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  1. Oh shit I thought I fixed that. Thank you.
  2. Possibly. Does the activity letter light up?
  3. Unplug the remote from the computer. Give it another try
  4. You can not remove the entries that are added by Flirc. If you do, it's just for the session.
  5. Awesome, thank you for doing that. Try the attached using the instructions outlined here: Dyson - HP04.json
  6. try with the attached. Toshiba - CT-90326.json
  7. A new blank remote will launch the wizard. in the main window there is a gear icon if you hover over the activity before selecting it. Click this and then go back to the wizard. Add your device again.
  8. You need to re-add the device in the wizard. It was explicit not to overwrite your codes because what if our provider gives us something incorrect. in the future it will let you know there is an update and prompt you. Show you the differences. And give you a way to revert.
  9. I’ll get next to many of these soon. What is not working with your remote?
  10. Trying to get this in to the next release. It's not as easy as just modifying our database. Can't do that, it's commercially licensed and then we need to track everything. What we needed to do was create a way to make modifications to theirs during the build. So we came up with a method for merging/modifying/deleting entries during build. It's done, this is in there, but there are some bugs. I was hoping to release tonight, but we have to fix it first. Sometime early next week if not monday.
  11. yeah, eventually the remote too, but it's a work in progress. Once you get the flirc, open up the flirc software. go to file->advanced. Enabel IR logging. Then record what you get in the window with every press in a text file for me. For example: Temp Up +9019 -2323 +123 -213. ..... Temp Down +9019 -2323 +123 -213. ..... I'll send you a file to try once I have those.
  12. Yeah, not quite ready. I added the HP01, do those codes work for it? Do you have a flirc usb?
  13. This should be fixed. More improvements are coming tonight. There is a mailing list: You just need to download the right one. When you see the update about the wrong one, it's because you need to flush your DNS cache. Looking into how to improve this from our side. Yes, but I see one bug, not sure if it caused a problem. There will be another update tonight. That is what 0.93 update is about. We are going to have a way to modify existing database entries rather than creating duplicates. I'll have more documentation about this soon. Can't do this. We calculate a CRC on the host and on the device, if they are the same, we do not allow a sync. There would be no point other than killing the flash on the remote. Yeah, we need to do this. For mute too. Or a way to detect it and automatically do it. The activity letter lights up during transmission. Yes, it is fixed in the next update. Yes, the button needed to be renamed "Cursor Enter". All buttons need a similar naming scheme so auto mapping will need to work and so when I get something from a customer, I rename them so the wizard puts the buttons in the right places. Sorry for the confusion. You are right, there is a bug in the config regarding this button, I've fixed it and am posting a new update.
  14. Try 0.92, there is no automatic update in the app yet. It will now prompt you for permissions to install the udev rules.
  15. I spent nearly all day on it. But when you told me about your harmony, I started messing around with mine and the original apple tv silver remote. Then I remembered you can pair it. So I tried to figure out what the pair code was for the newer remote models but couldn’t. So I decoded the silver pair remote, and tried to add it to the skip, but it wouldn’t work after a modification. But then I locked myself out. So I was on to something. So I finally stumbled on how to unpair a remote and tried that. Yes, I’m definitely adding that along with documentation. So glad it’s working. Thanks for trying that quickly and helping put this to rest.
  16. I think I got it. Import this. Map the 'UNPAIR' button to something. Press and hold that until you see your apple tv flash. Then the remote should work. crossing fingers. Let me know. Apple - Apple 4k.json
  17. That’s probably it. It was using the harmony and then it’s locked to their ID. Do you have a flirc usb ?
  18. Do you have more than one appletv? Are you at all open to going to settings and hitting reset. It’s gotta be something on their side.
  19. do you have a harmony or any other IR remote that may work on the apple TV?
  20. This is crazy, I have about 10 appletv's. Between us, my inlaws I setup, and the office, I've never seen this issue. What the hell is going on. What Region are you in? (US, EU?) Which JSON Files did you try?
  21. Awesome, thanks for letting me know about the duplicates, I'll remove those. yes, the U55CV in the database was actually U550CV. Puzzled they didn't work, but I'm certainly glad you found the one that does. I'm actually going to duplicate the X435BV-F as a U55CV for convenience for future customers. Thanks again for letting me know.
  22. Windows and Mac Looks like it didn't linkify the whole thing and was not including the token. Try again or copy and paste the entire url.
  23. I pulled a bunch of codes from other places, I'm dumping them all here. There might be some bugs, and because the naming of buttons is using the same as the source, and not our internal, things will not auto-map. But hopefully this does something. Start with the Gen3_v2 and Gen3 files. Please let me know. There is also a bug on the import page if you click on an item, it shows the wrong file on the right and you'll eventually crash the app. This is fixed in the latest nightly which I'll probably release tomorrow because it's pissing me off. Here is a copy: http://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/nightly/ http://update.flirc.tv/skipapp/nightly/ Please let me know. Apple - Apple_TV.json Apple - Apple_TV_Gen2.json Apple - Apple_TV_Gen3.json Apple - Apple_TV_Gen3_v2.json
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