +511 -1723 +483" +8900 -4547 +484 -588 +456 -618 +495 -599 +484 -560 +456 -641 +458 -560 +510 -1721 +484 -587 +483 -1724 +456 -1776 +432 -1747 +511 -1722 +484 -1696 +510 -1695 +512 -562 +483 -1721 +485 -639 +405 -1748 +506 -591 +482 -564 +482 -615 +455 -1725 +478 -618 +430 -641 +457 -1723 +483 -588 +481 -1749 +433 -1801 +428 -1727 +477 -644 +430 -1722 +511 -1723 +483 :: FLIRC :: NEC - scancode: 0x02FD44BB 0000 006D 0022 0002 0156 00AE 0012 0016 0011 0017 0013 0017 0012 0015 0011 0018 0011 0015 0013 0042 0012 0016 0012 0042 0011 0044 0010 0043 0013 0042 0012 0041 0013 0041 0013 0015 0012 0042 0012 0018 000F 0043 0013 0016 0012 0015 0012 0017 0011 0042 0012 0017 0010 0018 0011 0042 0012 0016 0012 0043 0010 0045 0010 0042 0012 0018 0010 0042 0013 0042 0012 05F1 0156 0056 0015 0E4A :: DECODEIR :: NEC - scancode: 0x00BB D:0x0040 S:0xFFFFFFFF :: FLIRC :: NEC - scancode: 0x02FD44BB :: ARDUINO :: UNKNOWN - scancode: 0x2A300DA3 {32} ++++ Picture for easier consumption. Here I'm invoking the command to decode a signal with raw timing, specifying the input as a parameter in quotes. The output is shown as hex codes, and it also prints back the PRONTO code. Helpful is that it appends the necessary repeat needed for NEC, which is a different sequence than the first initial signal.
  8. I’m not familiar with dish Joey. But I imagine your dish Joey needs to be paired with the remote. you must first connect to a computer and add a device. I’m not sure if I have dish Joey in the database, I’ll check when I get to my computer. But if not, sounds like you need to add a random device that doesn’t conflict with what’s in your current setup and then pair with fish Joey. No configuration is loaded on the device when you receive it. So if you took it out of the box and tried to use it, what happened was expected.
  9. Letting everyone know that they were shipped yesterday, picked up, and there is movement on the tracking.
  10. Send me a pm. I’ll replace it. This is not a software issue. It’s a hardware issue, but not something that I’m concerned with now. Mass production always shows the 1%, and we iterate. A component on the pcb is either damaged or disconnected. We run a test in the factory which will never ship a remote with this issue. So I’ll take a look to see if the problem was caused in transit, temperature, a drop, etc. All of which we will refine as we make more. Im not worried about all of the ones shipped suddenly having this issue. I can also add a check before an upgrade and prevent the upgrade and warn the user so you can at least use your remote until the remote is replaced. Factory phones home test results. I can look up the remote and see the tests. But bottom line is that it would have failed in the first 10 seconds of the test exactly how it failed for you. So I’ll dig in as soon as I have them. Sorry for the inconvenience. borez does not have the same issue. Since his remote is detected. His issue is a software issue and probably just windows horseshit.
  11. Okay, fixed, pushing an update, release should be pushed in an hour if there are no issues.
  12. Thanks for letting me know. This looks like a new bug. Let me track it down quickly.
  13. I completely missed this. Thank you for the text, I'll get this converted and a file for you to try shortly. The text file should be great and accurate. You did a good job for me. Thank you.
  14. Launch the included GUI, it should prompt of a firmware upgrade. Once upgraded, it should work.
  15. There are a couple threads on this, I forgot to post the follow-up in this one. This was just a huge mess, I had to re-write all my CI scripts. I have posted updates of pi/linux64, windows, and mac. I just checked and this morning they were marked as private? I'm not sure how that's possible, I'd have to pay for a private repo. At any rate, looks like you were able to update and I'm glad. But I don't want to get lost in two threads, so let's continue the conversation below: flirc_util probably still needs to be updated. However, I have included another tool that I use internally for debug, decoding, etc. It's called irtools. It will allow you to decode and show the result using my decoder, the arduino, irscrutinizer. It will print it in raw, pronto, etc. And allow you to send in either or.
  16. Thanks! Are only those keys missing? Is there a windows media center remote with full keyboard keys? Yeah, I think learning is a bit higher. It's been rough trying to find remote codes for users and then of course harder to receive insults when not immediately available. Ugh..
  17. I'll usually have a beta firmware image to test pinned at the top in here: https://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/99-skip-1s/ I think I've worked out everything, and will get back to device learning. Unless something comes up. Remember to lower your LED brightness, 30% is plenty and that will greatly increase the battery life. 100% is completely unnecessary.
  18. Help by turning on logging with the following, on a mac: echo -e "{\n \"showAdminPanel\": true,\n \"logsLevel\": 1\n}" > ~/.config/SkipApp/config.json Make sure the skipUpdate app is not running. Restart the GUI, and then go over to the admin panel, get the application log, and post it here. Do you notice a speed difference in the LEDS with the USB connected, vs not connected?
  19. This will come. I also intend on using the LED ring to show which device is being powered on/off while switching. Then, if a problem exists with the state of one of those devices, clicking the color in the ring will try and fix it. I am currently working on learning, and this is next.
  20. Ooof, you are right. Kickstarter backer that apparently doesn't read half a dozen updates posted. I even include a two liner TLDR before my long winded post. Maybe two is two too many.
  21. @Nathan I want to make sure we don't miss anything. Let's make sure we have a Jira ticket assigned to me for every database post that is not in a 'solved' state. Can you help with that?
  22. One month was fucked because I was in the hospital for a week and needed to recover. Then I had to somehow manage to catch up on an already 7 day work week. I know there were a few of your protocols we did together that was missing a few things. I'll now take a look at them this week. Sorry for the delay. I'm just one person.
  23. I missed this, I'm sorry. The GUI automatically converts a text into the JSON that you see in the screen after the import. You can simply highlight and copy and paste the result into a text file and rename it with an extension .json. When I send a json file, I use a python script I wrote to convert the text file into json, since there is are a few other details that are not required in text files, but I like to include.
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