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  1. Manufacturing was on hold so that I can wait to get my hands on the 3b+, all cases that ship should now have the new thermal pad.
  2. no need for a third generation case. This case is compatible with the pi3 B+, has a new thermal pad to accommodate the height difference.
  3. No, it shouldn't get warm, but if it's using too much power, the host will cut it off. Just because the media room is dark, doesn't mean there is no infrared light, you wouldn't see it. Try another room, format the config, disable all the built in profiles: File->Advanced Give it another go. Keep me posted.
  4. These both look fine. Are you by a light source? Window, TV? Sometimes incandescent lights cause issues. debug double press.txt has an issue where there are two many edges, but the signal before that is fine. Let's try recording in another room, do a file->clear configuration. There should be no delay when pressing buttons either.
  5. Can you plug flirc into your computer, go to file->device log. Enable logging. Press a single button once, wait, and then press and hold for two seconds. Please post that log file.
  6. Don't use that profile. Use a samsung or panasonic tv profile on your URC, whatever is not present in your setup. Windows MCE is funky, and although supported, I dunno what's happening with your repeater. Also, do your pairing without your repeater in another room.
  7. What profile are you using on your URC? Did you change profiles when you switched to the shield?
  8. thanks for posting the follow up. Means a lot.
  9. add a random device that's not in your living room, I often recommend Samsung or Panasonic TVs Then download and install my GUI, go to file->controllers and select the keyboard controller. That's it, pair any button.
  10. Ah, that's not a CSV format. That's a list of times in ms. We are capturing the IR waveform with the GUI. Go to file->Device Log. Then click enable IR debugging. Any buttons pressed will then show up in the log window.
  11. It's linux. I'm not very familiar with MX, however, linux is very crazy about it's suspend states/sleep states, in laptops. Laptops have a lot of power management, and I remember in my own days doing this on a laptop, it often took a patch, a specific kernel module, or configuration. Search for your laptop in google and MX linux.
  12. 0.4mm thermal pads will be included in the next build of the case, which is happening now, I have 0.4 mm on their way to me and distributors to ship standalone as well. It's been in the works for a couple weeks now. You can use the case without a pad until they arrive, it's safe. modmypi has no authorization to say what is and what isn't compatible, he's not really an authorized distributor. (they don't communicate with me, they go through thepihut, and don't have an agreement with me, they should have asked before making a public statement like that). I made an announcement on twitter a while ago about the case.
  13. It can't be zero, that's impossible. Try zero, and then go to advanced, and go to device log. Here is what we are looking for: :e:6221 0,4915,4792,892,1579,893,1578,889,1582,893,741,918,1548,893,1579,892,1579,893,4374,864,769,888,746,866,767,919,719,888,741,892,741,893,1578,1727,1581,891,771,867,766,863 :e:24 0,4938,4792,837,1657,841,1631,841,1630,810,824,841,1630,863,1631,814,1657,836,4401,841,793,815,823,837,797,837,797,836,798,836,797,841,1657,1674,1631,837,797,841,794,815 The :e:24 stands for 24ms since the last pulse train. The :e:6221 stands for 6,221 seconds since the last pulse train ( button press). You want to get that 24ms up to 75, and you're good. Keep playing with the number, checking the Flirc gui, and keep me posted.
  14. looks better, but now you need to get the interkey delay in the harmony the same as the original. It should be 75ms, where as yours is reading 24ms.
  15. The log file does not match the flirc / kodi profile signals, you sure that's what you recorded in the device log?
  16. when you added the Flirc Kodi remote profile, did you format your device? You should have zero keys recorded. Otherwise, the existing keys will be used.
  17. sorry about that. I do have some general guidance for that remote: https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/universal-remote-controls/inteset-remote-controls.html Very sorry for the frustration. Thanks for being patient.
  18. go to file->device log, enable logging. Click the 'up' button only once as if you want it to move once. Post the results of that file here.
  19. I think you need to go to troubleshooting, 'my device is sending too many signals' something like that. This is fixable, promise.
  20. okay, yawor was correct. I don't have a release for that version. I'll get to that. You can always override it as well with the following: wget https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/Flirc/repo/script.deb.sh os=ubuntu dist=trusty ./script.deb.sh
  21. okay, I'll figure it out. Thanks for letting me know.
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