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First button press doesn't register

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Hi, when I press a button on the remote, if it's been more than about 10 seconds since the last button press, it won't do anything on the first button press and you have to press the button again, as if the first press wakes it up and the second press actually does something.


Is this how it's supposed to be?



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I've played with it a bit more.

I've found that it takes about 1 second after that first press for it to start registering button pressed. On that first press and any more within 1 second the LEDs do not come on.

I pressed the colours button and that made it go away for a minute or so.

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Make sure your LEDs are set to 20%. At full brightness it uses an unnecessary amount of power and hammers the battery quite a bit. Please try the latest firmware as well posted in the other thread. There is an edge case preventing from sleeping. I also have a bunch of other fixes in that version as well. 

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