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  1. Hi yawor, Thanks for the reply. I can wait for the update, I'm sure it will solve this for me :) My set up is as follows: Harmony Touch: Flirc/Kodi Profile Mobo: Set to power on via USB Keyboard or USB Mouse Flirc: Set to software keyboard Wake button on flirc keyboard mapped to the click when I click on "Watch A Movie" activity on the remote touch screen. This could be the issue, I will look at the KODI profile closer, maybe there is a wake command already in the activity. If it gets fired while running the activity that would probably correct it without the update. Power Off: Via a hot key combo on flirc software keyboard, mapped to the harmony remote off button, this triggers a shutdown command on a desktop shortcut. This is a great solution works every time. I think I may have to change this to some other command so kodi shuts down properly then windows shuts down. I'm not sure if the kodi softare will get corrupted some way if I just power off the pc, instead of exiting Kodi first. Anyways, I'm really surprised at how stable this device is, I did not expect it to be so consistent! It never doesn't do what it's instructed to do. That's why I was asking, I'm sure this is just a configuration thing, because I'm new to Flirc :) On that note, I find it silly that Harmony can't be programmed easily to send keystrokes or mouse clicks! They have the activity functionality pretty solid, if they added keystrokes and mouse clicks you could do anything with this remote!
  2. Hi Jason, Thank you for the quick response!!! Here's a thought, it might be a dumb question, but could be a simple solution. What format does Harmony sends it's commands, would it be classed as a keyboard or mouse click? I'm wondering if it's because i got both enabled power on from usb keyboard and mouse .. If in my harmony activity I can say "Send" left mouse click OR "Send" keystroke for spacebar... then that signal would only be sent when I trigger the "Watch Movie". AND if I can bind the wake button to that signal that would solve it :)
  3. Hi All, I got this cool little device working great with Power off to S5 state and Power on from S5 State works perfect everytime using my Harmony Touch Remote! I am so please with this, I almost bought another IR solution and drilled holes in my nice new HDplex H1.s case for the IR EYE, but no need with my ASrock h270m-itx mother board and Flirc !!! The ASrock h270m-itx supports power on via usb keyboard and usb mouse, I have both enabled. The only issue I have is the system seems to power on via any signal from my harmony remote and flirc. I bound the flirc "wake" button on the flirc keyboard to the signal the gets sent from my harmony remote when I press my "Watch Movie" activity on the touch screen. But not when I click "Watch TV" it wakes the pc as well, and I don't want this. I only want it to boot up when we click "Watch Movie" activity. Anybody have any suggestions?
  4. Well it updated but I don't know if the ir worked packed it up for return and ordered another one. Since it's over $40 here in Canada I didn't want to take a chance.
  5. Thanks yawor , guess I'll return it.. ordered it from amazon ... bummer building an new system tonight been dying to try the flirc ugh!
  6. Looked at it again this morning, It's the male end that plugs into the usb port that is wiggling... Is this normal or should I return it? Maybe site admin can advise whether this is just play in the IR casing or if I should return it. Thanks
  7. Thank you for the quick reply. I think if I can get a replacement. It doesn't seem right, the courier package was sealed but the product box was not sealed. Maybe I'll order one directly from the flirc site.
  8. Hi All, The courier just dropped off my new Flirc USB (the new style I believe) it's the one with the black end. I already have plugged it into my PC and updated the firmware, which was no problem, I haven't tested the IR yet. So it seems OK but sounds like something is loose inside the cap. Is this normal? Thanks can't wait to build my media pc and try it :)
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