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I realize that this is a new device and the current software is beta, but as long time Flirc user with multiple Gen1 and Gen2 devices scattered around the building,  I expected a better experience or a little more polish as that is what I've been used to.

I am currently trying to use the Skip 1s for a very simple setup and just can't get it to work properly.

For this activity, there is a single PC running JRiver Media Center and using a Flirc Gen2. It currently uses a WMCE remote control and all works fine. The Flirc Gen2 is configured using the built-in WMCE profile.

When trying to use the Skip, I have created an activity to control a single device - either PC>Flirc>WMCE or Misc>Microsoft>MCE Code Group 1 or Misc>Microsoft>MCE Media Center Code Group 2.

No matter which device I use, either no buttons work at all, or just one or two buttons work. Sometimes a button does work, but not every time - perhaps out of every 8 to 10 presses it will work once.

Manually mapping the buttons using the Skip software has not made any difference.

Am I missing something or does anyone have any suggestions?

I expected this to be as easy as setting up a Flirc USB, and the software does make it seem like it should be fairly simple.

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