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  1. anyway you can help would be greatly appreciated, thanks jason :) hope we can get this fixed soon, can't wait to start programming some quality remotes for kodi. Edit: Same problem with USB 2.0 Hub, great starting to look like 35euros down the drain to buy this flirc, thats a full days work here :/
  2. ill go out and buy a usb hub if you think it will help, I also suspect it's cause of this, would have been nice if you had mentioned that its not compatible with USB3.0 before I purchased it though. Ill let you know how it goes thanks for the fast reply.
  3. Im having the same problem as you guys, I suspect its cause we are using usb 3.0 can you confirm this? I have opened another thread, what a waste of money :/ shame
  4. I just received my flirc today and the device is not recognized by windows 8.1, in device manager it says "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Failed) Please help I want to use this thing, it's worthless atm :/ Edit: I did install the flirc drivers, I am using this with an Alienware 17 so I only have USB 3.0, I read somewhere on the forums just now that its not compatible with 3.0 :/ this is the worst 35 euros I have ever spent thus far
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