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  1. It really looks like it has been resolved for me. Now a few days later, and I don't think I've had even one single repeat. And I haven't heard the kids complain about it either :) What did it for me (I really advise you to try this as well) was: * [@STEVELEA tip] took out my USB extension cable and put the Flirc directly in the RasbPi (I now have the USB memory stick on the extension or it won't fit) * [@COBELS tip] did the troubleshooter in the Harmony software and put the value to 1 (it was on 3 or 4 - can't remember) STEVELEA and COBELS are now officially my heroes. Thanks guys (assuming you're guys that is...)
  2. So I've now tried two things based on feedback above: * [@STEVELEA tip] took out my USB extension cable and put the Flirc directly in the RasbPi (I now have the USB memory stick on the extension or it won't fit) * [@COBELS tip] did the troubleshooter in the Harmony software and put the value to 1 (it was on 3 or 4 - can't remember) And it SEEMS that it is now working without the horrendous repeats. I'll give it a few more tries and post back. [post 3 hours later: seems stable still after removing the USB extension + turning the "to much to little value" down to 1. Will this finally be the resolution after months and months of annoyance? I really do hope so!]
  3. no solution yet that I know of. Newest firmware beta's did not solve the problem for me...
  4. ah, it's one of those fancy harmony's. I now understand. And indeed also understand I'm on my own again since your situation is quite different to mine. Thanks for making the time for your explanation!
  5. and just when I thought we were brothers in arms ;) Can you please tell me what "IR Blasters" means? I assume it is the sender of IR signals, which is then "blasted" (many signals through three IR senders?). And what is HT equipment? I don't understand if there is only one device "blasting" (your harmony), how there is interference from anything else. Any info would help, then I can also try your theory...
  6. Jeremy, I am sorry to hear this, but I am so glad to hear this :) Always great if this one awful problem is not only mine. I have to say I have actually given up by now. Lots of "try this and try that", the "next firmware will solve it", but all to no avail. I was getting so fed up with always having to reprogram and try another theory that I've sort of accepted that I need 2 remotes. One for Flirc and one for the rest. Very annoying. So hopefully you joining the pack will increase the odds of getting this exceptionally annoying problem solved.
  7. @nooryani84: many thank for the tip. Tried that. Put the delay first to 100, no avail. Then upped to 800, also kept repeating. Not 100% sure that the Rpi is actually using the advanced settings file... Any way I can check that the setting is actually 'implemented'? So here's the current behavior: * the 'enter' key does a double keypress (haven't yet caught it doing many more. Just twice) * when I'm in the main screen, left and right work fine 100% of the time * when I'm in the movies screen (with the thumbnails), then left and right go twice on each keypress 80% of the time (indeed sometimes no repeat) * it seems that up and down keys seem to be working without the double key presses... it's driving me MAD by now....
  8. @JAC: uhm.... where is this setting? Harmony? Flirc? Raspbmc?
  9. hoping to find a way to add an attachment to this post. First let me respond to your question: I've had this Harmony problems for quite a while now. Have tried 2 new firmwares hoping for resolution, but still repeating behaviour. So it HAS happened on the original firmware (and the beta following that, and now the latest). Ah! Found where to add an attachment! here it is then! MarkJonkers_flirc_config.fcfg
  10. @JAC, the 400 does not work either though thanks for the suggestion. As for the cable, I've always had my Flirc on an extension cable. @Jason, attached the config I just tried again. This config was made using the Minimalist config automation in the Flirc tool on Windows7. With the latest firmware and UI. I also did this is a pitch black room since I read somewhere some theories about IR interference. I really hope you get to the bottom of this since it's very annoying that I can't use the harmony with the Flirc! Uhm, how do I attach my config? Will post this message and see if there's another way I need to attach my config...
  11. unfortunately this did not help. Here's what I did: * Used Plex on the HarmonyOne as per rtessenaer's suggestion * upgraded UI & Firmware as per Jason's suggestion I now get double clicks each time. No longer dozens and dozens, but quite consistently 2 presses. I also tried the inter-keypress delay of 100ms, but that didn't resolve either. Hope to hear others' experiences!
  12. Hi Jason & Chris, do you have any updates on this issue? I've been using 2 remotes now for a while. The Harmony kept giving the same problems, so Im using a separate remote now for the Flirx/RasbPi/XBMC. This is quite a nuisance, and I really want to program the Harmony to work. Are you updating firmware for the resolution? Any ideas please?
  13. Thanks for the questions! - have not tried flirc on another machine. Would not know what... - i am trying it now with another remote and so far no problems, though i want to give it a day or two - repeating does not start spontaneously. Always ony after a remote keypress though not the same one - not repeating keys at fast speed. Really with about half a second inbetween. Note that the flirc repeat already starts with one keypress - my config is: Harmony one remote Using samsung tv for the flirc. Have also tried with the harmony flirc device. Both have same behaviour Tried the beta fw, but now back to the 1.0 fw. Same problem with both So it really seems like a harmony-flirc problem (so far other remote not showing same problems). Note the harmony is not sending out repeat signals (i look at the ir-eye through an iphone camera and see its not repeating). Is there anything i should be able to see in the raspbmc logfiles? Does flirc have any logfile or debug mode?
  14. hmmm... weird.... works again. and again the repeating keys. I thought it had gone, because it worked fine for about 20-30 keypresses (was testing it). And then it went haywire again. Please can Jason help me. The Flirc is useless like this. And without the Flirc, the whole Raspbery pi is useless....
  15. so now it seems I've bricked my Flirc. Tried the beta firmware. loaded the new GUI. programmed the flirc with the harmony. XBMC does not register ANY remote commands any more. Tried again, removed all keymappings, programmed them back, nothing. Restored the 1.0 FW with the "older" GUI again. Programmed the basic keys, nothing. Any ideas on how I can test my flirc somehow? Any ideas on how to get my flirc working again?
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