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  1. I have set up the first gen Flirc on my Shield tv... Controls shield, receiver, tv etc.. Working well, just a bit laggy/delay within menus. I've played around with the delays withing Flirc advance options tried all delays from 1 to max. I found 5 works best but it still has a slight delay after pressing button for it to register within kodi.. I was wondering if the latest gen Flirc would help with this? My remote is a Logitech Harmony Touch. Thanks for any info!
  2. Ok thanks.. Ordering a new one.
  3. I purchased a first Gen Flirc several years back and was wondering what can the new gen one do that the old can't? Worth the upgrade? Thanks
  4. The link you have on web page is http://forums.flirc.tv/ <---Has an S on forum. Doesn't Work! Should be http://forum.flirc.tv/ <---- No s Just a heads up!
  5. I'm using latest beta release. I've had this issue since day one. I just re-installed Windows 7, same problem. Nothing installed on it but XBMC. The remote works great for my TV and Denon amp (powers them up, volume control etc) just that 1 minute lag on Flirc that I need to get close to it for it to receive the commands from the remote. I've set the computer to not power down anything (display, harddrives etc etc) it's in high performance mode basically. Maybe now that I'm thinking about it, could the USB have some sort of power saving mode? I'll have to go through the windows settings some more. Hmmm ok I found a power saving mode for USB in device manager and it was enabled. I disabled it and see if that will fix my issue, I'll try it after a few hours of it idling and again in the morning. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Not sure if this is an issue with Flirc.. After a few hours of my windows 7 box running XBMC is idle (as i don't shut down the computer) I just power off my amp and TV. I use my remote to turn on the amp and TV. Flirc is unresponsive for about a minute, I have to get near the Flirc usb stick with the remote for it to work, then after a minute I can sit back down on the sofa and its fine. I'm assuming the Flic goes into a sleep mode or low power mode? Can this be disabled? Other then this one issue, it works extremely well! best thing since sliced bread.
  7. Great! I re-setup Flirc with the keyboard settings, and it's now working perfectly! Best thing to come out since sliced bread.
  8. Thanks, I'll try when i get home later today.
  9. Ahh I'll look again today for the backspace key. Any how too on entering shell commands for flirc? Thanks again.
  10. I was going to set up the remote using the keyboard layout in flirc but it doesn't have the backspace key!
  11. OK after using it for awhile, I did find 1 issue. The back/return key (The Backspace key on a keyboard) works fine when I'm browsing in Movies, it'll back out of a movie to the list of movies when I hit the backup/return key on remote. BUT if I'm browsing my TV Shows it'll jump back to home screen not back to the list of TV Shows, so if I'm in TV Show Fringe/Season 5/ and I want to back up to Fringe/ to go to Season 4. It'll jump all the way back to the Home menu. Strange it works in the movies but not tv shows. Anyway to bind the back/return key on the remote to the keyboard backspace key? That's the default back key in XBMC.
  12. Received my Flirc today, set it up for my Windows XBMC Box and my older Logitech Harmony 656 remote and it's working great! I set up my Logitech Harmony 656 remote as ASUS O!Play HD2 remote, ran Flirc software to program the keys, loaded up XBMC and its running great, no lag when scrolling through the menus, doesn't miss a button press or pause and then jump ahead like I have read other posters here complain about. I did grab an old remote I had that had a few other keys that the Asus O!Play remote didn't have and programmed them in with the learn IR option in the Logitech Harmony software, like the 0 to 9 number keys, record button and the guide button, info etc etc. I did not adjust any delay options in the Logitech Harmony software for the remote, I left it at the default settings. I can now put that big old keyboard away and use just the one remote.
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