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  1. No problem, thanks for writing in and letting me know it's fixed.
  2. It's not losing it's settings, something is putting into upgrade mode. It can't respond to remote presses because it's not running it's application. It's very strange. Any chance you have another machine you can plug it into before the ouya? I have an Ouya for testing and I don't see this. After it's upgraded, can you send me your saved configuration.
  3. Are you using the power supply that came with your Ouya? Any chance you are using a USB hub?
  4. I posted an update, but I'm not sure it's going to fix this. This is probably a different problem. Ping me outside this thread, or start a new topic.
  5. Incredibly helpful, I know what's wrong. Thanks a million. I'll post an update in a few minutes.
  6. Close the GUI, and reopen it. Are you on windows? There is a bug, and I can't reproduce it enough to figure out what's going on. So any help on that would be appreciated. However, it's just reading the version wrong, the device is fine.
  7. Sorry about this guys. I figured out the problem. Released an update. Upgrade to v2.3 and the problem will be fixed.
  8. Make sure in advanced settings, built-in profiles is not disabled
  9. Awesome, I'm so puzzled why you had that trouble. I'm sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know you are up and running again.
  10. No, I've disabled that. I got burned by it. Here is how. If you are in the middle of an upgrade, or you get one error while upgrading, a part of the program is corrupt. If you then try to do a dfu leave, then the application will run, which is corrupt, and the device could get bricked. If it ever goes to upgrade mode, and a program starts to download, it will always assume that that program is invalid unless it gets to the end.
  11. Okay, try PMing me again, I should have fixed the storage problem.
  12. Illiac - I have already implemented the manually deleting of buttons with the commandline, I will push the update this weekend. As far as your bootloader problem, you have a USB issue. Bad power supply which is shared with USB is causing problems. If you are using a hub, try removing the hub or powering it. Flirc should not be getting stuck in bootloader mode without the user doing so. To get it out of bootloader mode, fire up the gui. After the GUI loads the firmware, you can close the GUI and use the commandline.
  13. I just tried it and it works. There might be a usb button problem. Leave the flirc plugged into your raspbmc, then hold the arrow key down. After about 5-10 seconds flirc will register and start working. I'll look into it. I've let the rpi sit for 24/hours, came back, and it worked without the initial 5-10 second hicup.
  14. In the latest version of the GUI, go to advanced, and disable built in profiles.
  15. I'm not sure, there was similar behavior, but only with firmware v2.0, but I fixed that bug. I am going to release an update to my commandline tonight. Basically, you can use the following command to display your config and delete a particular index: ⚡ flirc_util settings sleep detection: Enabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 3 state: 0 builtin profiles: Enable Memory Info: keys recorded: 11 keys remaining: 158 memory used: 7% Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 5563511F play/pause 1 55424110 vol_up 2 150608B0 vol_up 3 34424110 vol_down 4 F40508B0 vol_down 5 B4A1EC0D stop 6 D5E25310 fast_forward 7 56FDA56E rewind 8 9629E3CA rewind 9 F4A5EC0D prev_track 10 B469B3AD prev_track ⚡ ./objs/Darwin_x86_64/clang/flirc_util/flirc_util delete_index 5
  16. What doesn't work with the firmware? Do none of your keys respond anymore?
  17. Re run as sudo or make a udev rule. Should be instructions on the download site for the udev.
  18. Thanks so much, these posts make my day. No team, just me. Let me know before you get another one, shoot me an email.
  19. jason


    Okay, I'm going to lose sleep over this. Where do you work that requires you to type in capital letters?
  20. Try this one for now: http://downloads.flirc.tv/release/gui/linux/Flirc-v1.1.5-x64.zip
  21. Interkey delay as referred to in the advanced section of the flirc GUI is an adjustable setting for the firmware for the spacing in between signals while holding down a button on your remote. If you are rapid firing your button on your remote, and then the button feels like it gets 'stuck' temporarily like are holding the button, then lower this value. I doubt you will get this on the harmony. Those are terrible remotes for rapid firing. You can't adjust this in the harmony one. I don't know about the 650. (for example on my harmony remote, I can press the button 5 times in one second. The remote will output 5 button presses over 5 seconds, it's the most obnoxious piece of shit ever). I told logitech about it.
  22. it's a problem in the firmware, it doesn't know you aren't pressing a remote button. I will have a more advanced input capture in the future, however, I will get a tool out to fix this shortly.
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