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  1. Try the following, let me know how that goes. ** EDIT ** Updating file Sony - XBR-65X900F.json
  2. Curious if you had some time to play with this. Thanks @Jilas671
  3. Oh it's awful. I hate working with windows. And then they said the method in which we use to circumvent an issue another app created would violate the terms that would allow us to be in the windows app store. Don't even get me started on signing the fucking app. That was a nightmare that was nearly impossible to automate in our CI environment. Anyways, here is the updated version: https://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/pr/998/SkipApp-
  4. Thank you, let me try another build.
  5. All over the internet are complaints that steam does this. To reproduce: - We made a clean machine. - Installed SkipApp. Verified it worked - Installed Steam, and installed the XBOX hid drivers - Saw it stopped working. - Removed the XBOX hid driver, still didn't work. Then Misha went through the registry for every single instance of our VID/PID until he found the restricted interface property. We can't figure out why the steam driver changes this value, and why removing it doesn't stop it. If you reset the boolean, unplugging the device and plugging it back in sets it back to restricted. So the only resolution we found was to launch a service with escalated privileges to detect the property, ask the user for permission to get elevated accesses, and then change the booloan back every time we open the device. Further, as Misha has shown in the GIF, you can not just open the registry and modify this field, you need a special tool: "You have to run regedit as the “System” user via PsTools: - Download https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/pstools - Open cmd/PS as admin, cd to that extracted folder, then run .\psexec -s -i regedit - Ah and yeah that’s an opaque interface path apparently, can be random for each machine: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsdesktop/en-US/d68ab1dc-2615-4ae6-b3e2-b8811d0364f9/composition-of-a-device-instance-id?forum=wdk Would have to fetch it via some API using device VID/PID." - Misha You can try the steps above to force the permissions.
  6. Can you try this: https://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/pr/998/SkipApp- This should give us more information. Post the logs and anything spit out in any console window that pops up.
  7. When you have an IR sensor, you get the edges of pulses. Because it's light bouncing off walls, the edges are going to vary. irtools is going to spit out the raw format, and convert the raw format. As long as it's within 5%, it's going to be accurate. So it's going to vary. What I intend to do is once I decode it, reformat it to an idealized signal on what the spec says. It's not critical, but it will be beneficial for compression.
  8. I think we added a JSON validator that broke text csv importing. Just tried it.
  9. No don't remove it. Unfortunately, whatever it installs or does, never gets removed. When you plug in the remote, their service, or driver changes a field in the system registry which sets a restriction on our device. Our own app no longer has access to it. That's what the second process is, to ask for permission to change the field back. But it's not running, and we'll figure out why. Even after uninstalling, the field continuously gets set. It's unbelievable. ** EDIT ** https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/properties/props-system-devices-restrictedinterface
  10. Here you go. I would run this on a text file format that I specified: CURSOR UP, 0000 006D 0022 0002.... CURSOR DOWN, 0000 006D 0022 0002.... python csv_to_skip.py `input` > "Manufacturer - Brand.json" Edit the resulting JSON and replace the model and brand: "brand": "BRAND (REPLACE ME)", "model": "MODEL (REPLACE ME)", Then also the types is anyone of the following: "devices.tv.a", "devices.box", "devices.audio", "devices.av", "devices.games", "devices.pc", "devices.home", "devices.misc" They are all listed in the json for convenience, just remove the ones you don't want it to show up in. csv_to_skip.py ** EDIT ** I forgot to say, if you want the buttons to auto map correctly, they should follow the naming conventions of all the other entries. So if you have Enter and Back, and not MENU BACK, etc, they might not get assigned correctly if you run the wizard.
  11. Yeah, it's nothing special. Let me clean it up and I'll post it.
  12. @snds This is the most puzzling in the thread. Do you have steam on windows? What kind of mac are you using? It shouldn't be an issue on the mac, the steam problem has only been in windows. We had spent 2 months solving the windows issue, it's crazy it's back. Something must be different. Can you tell me which version of windows you are running? @StephenM64 @Kurojin_Karu? Don't worry, we'll figure it out.
  13. We are creating another version with more console logging. Yes, it seems so, but we are going to add some helpful info. We have no choice, UWP is a requirement for react native desktop, which is all owned and being done by microsoft. Unfortunately it's needed because we are planning tablet/phone apps.
  14. Still looking, if Steam is currently running, can you close it. Also close the skipapp. Make sure steam is killed in task manager. Open up the skipApp after. Maybe they are fighting over USB devices. One more... When the pop-up comes up about the 'broker' asking for administration privileges, do you grant them?
  15. Follow these steps: Microsoft App Installer for Windows 10/11 makes it easy to sideload apps and you won’t have to run PowerShell to install apps. Starting on Windows 10 1809, Windows Package Manager is supported via App Installer. See how to do this thing: Step 1: Launch Microsoft Store on your computer – type Microsoft Store into the search box and click the app to open. Step 2: Search for App Installer in Store and then install it. Step 3: Then, double-click on the .msixbundle file and you can see the following window. Just click Install to start installing MSIXBundle. https://www.minitool.com/news/install-msixbundle-windows.html
  16. Awesome, very helpful, thank you. Let me digest.
  17. On windows, there is a new utility called irtools.exe in the Flirc Application directory. Using the commandline, run the following: irtools.exe decode -l Note the codes that are spit out and label them in a text file for me, like the following: POWER, 0000 006D 0022 0002 015B 00AA 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0015 003F 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0014 0014 0015 0014 0014 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 05F1 0156 0056 0015 0E4A VOLUME UP, 0000 006D 0022 0002 015B 00AA 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0015 003F 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0014 0014 0015 0014 0014 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0015 0014 0015 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 0040 0014 05F1 0156 0056 0015 0E4A etc I'll help convert this into something you can import into the app.
  18. It's not vaporware. It's window's fault. Why it doesn't allow us to talk to our own device is batshit crazy. And it's a registry item that you are not allowed to change, we had to write a special program. Are you running the app as administrator? Right click it and 'run as admin' Let's also grab some logs. Enable them with the following. Kill the app Put the attached config in the following location: %localappdata%\Packages\SkipApp_sddpyax1dmvqm\LocalState\ start up the app Head over to the admin panel Go to app logs->logs folder Post the log once the broker runs and asks you for permission config.json
  19. Thanks for the recording, can you try the following: Vu+ Uno 4K.json
  20. could it have been a firmware update? Which code group are you on?
  21. awesome, thanks for the confirmation. @b0rkencan you confirm the SYD config with yours?
  22. Should be the same as the sky glass tv I added. Looks like the same remote.
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