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11 minutes ago, Piotr said:

I like how you completely ignored mine and sjhlax89's posts and answered the following from Remotely Used. Nice post sale support there.

There is no timeline. It’s a work in progress and we have finite resources. We have some very basic stuff working but it’s not a priority since it works in emulation. 

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Hello Nathan,

I am trying to control a Denon X6400H receiver with Skip1s, all other buttons work as expected but the Mode Video, Mode Game, Mode Music buttons as configurable in the current buttons DB do not perform any action on this receiver. Could you kindly let me know which device setting I need to choose, I have selected AVR All Main Zone from Denon submenu.


Warm Regards,


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Hello Nathan and Jason. 
I am ILIAS SERVOS (Lakisof on Kickstarter) and i live in Greece.

Could you please add for me a new device in the Skip 1S devices list?

It is the  SKYWORTH HY4415 Android Tv Box (also known as HY44G or HY44GX4).

It is used by a pay-tv provider in my country, with the name COSMOTE TV 

I'm waiting for your reply.

My best regards,


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