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  1. With the gen2 plugged in the FireTV would receive directional pad, enter commands from media center and bluray. Never a problem with Gen1. Just plugged the gen1 into FireTV and it worked. Gen2 i used the FireTV profile. I still love the product.
  2. Jason, Congratulations on the baby! I have used the Microsoft - Windows Media Center, and HP - OVU400103 (that's the part number of the HP IR receiver) profiles. The FireTV with FLIRC was even receiving commands for my Blu-Ray player (in the uploaded image above). The only profile it didn't seem to pick up commands from was my Comcast Cable box (also see above image). I hope that helps!
  3. I kept mine for a different environment, it's very useful. My solution was to buy a generation 1 FLIRC for nearly $90 from another source. I will continue to monitor for updates.
  4. Jason, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did copy the profile from the gen 1 to the gen 2 with the same results. I have attached the gen 1 firetv profile, and the gen 2 fire tv profile before I overwrote it with the gen 1 profile. I have 7 devices and 5 activities on the harmony one. Devices: MS Media Center, Samsung TV, Samsung BD Player, Yamaha Receiver, Fire TV, Comcast Cable Box, Light controller Activities: Cable, Media Center, Blu-Ray, Fire TV, Chrome cast I attached screen shots of the devices. The Harmony 700 is set up nearly identical with the same results. Thanks again for all of your help and such quick response! gen2firetv.fcfg gen1firetv.fcfg
  5. I have had a 1st gen Flirc for a long time and it has been working great plugged into my FireTV. I have a harmony one remote that controls a windows 7 media center and the fire TV with no problems. I just "upgraded" to the 2nd generation Flirc and when I use the media center the Flirc picks up directional and enter commands. I accidently rented a movie that way. I now have 2 nearly identical setups in my house, one uses windows 7 media center and fire tv with Flirc gen 1 and harmony one remote, the other uses windows 7 media center, fire tv Flirc gen 2 and harmony 700. I have swapped the Flirc's and get the same results with the gen 2 picking up the commands. Any idea how to get the Flirc Gen 2 to ignore the commands like the 1st gen did? Thanks!
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