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  1. @jason Six days later, my batteries are completely flat. Couldn't get any logs, and then even removing them and putting them back in didn't get me any activity. Had to replace them with fresh ones.
  2. Updated to the new firmware, putting in fresh batteries, will report back.
  3. @jasonI managed to catch a hardware exception when my batteries died. Sorry it's a screenshot; I don't have RN clipboard and the best my OCR capture app could do with it was this f'in mess: <2>task_start(41): Hypnos: v4.12.21 < 1 Heap Block OX20002COC - Ox20007BFF (19k) < 1 BOD33 BOD12 SYST WDT EXT POR < I > log_rcause(385): Hardware Exception <2>crash_report(205): — rO: rl OxOOOOffb4 r2 r3 <2> 0): rl 2. <2>crash_report(211): Ir: 0011070 < crash _report(21 2): ra. < 2> crash_report(21 3): xpsr. < crash_report(21 7). OxOOOOd1ab Ox20007f28 Ox20007f23 ox20002c70 OxOOOOda41 Ox0100d9c1 < 1 > Initializing Pas t Profile: A <3>usb_hotplug(46): Connected I hope it's helpful; I'm going back to rechargeables because alkalines are expensive. :)
  4. @jason Any word on a .22 version of the firmware? I've double-checked that I have the .21 version and I'm still seeing the drain issue. Thanks!
  5. That's what I thought, but I learned the hard way not to assume I'm not the one making the mistake. :)
  6. I've got the .21 firmware from page 1 of this thread, but I don't see a .22 version? I'm more than happy to try it out if I can figure out where to grab it from. :)
  7. I hate to pile on, but I think I'm having the same issue. I updated the firmware about a week ago, and I've been through three sets of batteries since. I'm using rechargeables, so I'm keeping up with the drain without using up alkalines, but it'd be nice to have a fix. My order number was SHOP-36838. Thanks much!
  8. Gave it a try, but no luck, I'm afraid. Do we expect Yamaha codes to work with Sony devices? Thanks again!
  9. Hi! I have not been able to find an existing codeset that will work with the Skip and my receiver from 2010. I've recorded the remote button clicks through the IR debugging feature, and the text file is attached. Could y'all work your magic and send me a Skip codeset to match, please? One thing I noticed is that multiple presses of each button give different codes; I assume that's a rolling code security feature like my garage doors have, but I'm hoping y'all can still hook me up. :) Thanks much! G Sony STR-DA5500ES Receiver.txt
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