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FLIRC Gen1 bad response and repeate rate after connecting to new FLIRC software


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Dear all, I have a FLIRC since about 2015, and was always very happy with it. Now in 2020, I had to change a button and used the current ubuntu FLIRX software (3.25.3). I was able to reprogram the button, but since then it seems changed at all, the response and repeate rate of the buttons is very bad / slow, even if I us3e the same remote as before. Just pointing on a list on the PC and stay on down - now it goes 1 down, before it went down one for some time and then repeated without problems and fast. Now sometimes does not repeata at all or repeats slow. Can I do something to rescue it?

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I have exactly the same problem. I have Flirc integrated into my Streacom F7COD ALPHA Black Home Theater Aluminum Chassis case, it was already integrated and that was one of the reasons why I bought the case.
Since 2016 everything is ok, but now it is not practical, the same thing happens to me as the other user, instability, the keystrokes are repeated, there are times that you have to press several times, etc. Opensuse with the latest version of software installed.

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