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  1. Okay, I finally finished a tool to convert those codes into ours. I'm not positive everything is correct, there still might be bugs. Also, I use their button names, so they will probably not automap. But you can try importing all these codes and letting me know what does/doesn't work. I'd be extremely grateful. Roku - Roku.json Roku - Roku2.json Roku - Roku2_channels.json Roku - Roku3.json Roku - Roku_Alternate.json
  2. I'm not sure if you saw this, but I added something to the GUI, you can already find it in the app, and the file used to create the device is attached for completeness. But try adding within the app and let us know. Sceptre - U55CV-U.json
  3. I don't see any CHR series. Do you have a weblink. But I have the CHT series attached, let me know if there are any issues.
  4. Try the attached. Marantz - SR5015.json
  5. Does the attached fix the volume down? The power button, make sure you have power toggle assigned to both 'on' and 'off' of the power button in the activity manager. The toggle bit is not supported in pronto codes. I will need to manually do something, I don't have a timeline on this just yet. But please let me know if volume down works. CleanShot 2023-07-22 at 18.11.03.mp4 T+A DAC8.json
  6. No. I need logs. I also updated the app yesterday. Please make sure you are in 0.92
  7. No I’m working on a different solution for you.
  8. The Apple TV codes have a device in them. I can try changing that. I’ll try this week to resolve this.
  9. Can you save your remote configuraiton and post that?
  10. It's the appletv, not the remote. For now, you can go 'learn' new remote in your apple tv. I have one idea I can try outside of this, but will need some time.
  11. Oh awesome, that would definitely be the cause. I'm going to fix this so we can have a delay that's next to 0ms but default to 1ms. I'm not sure I follow this, can you elaborate?
  12. This version is imminent with a ton of refactoring, please try it and let me know: Windows and Mac
  13. Unless you have a flirc usb to help record the original remote, I need the time to implement learning in the skip.
  14. Thanks for letting me know you figured it out.
  15. I’m going to speed it up. The minimum delay is large but it would be beneficial to leave the default high, like it is now and offer a lower to the end user.
  16. Yeah I’ll have to look further when I get back. I’m currently traveling. We have like 8 Apple TVs between home, family, office and I’ve never seen this issue. There must be a setting.
  17. You can't. Not until I get back to the software and re-write a lot of it and it uses JSON configs like the remoet. When you are recording, hold your button down on the remote for a 3 seconds. If you press and lift up your finger, you only capture one of the packets of the remote ,and it has to guess the time between packets. Any recorded button will wake up the device unless you record a button called 'wake'. That will be the only button that wakes the machine. In your config you sent me, there were two buttons called play/pause. I'm not sure if you actually had two buttons for the same function. Or if when you hit record, one of the recordings actually caught noise, which would now play back a spurious play/pause if it see's that 'noise' again.
  18. The old software wont help if you upgraded the firmware. You would need to downgrade the firmware. Are you using an old version of the GUI with a new version of software? Not why the latest GUI?
  19. I am actually about 75% there, I'm just traveling with the family and am pretty stressed out balancing work and trying to do dad stuff for the next week. I brought all my dev tools with me, I'm trying to finish this so you can try it.
  20. Yes, sorry, go to the remote manager, save your configuration, and you can post that on here for me to check out. Thank you.
  21. I can convert these. I’m just fighting to find time.
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