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  1. I have exactly the same problem. I have Flirc integrated into my Streacom F7COD ALPHA Black Home Theater Aluminum Chassis case, it was already integrated and that was one of the reasons why I bought the case. Since 2016 everything is ok, but now it is not practical, the same thing happens to me as the other user, instability, the keystrokes are repeated, there are times that you have to press several times, etc. Opensuse with the latest version of software installed.
  2. Hi, I think I have not explained well. I have no problem with remotely accessing to my system. The problem I have is that if I use Kodi at the same time and for example Firefox, in my HTPC at home, at the same time the remote control is used to, for example, go up and down the kodi menus and also the keyboard is used to create a post in a forum, the remote control, which simulates a keyboard, acts on the window with the focus and creating the post becomes impossible, because the courses go up and down. The one that is using the remote control, does not see that kodi responds, because it does not have the focus at that moment. What I'm looking for is a solution, to be able to use the remote control only with Kodi, similar to how I had in my old HTPC with Lirc
  3. hi, I have a linux system (opensuse) with 2 video outputs. One per hdmi to a LG TV of 50 "where almost always only kodi is displayed and another output to a 22" monitor that is the one that I use with opensuse daily. I have Flirc gen1, the one that comes in the Streacom box. Flirc is programmed with the keyboard commands that kodi uses, but if I want to use kodi and any other application of opensuse, for example surfing the network, it becomes a little complicated. For example, if I'm browsing with Firefox over the network, firefox has the focus, and if my child is with the remote and gives the arrow up, firefox goes up and kodi does not know. My son asks, what happens, does kodi ignore? So, I programmed a button on the remote so that when I clicked, kodi would receive the focus, but I do not think it would solve the problem ... There has to be some way that the keyboard that simulates Flirc only had an effect on Kodi, but I can not get it. It had occurred to me that in Kodi I could use a keyboard.xml and map the specific Flirc entries, but I can not do it. If I could add a prefix to the Flirc button, I could map the prefix + button to a kodi command ... but I do not know how to do it Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance
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