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  1. Hello Jason I have now been testing the new Firmware since it was first posted and I too can confirm that I am now able to Wake my PC consistently. Thanks for all your hard work and persistence. Kevin
  2. Hello Jason Sorry I have not been contributing to this discussion lately. I updated to the latest version yesterday and it has been working perfectly since. I will continue to test over the coming week and will try to post another update next week. Thanks for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated. Kevin
  3. Hello Jason Sorry, the only USB peripherals I use are the Flirc USB and the Unifying Adapter for the Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard. All my Media etc. is stored on NAS. Thanks in advance Kevin
  4. Hello Jason Sorry I have not been here lately, my health has not been too good. The v1 is still working perfectly. As for my hardware, it is as listed below: ASUS H110I-Plus Motherboard (BIOS 3016) Intel Core i7 6700 8GB Ram Samsung EVO 256GB SSD Windows 10 Home x64 (up to date as of today) I hope this helps. Thanks in advance Kevin
  5. Hello Jason I have been using the v1 now since Thursday and everything has been working fine. The computer is Sleeping and Waking every time I request it. The only thing I had to do when I started using the v1 was to change the Device Settings in the Harmony Software for the Flirc Player as the Keys were being repeated. Since I changed the Key Repeat Setting in the Harmony Software from 3 to 0 everything has been working fine. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks Kevin
  6. Hello Jason I will update you on Monday. As a quick test though I unplugged the v1 whilst the computer was Sleeping and that did not Wake the computer either. Also, congratulations on your new arrival :) Kevin
  7. Hello Jason I just received the v1 Flirc to test in the last half hour. I have only done minimal testing at the moment, however. I unplugged the v2 and plugged in the v1 and configured the Next, Previous and Power keys under Media Keys which are the same ones I setup on the v2. After doing this I have been able to Sleep and Wake the PC each time I have tried so far. I will continue to test things over the next few days and will update this thread on Monday. Thanks Kevin
  8. Hello Jason I just ran the Flirc Util command again and I got something new, I have enclosed the results below: C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe device_log <1>malloc_addblock(49): Heap Block: 0x20001FAC - 0x20002FFF (4k) <3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EA80 <3>log_output_init(42): no log hw found <3>init_modules(419): Module Load Error: &module = 0x0000EB10 <3>ir_finished(55): too many edges <3>ir_finished(55): too many edge The last two lines have never occured before. Thanks Kevin
  9. Hello Jason There is no additional software installed for the Logitech Keyboard, I just plug in the Adapter and it just works. Thanks Kevin
  10. Hello Jason If I unplug the Flirc from the HTPC when it is Sleeping it does not Wake, however, on my Desktop if I unplug the Flirc while it is Sleeping it does Wake. These two computers are not the same hardware. The Desktop PC is based on a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3P, Intel Q9650 Processor, AMD graphics card and is running Windows 10 Pro My HTPC is based on the ASUS H110I-Plus, Intel Core i7 6700 and using the on board Graphics (Intel 530). Thanks Kevin
  11. Hello Yawor I always prefer the Pro Editions as I prefer to have access to all the features and tools as I need them. Thanks Kevin
  12. Hello Jason Now I feel guilty for wasting your time :) Very interesting though that this seems so wide spread. I just wonder why it seems to work fine on my Desktop PC with Windows 10 Pro and not on Windows 10 Home. Also, I am able to Wake the HTPC with the Logitech Keyboard so it does not seem to be an issue where everything is affected which makes troubleshooting the issue so much more difficult. Hardware wise my HTPC has an Intel Core i7 6700 and I am using the internal Graphics (Intel 530). All Drivers are up to date as of today. I just checked the price to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro and Microsoft is wanting £119 for the upgrade, this is via the Activation Tab in Windows 10 Home. Unfortunately that is too much at the moment but I will upgrade as soon as I can as I hate the Home Editions. Thanks Kevin
  13. Hello Jason I thought Sleep and Suspend were the same? I have tried from Sleep and from Hibernate. I am unable to Wake from either. Each time I need to use the Logitech Keyboard to Wake the PC. I unplugged the Flirc from my HTPC (Windows 10 Home x64) and plugged it into my Desktop PC (Windows 10 Pro x64) and it works every time, Sleeping and Waking. Could there be an issue with using the Flirc with Windows 10 Home since it works with Windows 10 Pro and also with the Ubuntu Live USB? Thanks in advance Kevin
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