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Flirc sending too many commands


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Your configuration isn't responding to my remote. Very strange.

I just pushed an update yesterday. What could be going on is that your remote is a windows media center remote, and is also responding to the built in windows media center profile. Disable it: http://cl.flirc.io/m3zC

Let me know if that helps.

If it doesn't, remote might need a new battery.

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Thank you very much for your help so far.

I upgraded the frameware, disabled the MCE profile and installed a fresh pair of batteries.
Now I have to press every button exactly twice till I see an action in Kodi. The problem turns up with every button and I have to push it exactly two times every time. Seems very strange to me... and everything worked just fine before I upgraded to firmware 4.1.5.

It would be great if you have another solution.

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1 hour ago, apfelcast said:

This is my new config file. Maybe it helps.


Okay, all good news. You have to record every key twice, that particular remote sends out two distinct alternating keys for every press. So Up has two keys associated with it. It's so the TV can detect if someone walked in front of the remote, or you lifted your finger and pressed the button again.

So for example, open the GUI, record the up button, press up on your remote. Record the up button again, press the up on your remote again.

No idea how it was working before, kinda a miracle, and unexplainable. 

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