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Wow - NOT ready for Prime Time


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I was not a Kickstarted. I never signed up to be a beta testers so please, no one tell me I should have expected so many missing GUI features.

I have used and "liked" (not loved) numerous Logitech Harmony remotes and their software over the past 15 years or so.

I would have hoped Flirc staff extensively USED Harmony remotes as they developed their Skip app.

I've seen similar complaints, err, comments in the forum:

I have 3 simple activities 

-Apple TV - turn on my Yamaha A/V receivers, set to HDMI4, turn on my LG TV (it always uses HDMI1), turn on the AppleTV HD

- TiVo - turn on my Yamaha A/V, set to HDMI2, turn on the LG TV

- BluRay - turn my LG BluRay, turn on the Yamaha A/V and set to HDMI3, turn on the LG TV


Biggest issue I and others have is how to get my Yamaha A/V to change HDMI inputs...???

The Yamaha is a RX-V773 and from 2013.

      If is set the RX-V773 up as adding an AUDIO device I see only the RX-V1000 offered. Using those in testing does not get me the option for selecting buttons like HDMI1, HDMI2, etc. Does not work

   If I set the RX-V773 up as adding an A/V I get more choices - RX items for pre-2009, after 2011, etc. What a mess. I select "RXA/RXV Series Main Zone 2011 to present and the rest of the info vanishes off the right side of the column..." (example of interface issues). Still I don't get HDMI1, HDMI2, etc to assign to buttons.


I could rant about far more issues but if someone can point me to how to change HDMI inputs on the Yamaha then I'll come back with other needs.

   BTW - I know how to use the Button Panel to add steps to the Power button itself - but I cannot find any HDMI1,2,3,4 to drag there from my Yamaha.



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I have a slightly older RX-V671, and using the AV list and "RXA/RXV Series Main Zone 2011 to Present (Receiver/Preamp)"  This does include the hdmi inputs that does seem to work ok with my amp.  So its odd they are not appearing in the list for you.   Just make sure you select the plug icon in the menu on the left to ensure you have the yamaha selected, and it should be there.

Yes there are still issues, but its early days, the hardware feels good, and now the kickstarter is out of the way, hopefully they will have more time on the issues and requests now.


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The remote is pretty darn good for being so fresh.
It's way better than the sofabatan X1.
You can learn codes now if you have a FLIRC the process is not documented well but it works great.  No reason you could not get all your stuff working perfectly if you have the orignal remotes.

There is a command line app that you can run called irtool.exe and it will learn any code from any IR remote.
it's in the flirc folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc

usage:  irtools.exe decode -l

Then point your remote at the plugged in FLIRC and boom you have your codes, then just use one of the .json files as an example and add to your local copy of the skip app.

You do have to enable the config tab in order to add "brands"  aka new .json files with the pronto codes.


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