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  1. Are you learning the remote? If you have your old batteries, can you do something. Hook Flirc up to the PC, fire up my application, and go to advanced, and enable IR debugging. Press and hold a button a couple times, the same one. Save the log. Clear the log, put the old batteries in, and do it again, save the log to a different file. Remember, when you are doing this, don’t hold the remote close to flirc, point it at the ceiling, simulate the distance of the actual setup. Let me take a look at the logs.
  2. Did you get anything new in the same room, electronic, media center, tv? Maybe it's causing noise.
  3. jason

    Steve H

    I'm going to send you a new one, can you PM me your address? Something is funny.
  4. jason

    Steve H

    Very Odd, is it directly on the machine, or in a hub? Can you try switching ports?
  5. I really fucked up, I'm sorry. I'll get you a new board, I'm sorry it got messed up while you were waiting. I updated github with better instructions, a quick fix to samd targets, and binaries. I also included schematics. I don't do much work on this. I am so overwhelmed with this new product. Harmony competitor. Massive project. Years in the making. Starting production shortly. Still a lot to do but it's all quickly coming together.
  6. Can you enable logging, enable IR debugging, and post the output here?
  7. In the media center controller window of my app there is a sleep button pair this button. You can also pair a dedicated wake key. If the wake key is paired, only this button will wake the machine, otherwise any can.
  8. Need a lot more information. What is the required speed of flash? It won’t fit in the current case. Does it need a new enclosure? If it’s a product, Min engineering time, cad, fcc/CE certifications, prototypes, packaging, test fixtures, etc, a lot.
  9. did anything change before it stopped working? Try another USB port, directly on the machine. Not through an external hub.
  10. Can you do an experiment, can you try programming on another machine and then using it on the pi?
  11. On the front page of the forums I have a sticky: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/97-flirc-gen1-driver-and-software/
  12. http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/96-flirc-gen1-sticky/
  13. http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/96-flirc-gen1-sticky/
  14. If you need help with the sdk, let me know. It would be better to write a daemon that keeps the device open and you send it a command. Sorry. I’m deep in another product right now. You’ll understand when it comes out
  15. https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/win/Flirc-3.25.3-13-gdc69bb3.tar.gz Working on cleaning up the site a bit, so I can have an older installer for the driver. The package here does the install, let me know if you have any issues.
  16. This is an NEC code: This is the timing marker for the button: 0,9043,4430,652,1563,651,439,622,465,625,465,622,465,621,465,626,465,621,465,621,469,622,1589,625,1589,626,1589,644,1571,648,1563,626,1590,626,1589,647,1563,652,439,621,465,622,469,621,465,621,465,626,465,622,465,621,469,622,1589,626,1589,622,1589,652,1563,626,1590,621,1590,651,1564,626 This is the elapsed time in between the next signal it receives: e40 <-- 40ms This is specific to the NEC specification which stands for repeat the last thing you saw: 0,9041,2181,621 Here is the commandline: sendir --pattern=0,153,1231,131 --repeat=3 --ik=32000 So the first is the pattern, how many times we want to repeat the pattern, and the time between the signals. In the case above, it is 0,153,1231,131 (wait 32ms) 0,153,1231,131 (wait 32ms) 0,153,1231,131 But for NEC, it gets tricky, because the follow-up pattern is simply no the first. So for this, we have a few options. Send the first packet only once: flirc_util sendir --pattern=0,9043,4430,652,1563,651,439,622,465,625,465,622,465,621,465,626,465,621,465,621,469,622,1589,625,1589,626,1589,644,1571,648,1563,626,1590,626,1589,647,1563,652,439,621,465,622,469,621,465,621,465,626,465,622,465,621,469,622,1589,626,1589,622,1589,652,1563,626,1590,621,1590,651,1564,626 Send the first packet a few times: flirc_util sendir --pattern=0,9043,4430,652,1563,651,439,622,465,625,465,622,465,621,465,626,465,621,465,621,469,622,1589,625,1589,626,1589,644,1571,648,1563,626,1590,626,1589,647,1563,652,439,621,465,622,469,621,465,621,465,626,465,622,465,621,469,622,1589,626,1589,622,1589,652,1563,626,1590,621,1590,651,1564,626 --ik=40000 --repeat=3 Or alter the signal so that the first includes the repeat signal. The initial 0 is the timing marker, we remove that, so it becomes: 0,9043,4430,652,1563,651,439,622,465,625,465,622,465,621,465,626,465,621,465,621,469,622,1589,625,1589,626,1589,644,1571,648,1563,626,1590,626,1589,647,1563,652,439,621,465,622,469,621,465,621,465,626,465,622,465,621,469,622,1589,626,1589,622,1589,652,1563,626,1590,621,1590,651,1564,626 + 40000 + 0,9041,2181,621 -> flirc_util sendir --pattern=0,9043,4430,652,1563,651,439,622,465,625,465,622,465,621,465,626,465,621,465,621,469,622,1589,625,1589,626,1589,644,1571,648,1563,626,1590,626,1589,647,1563,652,439,621,465,622,469,621,465,621,465,626,465,622,465,621,469,622,1589,626,1589,622,1589,652,1563,626,1590,621,1590,651,1564,626,40000,9041,2181,621,40000,9041,2181,621,40000,9041,2181,621
  17. The virus message is still there? Did you try the most recent download? make sure you are downloading from: http://www.flirc.tv/support Any idea what firmware you were using before? A little more info about the problem would be helpful In advanced. Enable IR logging (on the second generation). Press and hold a few buttons and post that here.
  18. 185F? It really depends on what it's doing. As long as it's not going full throttle, otherwise, no case is going to work.
  19. can you also attach your config in your flirc? File->saveconfig and attach that.
  20. Moved this to the correct sub. There is something wrong. Flirc isn't doing anything it wasn't told. So the question is, we need to see how your activity is set up in harmony. It's doing a command when you start the activity, and flirc in response, is sending a key. Let's see how your remote is setup to do the hdmi switch.
  21. I can't support an OS that old unfortunately. You can pair on windows, and use it on the mac without any additional software on the mac to use it. Since it is detected as a keyboard.
  22. Yes. It’s like having two TVs of the same model in the room. Bith TVs will respond. The best way to solve this is with a universal remote
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