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I was just logging a possible problem with a remote, and wanted to share the version of firmware etc and I had to either screen shot/crop and post an image or manually type the info (with possible typo's).    

So is it possible to make any useful information, you'd want, when we log a problem, something we can highlight/copy to make it easier for us to post details.

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So then you are telling everyone who wants help to enable the admin tab first, even though you have defaulted it off by default, because it can cause issues...I did ask if this could be on by default and was told no... so...

Just thinking that to make support a little easier (now and going forward in future full versions), being able to copy screen info, so we can paste it into a forum would just be useful. 


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Again this was just a suggestion to make life easy for all.

Yes you can screen copy, but then you have to find it, crop it (hopefully people will), and then uploaded vs Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V to copy the text and paste it into a post, and also lighter overall footprint of support.

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