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  1. Chris!

    Working great.

    It does but it is erroneously labelled as "Delete" (notice there are two delete buttons in the GUI layout). Backspace is where backspace normally is on a keyboard.
  2. Be wary, I tried it on the Asus tablet we bought my parents (through the keyboard dock - that has a USB port) and it didn't work - neither did a normal USB keyboard. Might be the keyboard dock thing, might be a manufacturer thing. Try with a USB keyboard before you buy
  3. You've followed a very logical (and helpful) process of elimination - Thanks :) Before we muck about with Flirc settings I thought we could do a little more experimentation if that's ok? I've been reading the amazon page for your TV: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-32PFL7404H-12-Widescreen-Freeview/dp/tech-data/B00261BOJ2/ref=de_a_smtd I see it has a number of cool features... including a light sensor amongst other things - can you try turning those off to see what happens? I guess you want the light sensor (or other gizmo that is causing interference) - I just want to trace the interference a bit further. As far as flirc goes we can try lowering the sensitivity and see what effect that has [i'm trying to find the forum post regarding sensitivity - will link it when I find it]
  4. Glad it's working for you now :) Even better you get the sense of self satisfaction from figuring it out yourself (I would have happily helped though :) ) Pleasant regards
  5. Cathodoluminescence is correct - other than erase, I believe you have to press the button on the remote you want to erase.
  6. http://blog.flirc.tv/updates-soon/ :)
  7. Hi naythinbrynt, welcome to the forums Oh no! That's a shame. There is new firmware due to come out in the near future (initially as beta firmware), as it's a code re-write it may help this issue (or it may not). Keep an eye out on the blog for announcements blog.flirc.tv (or follow on twitter: twitter.com/flirc) This is dependant on whether your remote keeps sending signals when held down. A significant amount of remotes only send the signal one per press and ignore button that are held down. I'm not entirely sure what you mean but I don't use windows (or have access to a windows computer) or know of any mouse controlling via keyboard software - If I could help I would :) Pleasant regards!
  8. Another happy recommendation from the XBMC world: http://xbmc.us/njbetzen/2013/01/11/raspberry-pi-knocks-the-xbox-1-out
  9. I didn't think the a BIOS change would do much as it seemed to be OS dependant. You've probably hit the solution you needed with the unbind, bind script and somehow set it to automatically run at a given time
  10. Hi rubenesque, welcome to the forums This is a function of the harmony remote and it's software (or myharmony.com) also your TV has to support switching to a specific input. My TV is quite old and ou can't choose which HDMI to switch to, you have to scroll though the HDMI's one by one. Don't think so. The second TV profile would be one that is different to your current TV manufacturer so wouldn't control your tv but would have a better key repeat rate for controlling flirc. Have you tried this method: Let us know how you get on
  11. Sorry I don't have any suggestion Burke :( I'll be watching that thread with interest though.
  12. Oh yeah... whoops. We'll chalk that up to it being earlier where I am
  13. How come you could switch functions before but can't anymore?
  14. I'm not strong on windows 8 but is the software accessible through windowed mode? If not I would like to hear how others are doing it
  15. It works on mountain lion. Were you running both OSs on one Mac?
  16. Hi tcomparri, Does the mother board you're trying to use it on have any usb2 ports?
  17. Hi illiac4, I think I posted in your thread on XBMC forums where you were asking about assigning an script to IR. I didnt suggest flirc at the time though though. 1) Flirc won't execute the script as flirc just appears as a USB keyboard when programmed. It can press a key combo that could in theory be used to start a script (http://askubuntu.com/questions/15050/how-do-i-bind-sh-files-to-keyboard-combination), I've never done this though. Give it a try on your keyboard first, if you can assign it and it works kon your keyboard it should work in flirc. 2) Yes. There is also a programming app for Ubuntu and Mac. Does this help? Pleasant regards
  18. I think a number of users are already using this remote successfully. But I double checked on logitech's site and think it should work. It doesn't matter what OS the remote is compatible with Flirc (which is nearly any IR remote) Pleasant regards
  19. Thanks for the feedback! :)
  20. Oh, I see. Thanks for helping me understand :) Everything is alright apart from that?
  21. You could map a button to alt+tab (I think that's the shortcut to switch apps). Then you can switch to XBMC.
  22. It should still be accessible, it should pop up now and then. When it does connect (even for a short amount of time) try uploading the latest stable firmware. Let us know how you get on pleasant regards
  23. Maybe there's been some confusion. The software is meant to be used for programming the Flirc module. Once you've finished programming, close the app (uninstall it if you like). Then use Flirc in any machine that supports a USB keyboard I think there is a bit of an issue with loading configurations but as the firmware is being re-written at the moment I believe this is going to the fixed.
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