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  1. And give it another go did I. The original config file works! Thanks! So what is happening? I have another Flirc that I would like to update in my house that is the original unit. (I have 3 total) Will this work on the earlier rev? Great Product! Thanks. John
  2. I ran the install and it updated the firmware. I loaded the broken config but it is still adding extra moves just as before. For the time being, I will use the fixed config. John
  3. I did uninstall the ap/GUI this morning, downloaded and installed the GUI but it did not seem to change anything. The screen shows 2.5.2 as well as about not 2.5.6. When you are on the website for windows download is shows version 2.5.6 but that is not what installs.
  4. I downloaded the latest install exe 2.5.6. I uninstalled Flirc. I installed the newly downloaded version. Opened Flirc and it still shows version 2.5.2. I attempted to load the above firmware and original config and the Flirc was inoperable. I inserted Flirc back into my computer and it upgraded the firmware and I went back to the fixed config, What's next?
  5. I do not think the firmware update process has worked for me. This is what I did. Downloaded Dori release Went File>Upgrade Firmware>Selected Dori Clicked Open Loaded the original config file (firmware version number has not changed) Flirc is unusable and does not respond to any remote keys If I restart Flire it reloads firmware automatically and Flirc works as before the whole process. This is the screen after the firmware upgrade. Ideas? John
  6. Jason the fixed version did fix the problem. I will try the firmware update this evening. Is there one version or another you prefer? Thanks for your help. John
  7. I was able to delete a button and add it back. It made no change to the behavior Thanks John
  8. Thanks! My you are quick! John config2.fcfg
  9. I purchased a second flirc and loaded my original config file to the flirc. If you press the arrows it sends through too many (2 usually) commands. The config file was from the first version flirc device. The second device is V2 flirc which I restored using the original config file to the new V2 flirc device. I searched this problem where is says to change the interkey delay. In the flirc software, when I go to File>Advanced there is no place to change the interkey display. What am I doing wrong? Thanks JOHN
  10. Ok, I will give it a go! Thanks! BTW I have two of these in my house! Perfect.
  11. Is it possible to load the flirc software onto an android box? I have the remote already programmed for flirc on an old PC and would like to try it on an android box. Can I copy a settings file over and have it work? Thanks John
  12. Is there a guide on the keyboard combinations in Flirc? The Harmony 900 does not use the web based tool like in your guide but I should be able to do it similarly in the Harmony 7.X software on my PC. Thanks John
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